1x2x1, lemon, PWP

For wickedgameff



Duo flicked over another page of the Encyclopaedic Dictionary and sighed.  Someone went ‘hush’ again, but he was getting pretty used to that.  He’d sat in the Reading Room of this damned library for over an hour while Heero was off doing some research or other in a far-flung archive, and he was bored beyond belief.  He’d always known the library wasn’t exactly a House of Fun, but it had been confirmed to him time and again that it was one big place of ‘Forbiddens’.  He was forbidden to talk or sing, forbidden to dance about in his brand new Hawaiian shirt and shorts, forbidden to fart, forbidden to…


Then something ran over his foot under the table and startled him.  A mouse?  He looked quickly to the girl on his right but she hadn’t moved, her nose still buried in a huge volume of Gray’s Anatomy.  Another glance at the old man on his left implied he hadn’t noticed anything either.  He was continuing to jot down pages and pages of notes on nothing more enthralling than Jane’s History of Fighting Ships.


Duo frowned slightly.  The mouse – or whatever it was – was nibbling at his foot.  He probably shouldn’t have toed his boots off under the table, though he’d made sure no-one in the room had seen him.  And he thought he should have worn socks today.  Then he thought it was a good thing he hadn’t.  The mouse - or whatever it was – was now licking at him, and he was surprised how pleasant it felt.  It seemed to have rather a large tongue, though, for a small rodent.  There was no hint of fur, either.  Just a slow, tantalising lapping of the skin round his ankle and heel.  Quite a sensuous feeling, he thought.  He hoped he wasn’t blushing.  He’d never live it down if Heero found out that the attentions of a household pest could make him feel amorous…


He glanced down at the open book in front of him.  He was open at ‘A’.  ‘A’ for Amorous, he thought.  ‘A’ for Amusing, ‘A’ for Affectionate.  He grinned to himself.


He pulled his seat well under the old oak table so that his lower body was hidden from sight.  Then he leant forward on to his arms as if he were engrossed in the Dictionary.  He wriggled his toes, experimentally.  The damp tongue licked round the big one, and then a soft, wet mouth slipped over it, sucking it in.  Duo bit his lip to keep the gasp in.


Pest control had never been such fun.


He felt his skin start to goose bump; his feet had always been sensitive.  He turned over a few more pages, trying to look as if he were concentrating.  He was on ‘B’ now.  Underneath the table, the tongue was licking its way up his leg until it reached the hem of his shorts.  Then something grabbed at the hem – something that was probably teeth.  And it tugged downwards.  Duo knew the waist was loose on these shorts; he’d had trouble before on both tennis courts and dance floors, but he really liked them and intended to wear them wherever he could, whenever he could…


But the teeth were dragging them gradually off his hips and down his thighs.  Yep, he thought.  Guess I should have worn boxers today, too.  Without boxers or briefs, his bum would be bare.  He mused on the alliteration, even as he felt a cool draught of air around his groin.  The fabric of his shorts was snagging round his knees, though the teeth were relentlessly encouraging it further down his legs.


He buried his face in the book again.  ‘B’ for Birthday suit, he thought.  ‘B’ for Bare.  His finger traced the words as if he were really studying them.  The girl on his right glanced at him but he pretended to be too interested in the Dictionary to notice her.  He licked his thumb and flicked over some more pages.


His shorts bunched up in the crook of his knees then slid down into a pool at his feet.  Duo held his breath but no-one seemed to have heard or felt it apart from him.  The man on his left gave a stifled cough and a couple of people looked up disapprovingly at the noise.  See how you like it, pal, thought Duo.  ‘C’ for coughs and colds came to mind, and he pushed open the book to ‘C’.


The tongue and teeth were busy again under the table.  The licking was slower and softer now, sweeping up from his ankle along his inner calf, like a cool, careful kiss.  He must have been sitting on a nerve because it suddenly twitched in his thigh, and the tongue followed the path of the shivering skin, licking relentlessly upwards, over his knee and beyond.  His eyes widened involuntarily.  If anyone caught sight of him, he wondered if they’d believe it was just the effect of the bright reading lamps, rather than the delight of a damp tongue caressing his flesh.  ‘C’ for Caress, he thought.  Cute.  His eyes half closed again with the pleasure.


His fingers were clumsy on the Dictionary now, rifling the pages as if he had webbed hands.  The tongue was on his thigh and licking up into the valley that his legs had made at the edge of his seat.  His temperature had risen quite considerably.  Someone looking at him might think he was ill.  His limbs felt shaky, too.  Might have been because the tongue was nestling under his balls, resting each one in turn on its rough/smooth surface, nudging them from side to side with hot breath.


The girl beside him turned a page of graphic illustrations of the naked male body.  Duo thought he was probably more embarrassed that she was.  He noticed he’d moved on to the next letter of the Dictionary – ‘D’.  For Diagrams, he thought.  ‘D’ for Diagnostics.  The mouth was sucking his left ball into its warm haven, licking around its creased skin.  ‘D’ for Dribbling, Duo’s mind rambled.  The tongue swiped it around, tugging the small pubic hairs one way then the other.  ’D’ for Demands…


The mouth moved up from his balls and enveloped the end of his…


Dick, Duo almost groaned aloud as it went down on him.  His fingers gripped the edge of the Dictionary like an anchor.  He was being sucked off under the table, completely helpless, with his shorts round his ankles and his eyes blurring when he tried to read his book.  There was bound to be a ‘forbidden’ rule about it, though he wasn’t sure he’d actually seen that specifically in print.


Things were heating up under the table and he had no way of cooling down.  He flicked swiftly through pages, trying to create some kind of draught for his flushed face.  The girl looked across again, suspiciously.  The old man coughed, rather deliberately this time.  Over the other side of the room, the librarian glanced up over her glasses to see if there was anything subversive going on that she could wave her pencil at with appropriate condemnation.


Duo didn’t think things got more subversive than this, than the excessive activity under the table – the soft lips dragging the sheath up and down his swollen cock, the saliva slicking him, the breath heating his balls and the path back to his asshole.  He was damned - damned - excited.


The Dictionary pages glared up at him.  He was on ‘E’ by now.  Excited, yeah.  Energised.  Edgy.  He let a smile creep over his face; he guessed he probably looked a bit mad by now.  Eager, that’s what he was.  Enthusiastic, too.


Oh fuck!  The exclamation popped into his mind as clearly as if he’d expressed it aloud.  The desire was uncoiling from deep in his groin and seeking an escape.  The tongue licked and the lips sucked and things moved inexorably on.  Duo held tightly to the table, his whole mind concentrating on nothing but keeping on his seat, and hoping no-one asked him the time or where the manga department was.


‘E’ was also – of course – for Ejaculation.


Several outrageous things happened, all at once. 


Duo’s head shot up from his reading position and his mouth made the shape – and, unfortunately, part of the sound – of an imaginative and obscene curse.  His whole body shuddered with climax. 


At the same time, there was a scuffle under the table and the shadowy figure of a young man on hands and knees crawled out from underneath.  He made a swift run towards the exit, leaving behind only a fleeting impression of dust being shaken out from tousled dark hair.  After all, he had been scrabbling about on the floor of a prestigious but fairly ancient library building.  


And finally, Duo caught the edge of the mighty tome of his Dictionary and slammed it shut with a monumentally loud thud.


There was a shocked, startled silence throughout the library.  The girl’s head snapped up to stare at Duo.  The old man dropped his notes all over the table.


Duo knew he had only seconds to make his escape.  He scrabbled under the table, pulling his shorts back up over his wet groin and grabbing for his scattered boots.  He stumbled to his feet.  His cheeks were red with embarrassment and the aftermath of a tremendously fantastic – if stressful – climax.


The librarian was off her seat and starting her march over towards him.  He measured in a second the distance between him and her, and between him and the exit.   Statistics were on his side, despite his great new shorts being damp and sticky and clinging awkwardly to his thighs.  He lifted up on the balls of his feet and sprinted for freedom.


Research, was it, Heero? he thought grimly, as he ran, dodging chairs and cabinets.  I’ll just be doing some additional research, you said.  Make yourself comfortable, Duo, you said.  I’ll be coming along soon.


There was an angry frown on his face that should have kept any unwary librarian at bay.  His thoughts were of getting hold of that devious, seditious, unruly, sex-maniac boyfriend of his, and how he’d get his revenge –


After all, Forbidden or otherwise, he could think of plenty of ways to explore the letter ‘F’.