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Rating: NC-17 (I still don't think I'm the one doing the corrupting! If it weren't for your fic, this one never have been least not by me. XD)

Pairing: 2x1

Warnings: PWP, (light?) bondage, cuffs and leather harnesses!!

Notes: Not beta-read. Written to celebrate Clare's birthday.




The last thing Duo expected was to come home to what seemed like an empty apartment. He spotted Heero’s shoes at the door though, and knew the man had to be around. Perhaps Heero was taking a nap? That worried Duo; Heero only took naps when he wasn’t feeling well. Otherwise, he’d be there to greet Duo most of the time.


Checking the kitchen just in case Heero was being really quiet in there, he headed towards the bedroom, easing the door open and peeking in. He frowned. The curtains were drawn tight so that there was hardly any light, but from the light behind him, Duo could just make out the shape of someone in bed.


“Heero?” he whispered softly.


“I’m here,” Heero replied. His voice didn’t sound drowsy, so Duo felt along the wall and flipped the light switch.


The lights had obviously been tampered with; the two usual one-hundred watt bulbs on their ceiling had somehow been altered into a single 40-watt, leaving an extremely dim light. But Duo could see his lover, and his jaw dropped in shock.


The immediate swelling in his groin gave a half-reminder to Duo that something had to be lifted, and he snapped his lower jaw up, immediately swallowing.


His eyes tracked his lover’s mostly naked body, taking in the leather harness Heero wore. Several of the straps crossed over his torso, all linked to the single silver ring in the middle, glinting what little light there was. Two of the straps reached diagonally down from the ring to either side of Heero’s hips, attached to what looked like leather underwear, blocking Heero’s groin from his sight.


Everything else was bare, and Heero’s arms were stretched up above him, and Duo realized that his lover had cuffed himself to the bed.


Heero swallowed at the sight of Duo’s hungry eyes. He’d felt nervous, more about what Duo thought than the vulnerable position that he’d placed himself in, but Duo had mentioned not too long ago that he may have a slight leather kink and Heero thought he could try it out for the sake of his boyfriend. He was tempted to ask Duo if he was done looking yet, but he held his tongue and waited.


Duo walked slowly towards the bed until he stood at the foot of it. First a knee, then another was placed onto the bed and Duo crawled up Heero’s prone body until he could look down at his lover.


“Do you have any idea how hot you look?” he whispered.


Heero shook his head, and Duo bent his head to kiss his lover softly. “Thank you,” he said softly when he pulled away, knowing that Heero had done this all for him. He reached up and felt along the cuffs, satisfied that Heero had found lined ones. The last thing he wanted was for Heero to be in pain.


At least, he didn’t want Heero in any pain that wasn’t of the pleasurable variety.


Raising himself off his hands, Duo remained on his knees and peeled of his shirt, making sure to stretch upwards and give Heero as good a view as possible in the dim lighting of the room. Then, he got off the bed, dropping the shirt to the floor before he rubbed a hand on his swollen arousal, relieving the ache there with a temporary touch as he decided what exactly he wanted to do to the man lying on the bed at his mercy.


Heero wondered what he had gotten himself into. Yes, he did want to play along with Duo’s fetish, but he’d left himself at the complete mercy of his lover. Duo would never hurt him; this Heero knew and believed, but somehow along the way, Heero had managed to forget just how sensual his lover was.


Hell, Duo only had to crawl up above him and Heero could feel his cock twitch. And by the time Duo had dropped his shirt and began to palm himself through his pants, Heero was almost ready to call the whole thing off, to push Duo down and make love all night long with him.


But he reminded himself that he had inner control, that he would do this with Duo, and perhaps enjoy it.


Duo slowly unfastened his pants, slipping them off along with his socks. Decided to stay in his boxers for now, he sat down on the bed facing Heero and brushed his hands through the soft, brown hair.


“You’re absolutely okay with this?”


“Depends,” Heero murmured. “How long are you going to keep me waiting?”


Duo grinned and leaned down to capture his lips, delving his tongue into the open mouth to taste Heero as thoroughly as possible.


The first touch of Duo’s hand on his skin startled Heero, but he immediately relaxed, focused on Duo’s kiss until Duo pulled away. He closed his eyes, his cheeks hot as Duo studied his torso, hands trailing over the strips of leather. Then, Duo leaned down and kissed the spot in the middle of the silver ring, licking and sucking until he was satisfied that he had marked Heero there.


The position was awkward, so Duo crawled over Heero again before proceeding to lick along each side of the leather strips, paying particular attention to Heero’s nipples until they were hardened and Heero was arching up into his mouth. Instead of moving lower though, Duo reached up and tangled his fingers with Heero’s, bending his head to drop kisses onto Heero’s face, moving down to his neck and shoulders. He sucked gently at Heero’s pulse and mouthed his way down the column of his throat until he could mark the spot between Heero’s clavicles.


The attention that Duo paid to him had Heero straining for relief. His hips shifted, but the leather around his arousal provided absolutely no relief. He focused instead of the hands slowly kneading their way from his wrists to his biceps and pressed against the sensitive dips of his armpits before Duo massaged his chest, moving his lips lower. Each wet trail left by Duo’s lips burned hot and cold when Duo breathed onto them.


 Heero held his breath as Duo nuzzled down his treasure trail to press a quick kiss to the hem of the leather thong he wore. He anticipated Duo’s touch, no matter how much of the feeling the leather took from him.


Duo’s large hands caressed his sides, slipping under his hips. Then, Heero gasped loudly when Duo’s hands suddenly squeezed his buttocks while he pressed a hard kiss to the mound that was Heero’s hidden arousal. While he could only feel the pressure, the sensation of Duo’s grip on his backside along with what he could see made Heero shudder and he thrust his hips up against Duo’s lips.


Duo didn’t want that though, and he gave Heero’s ass a warning squeeze before removing one hand to press Heero’s hips down.


“Spread your legs and keep them there,” Duo whispered.


Heero complied after a moment, slowly pulling one leg, and then the other away until he didn’t have much leverage left. Duo smiled and nuzzled the leather.


“Mine,” he whispered.


Heero nodded and moaned. It was bad enough before, the inability to touch, but now the touches were almost filtered, hindered by the leather until they were nothing but teasing caresses. Duo’s tongue swiped across the hem and wiggled slightly under it, but then he retreated and proceeded to lick along the edge where his thigh met leather. His legs quivered, wanting to close, to pull Duo in, but he forced them to stay still.


The leather was cool under Duo’s touch, and despite the covering, the scent of Heero was strong in his nostrils, turning him on even more. Changing his mind, he pulled one of Heero’s legs closer and straddled it so that he could rub his arousal against a muscled thigh while his hands were occupied with driving Heero crazy.


Heero’s hands clenched and unclenched as Duo dropped kisses all over his covered groin and nuzzled it gently.


“Harder,” he breathed, wanting to feel more.


“Your wish is my command.”


Heero’s back arched and he moaned loudly, for as soon as Duo spoke, his hand slid from Heero’s ass to wiggle a finger under the leather though, rubbing down the crack to tease the entrance. At the same time, Duo’s hand held down his hips and he followed that motion by opening his mouth and mouthing Heero’s arousal through the thick, black material.


Heero couldn’t make up his mind as to whether he was frustrated, or feeling pleasured. Duo’s finger against his entrance was prodding firmly until it slipped in to the first knuckle, and all the while, Duo’s mouth continued to work against his leather. Not only that, Duo was moaning, and the sounds turned Heero on even more.


And yet, he was nowhere near gaining enough stimulation to reach his climax.


Duo pulled away, sitting back to study Heero’s body, watching the heaving chest as Heero panted, a light sheen of sweat on his body. He removed his boxers and slid up Heero’s body. Bending forward a little, he pressed his hardened cock against Heero’s bare stomach, forming a tunnel as he began to thrust. His other hand began to toy with Heero’s hardened nipples, one after the other with light, teasing touches and pinches, and Duo continued to make erotic sounds as he pleasured himself with Heero’s body.


Half-lidded eyes stared down and met Heero’s wide ones. It was hard to catch his breath between the teasing touch and the press against his belly; Duo’s cock was leaving smears of precum on his body and Heero suddenly, desperately wanted to taste it.


“Let me…” he rasped. “Let me suck you.”


Duo gave several more thrusts before he stilled, although he remained where he was and allowed his hand to continue to stroke his cock against Heero’s firm stomach. After a few moments, he stopped, moving to get the lube from the bedside table before shifting to lie down next to Heero, shifting up and bending his legs. Turning his head, Heero waited for Duo to shift even closer so that he could take the hot length into his mouth. As he did, he moaned, enjoying the taste and also feeling Duo’s mouth at his abdomen, licking up the trails of his own precum before Duo’s mouth moved back to Heero’s covered groin. He slicked his fingers and reached around Heero’s hips, tilting Heero’s lower body so that he could reach behind. Worming a finger past the thong, Duo slowly slid his finger into Heero, moving it gently in and out. It had been a while since he had topped Heero, and he wanted to be careful.


Heero tensed, his muscles tight around Duo’s finger before he relaxed, enjoying the probe and the stretch as much as he could. The pressure at his groin was building and Duo’s nuzzling and mouthing were not helping to ease it but instead, making it harder to bear.


Duo knew by the feel of the leather that while he could get it to shift out of the way for his fingers, he would not be able to do so with his cock; at least, not without some pain and chafing.


“Heero,” he moaned. “Next time, you need something that leaves your ass open to me.”


Heero’s mouth was too busy to inform Duo that even though he had purchased such an object, he wasn’t sure there would be a next time, at least, not until he’d been able to return the pleasurable almost-pain to Duo. He sucked a little harder, and Duo pulled away, not wanting to come into Heero’s mouth this time.


Feeling around, he found the clasps attaching the thong to the harness and deftly removed it, sliding the material down Heero’s legs. Heero sighed in relief, waiting for Duo’s hands on him.


He was not expecting Duo to cover his cock and balls with the leather again while hitching his legs up, the head of his cock bumping against his entrance.


“Duo,” he moaned.


“Just a little longer,” Duo moaned in reply, easing slowly into Heero’s body. He splayed his free hand against Heero’s belly, rubbing gently. “God, you look so damn hot like this,” he added, committing the image of Heero and the leather on his torso to his memory.


Then, Heero was squeezing his muscles around Duo’s hardness and Duo slowly set a rhythm, one hand still splayed against Heero’s belly and tugging gently at the larger ring in the middle, the other hand slowly rubbing Heero through the leather.


“More,” Heero pleaded. “I’ve been hard since I put it on and you came home eight minutes later than usual.”


That was true. Duo lifted Heero’s left leg up over his shoulder, picking up the pace a little. He kissed and nibbled Heero’s inner thigh and felt Heero’s other leg wrap around his waist, pulling him in even deeper by leveraging his body into a better angle.


Then, to Heero’s relief, Duo moved the leather from his groin, tossing it aside. He pulled Heero’s leg from his waist and straddled it, angling Heero’s lower body so that he could hug the left leg and continue to thrust. He could feel his balls graze Heero’s other thigh and Duo shivered in delight, moaning.


Heero moaned loudly when Duo’s hand finally closed around his erection; he felt sensitive, like he would come right then and there.


Duo was stroking him in time with his thrusts, and the two leather straps that were freed from the thong slapped against Heero’s body. Annoyed, Duo paused, removing them from the center ring and tossing them aside, converting the harness into a half-torso one. Setting Heero’s leg down, he lifted Heero’s hips up, moving a little closer until Heero was sitting in his lap before he resumed his thrusting and stroking.


Heero’s clenched his hands, watching Duo’s face as Duo moaned, eyes darting between Heero’s hands, face, his body, the cock in his hand and his own erection sliding in and out of Heero’s heat.


“Fuck you’re hot, Heero,” he moaned. “I’m going to…” he ducked his head and then leaned forward to press their chests together. One of his nipples rubbed against Heero’s and he moaned again, trying to find his balance to kiss Heero while thrusting and still stroking Heero. He was losing control too fast to coordinate himself, and in the end he straightened again, tightening his grip ever so slightly around Heero’s cock the way he knew Heero liked it.


His other hand grasped the silver ring at the center of Heero’s body and he tugged until Heero’s back arched, allowing him to settle just a touch deeper onto Duo’s hardness. The next thrust, and the one after, grazed Heero’s prostate, and when Duo’s hand stroked from the base of his cock to the head, rubbing the slid before stroking again and again, Heero came with a shout, splattering his seed over his torso as Duo continued to pound into him.


Duo didn’t let go of Heero even after he’d milked Heero’s orgasm thoroughly. With another three, deep thrusts, he let out a guttural moan of Heero’s name and came hard, filling Heero with heat that made Heero moan.


His hips continued to move a little more before he relaxed. Duo pulled out of Heero and fell onto his side, gasping for breath and trying to find his mind again. It took a couple of minutes, and the first thing he did was release Heero from the cuffs, finding the key on the bedside table to do so. The last thing he found on that table was a small towel and he used it to clean his lover, and then himself before tossing it aside. Then, he snuggled up against Heero.


“You are amazing,” he breathed, leaning in to capture the sweet lips, tasting himself as he did so. “Anything you want, next time, if I can do it, I will.”


Heero chuckled, pulling his lover close and nuzzling Duo, his hands trailing Duo’s body, eager for their chance to touch. Duo’s hands weren’t idle either; he helped Heero remove the harness, tossing it aside with the other two straps and the thong that he’d removed earlier.


“Well,” Heero said softly, closing his eyes. “This cuffs came with a little application.”


“Explain,” Duo said.


“You can attach an extra length of leather to each one, and at the end of the length is a flat hook that goes over the door…” Heero said. “So…how well do you think you can ride me, hanging against the door with your legs around my waist?”


“You’re serious?” Duo asked.


“Do I sound like I’m not?”


“Damn, I better work on finding my leverage, then.”


“And Duo?”




“I think I do like this leather thing,” Heero admitted. “And for your information, I do have the leather thong with the open hole in the back…you can wear it next time.”


“Sadist,” Duo mumbled.


“I learn from the best,” Heero pointed out before smirking. “Besides, I’ve the feeling that you’re going to like it.”


- END -