Webmistress - Me, fancyfigures

This is me, looking chibi and cute...
Well, OK, maybe it's a bit of artistic licence! (thanks to the artist, wing)

So can I be called a Webmistress?!  Anyway, this is my site, and I'm very pleased to be able to launch it at last.  Not very sophisticated, but enough I hope to showcase the fics and pics, for the enjoyment of you visitors.

My 'real' name is Clare, I live in the UK, 10 miles or so outside London (where you can't get hold of Pocky, which I love ).  I'm married with children (2) who aren't yet of an age to keep me in the style to which I'd like to become accustomed, so I work full-time as well!

My birthday's January 28, in a year when Noah was a lad sigh.  I love Pocky and pencilboard art and shoes.  I'm not very fit, my hair hasn't been its natural colour since I can't remember when, and I'd be the perfect weight if I were 8 inches taller.  I don't smoke, have no pets, and am partial to red zinfandel wine.  And that's my very ordinary life! 

I've always been writing!  In the non-fanfiction area, you'll find my original works on my other website, please come and visit if you like. Since 2007, I've been actively seeking publication of my original m/m romance and erotica work - I'm currently published with several publishers, writing under the pen name of Clare London.  All details are on that link.  I'd love to share that writing with you, too!

I got interested in anime with 'Escaflowne', which was shown here in the UK on TV, and so then I surfed around to find more. I started to read fanfiction at the end of 2002, then plucked up courage at the beginning of 2003 to write some, starting with an entry to
Oishii 2003, where dacia was very encouraging (I'm also archived on her site).  And so off I went to try some more!  I've enjoyed it so much because of the accessibility of the fanworld - and the joy of the versatile Gundam Wing boys, my favourite fandom for writing - all of which has allowed me to try all kinds of styles and genres, and to work on improving my writing, over and over.

Last but by no means least, I've met a lot of new friends through fanfiction, who have added such value and care to my life that I wouldn't have missed this for the world!!

I love to get mail - feedback, chat, whatever
- so feel free to c
ontact me on  or I can be reached on my LJ as clarediva, link below : 

I'm not a great contributor on my clarediva LJ any more, but I can be reached on clarelondon LJ as well, and I still keep in touch with my 'net' friends who are mainly in other continents and time zones.


Enjoy this site - and let me know if you do!!!  

Thanks for dropping in!!