by fancyfigures
1x2, NC17, PWP, humour
Disclaimer : Mine? I wish.

for lisa-chan's birthday 2006

Heero sat on the edge of the couch, leaning forward and gazing down at his lover. “What exactly are you doing, Duo?”

The boy on the floor in front of him sighed. He was kneeling, turned away from Heero and crouching over the low coffee table. Heero could see the long, muscular line of his back and the way his heavy braid hung forwards over his shoulder and tugged at the hairs on the back of his neck. It was a cute neck. Duo’s shoulders were strong and wiry. The shoulders were cute, too. Heero followed Duo’s torso down to Duo’s slim waist and Duo’s long, folded legs. Duo hunched his ass back on his legs, wriggling occasionally to get more comfortable.

Heero wallowed in thoughts of the ultimate cuteness of that.

“I’m concentrating,” muttered Duo, in reply to a question Heero had long forgotten he asked. “Don’t distract me. This is very important.”

Heero was imagining what might happen if Duo stayed in exactly that position but turned around so that his mouth was just about level with Heero’s groin. Or maybe he could still be turned away, but he could dip his head down and his ass up, just so that was level with Heero’s groin…

“Don’t you ever think of anything else?” growled Duo, without turning around, or hoisting his ass up in the air or anything even remotely inviting. “I can feel your damned eyes all the way down from my shoulder blades to my crack.”

Heero smiled, a little smug. “Just thinking about you, that’s all.”

Duo snorted. “Just thinking about doing me, that’s all.”

Heero grimaced. He was offended. He did think about other stuff, too. For example, he thought almost as often about Duo doing him.

“So what are you doing?”

“I’m writing lisa-chan a birthday story about us. She appreciates good fiction.”

Heero bit back the obvious comment. Duo’s last attempt at writing fiction had involved three pens, two legal pads and several trips to unload the contents of the personal shredder. No-one had ever seen a single word of the result.

“You need any inspiration?” Heero shifted forward slightly on the couch so that his spread knees rested either side of Duo’s shoulders, and if he reached out a hand he’d be able to stroke that little soft tuft of hair at the nape of Duo's neck and tangle his fingers tightly into the beginning of the braid…

“Back off,” said Duo, through clenched teeth. Heero couldn’t see the clenching, but it sounded like that. “We did it just an hour ago, didn’t we? Maybe I’m not in the mood again yet. And I have to finish this for her.” His ass wiggled again and Heero felt the shudder of delight run through his body from his outermost left toe to the tip of his right earlobe.

“What’s it all about?”

Duo made a gargled sound of frustration. “It’s about the pain and pleasure of our friendship; my eternal quest for self realisation; your anguish and amazement at modern life –“

“Not about two hot boys fucking each other senseless, then?”

Duo’s back stiffened, his head went back and he almost howled. “You see? You can’t think of anything else! You are a Philistine, Yuy! A base, selfish, self-indulgent, possessive, excessively horny sex maniac!”

Thanks,” Heero replied, blushing. Praise was quite rare from Duo when he was in one of his creative moods. He moved even further forward and ran his fingertip down the thin fabric of Duo’s shirt. He'd do just as Duo himself had suggested – finger him all the way down from shoulder blade to where his back dipped into the split of his ass...

Duo yelped and twisted sideways, shaking off Heero’s hand. A half dozen mounds of crushed paper rolled off the side of the table in front of him.

Heero sighed. His lover was a sensitive man, of course. “I understand that it’s a difficult business, writing. You have to be in the right mood. You mustn’t try to force it.” He’d been working on his empathetic tone recently. He felt rather pleased with the result. It wasn’t that far from his low, hoarse, sexually greedy tone, of course, but he would refine that with practice.

“Don’t patronise me,” growled Duo in reply. His hand swept across the table and it sounded like another few pages were ripped out. “Do you think I don’t recognise your ‘drop your pants and bend over the table’ tone?”

Heero was about to ask if it had worked, but the tension in Duo’s back discouraged him.

"So what's the problem?"

“I just need to get this chapter sketched out." Duo may have been suspicious of Heero's motives, but he was always keen to talk about his projects. "It's at a complex junction in the plot development."

Heero nodded in an empathetic way, knowing his recent writings had been nothing more than 'lube' and 'more lube' on their shared shopping list. "What number chapter are you on?"

Duo went very quiet. Heero assumed that meant 'One'. "How many words have you written so far?"

Duo's back stiffened again. "Don't harass me with details."

Heero assumed that meant under thirty. "So what kind of words?"

Huh?" Duo twisted slightly, puzzled at Heero's question. His tee shirt was too short, riding up on his torso. Heero could see the stretch of bare skin between it and his pants, and the top of Duo's ass peeking out of his waistband when he leant forward. Heero's own pants were getting painfully tight across the groin, so he slipped the button and slid the zip down to ease it. It being a rather large, thick erection that dampened the front of his boxers. He looked down at the back of Duo's bent head and licked his lips.

"She likes words that are rich and sexy, Duo - very explicit. Dirty talk."

The back of Duo's neck was rather flushed. "Hmm. OK. I don't know about that. This is about us, after all. Dialogue has to be in context, you know."

Heero liked to be in context, or so he assumed. He liked to be in a lot of things, actually, like the shower and the bed and the back of the car, and always - ideally - in Duo's ass. Being in was the place to be.

He slipped down to the floor, kneeling behind Duo's crouched body. He always loved spooning up to Duo, whether lying down with him, pressing him up against the bathroom wall, or kneeling behind him like this. His erection strained against the boxers so he pushed the cotton fabric down under his balls. His cock bobbed out happily into the fresh air, bouncing hot and damp with pre-cum against Duo's ass. Duo tensed up, but didn't wriggle away like before. Heero was encouraged; Duo often complained about the wet patches left on his pants by his lover's cuddles, but hopefully today wasn't going to be one of those days.



"You leaving
damp patches on my best pants?"

"Hmmm." Heero confirmed it, happily. He nudged his cock against Duo again, watching the little pale beads of cum stick to the material, shining like the trail of a happy, horny snail. "You could take them off." It was a blindingly obvious solution to him.

Duo gave a small, familiar sigh. "I don't have time. This is a crisis, her birthday's today. Did you mean it when you offered me inspiration?"

Heero ran through the list of things he'd offered Duo in the months they'd been together - battery-powered toys / acrobatic positions / many speeds / many, many flavours / ladies' lingerie ... "Yes, of course." Anything, he thought. Preferably pistachio flavoured or in red silk.

"I need help. I don't know how to start. I just can't write a whole story."

"You can do whatever you set your mind to." Heero rocked forward and licked at the nape of Duo's neck. He found his lover almost as admirable as he found him cute.

Duo was shaking his head. "I can't get the dialogue flowing. We don't come over as remotely realistic, let alone fascinating. What'll I do?"

Heero had some ideas. He usually did. He slid a hand around Duo's waist and flipped the button of his lover's pants, then pushed down the waistband at the back. There was a bead of sweat right where the shining skin at the base of Duo's spine ran down into the crack between his buttocks. Heero bent down and licked it off. Duo's whole body shuddered. Heero thought that was extremely admirable.

"Dirty talk, you say?"

Heero smiled. He could do that. He rested his head on Duo's shoulder and breathed gently into his ear. "Drop your pants and bend over the table."

Duo gave a sound that may have been from anger, may have been from excitement. Heero chose to interpret it as the latter. He usually did that, too. "I want to fuck you," he hissed. "I want to push you down on to this table, flat on your belly, face pressed so hard down on that pad of paper that it'll show the imprint of your teeth on the back sheet. Then I'm going to split your cheeks and slide my fingers into you until you yelp. Until you're wide enough and begging me to take you."

Duo growled. His voice seemed rather hoarse overall. "Look, maybe I can just do her a one-shot. You know? It'll take less time. Then we can talk about this..."

Heero liked talking to Duo, but at times like this he preferred the subjects to be restricted to 'how soon can we fuck' and 'at what angle'. He put a strong hand to the centre of Duo's shoulder blades and pushed his lover firmly down over the table.

"This isn't helping," grumbled Duo. He sounded a little muffled because his cheek was crushed down on to the pad of paper. "Well, not my writing, anyway."

Heero smiled, recognising the distant sounds of approaching surrender. He tugged at Duo's pants and pulled both them and the briefs beneath down over the other boy's ass and thighs.

Duo gasped into the table top. "This is hardly conducive to the creative process, Heero. Let's compromise. Maybe I could restrict myself to a ficlet. No more than five hundred words. Hardly any time needed at all. What do you think about that?"

Heero thought that the sight of Duo's pale, naked buttocks was conducive to finding Nirvana. He pushed his own pants and boxers down over his hips, allowing free movement for his erection, and he wriggled so that his lap lay under Duo's exposed ass. He licked a couple of his fingers and eased them carefully into Duo's hole.

"Heero!" Duo yelped. It was a definite yelp: there was no other word for it, even if he'd wanted to call it literary criticism. Heero rolled his fingers around inside Duo, watching them tug the edges of his entrance, stretching him gradually. He watched Duo's ass perk up higher and the muscles of his bent legs shake with tension. His heavy balls swung low, nudging against the inside of his thighs.

Cute wasn't man enough of a word to describe it.

"For God's sake." Duo's protest wasn't even half-hearted. "OK, so I'll do one of those other things - what're they called? Drabbles, that's it. I'll write a drabble. 50 words, tops. Scribble it off in a second or two. Just give me the time for that..."

Heero slid his fingers out, then peeled the soft warm skin of Duo's buttocks apart. He nudged the tip of his rock hard cock against Duo's entrance. The puckered opening flexed wider with need. Heero smiled again.

"OK, OK." Duo was whimpering. He had a couple of small, shallow paper cuts on his chin and two half sentences printed back to front on his nose. He grabbed at the table edges for some purchase and snapped two pencils in half. "You win," he gasped. "Do me. Do me - please!" He groaned as Heero started to push up into him. "Hell, I can send her an e-card or something. IM her. Wave in passing."

Heero grasped Duo's hips and pulled his lover back on to his lap, impaling him on his cock. Duo cried aloud with pleasure. They started to move together, panting.

"Words aren't everything," Heero grunted. "She'll forgive you. I know she will."

"Huh?" Duo had almost forgotten who they were talking about. His hair was sticky on his forehead and his leg muscles strained as he lifted himself up and down on Heero's lap, relishing the fleshy, sucking noises of his lover's cock pumping in and out of him. He stroked his own erection, moving with the rhythm. His own one-shot was well on its way. "I promised it to her," he grunted back. "A fic. About us. What makes you think she'll forgive me?"

Heero laughed softly into Duo's neck, gripping more tightly as his climax approached. Duo was arching back against his chest, his mouth wide open, his hand moving swiftly up and down his dick.

"Because I'll send her photos instead," Heero hissed.

And just how cute - he thought smugly - was that?