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Pic by lisa-chan - see the full version (the Sleep of Nobles) on her page here.


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All the info on my original fiction books can be found on my other site Clare London,
come and look in on me there!! 

: I'm writing almost totally for original fiction now, but I'm still committed to this fandom and... never say never!  


Don't forget to check out lisa-chan's gorgeous Art Gallery, right here on this site!!



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pic by ASIA (click for full size)

December 2010
Surprise, surprise, I'm back here again :). Seriously, I'm still a lifelong fan of GW but haven't found any time to write much fanfic over the last year. Then Sharon's contest at Moments of Rapture called to me - and I wrote! And was very excited to win 1st place in the short fiction category for Time Slip. You can find it at Moments of Rapture, I hope you enjoy it.

A very happy Holiday season to everyone, keep warm and safe, and I wish the very best 2011 to you all. See you in the New Year!

December 2009
Another year nearly over, wow!  This has been a full year of my original fiction writing, including publication.  It's been a wonderful time for me and a great opportunity to share my stories, but of course it's meant no free time for Gundam Wing fanfiction *sigh*.  That's not to say I'll never write any again, but my writing time is so limited, I have to prioritise.
But I hope you still visit the site, if only to re-read your favourites!

To close off the year, I'm posting a story that I wrote for ravensilver, as my pledge for the Live Long 'n Marry community on Live Journal - Traitor.

Happy Christmas season to everyone!

February 2009
Good heavens, it's a new year and I've neglected you all! LOL

Seriously, I really appreciate those people who are still visiting my site and enjoying the reading, even though I haven't added much over the last year.  You are the greatest, and I continue to love sharing 1x2x1 goodness with you all. 

To celebrate the new year, I'm posting some ficlets.  Celebration was written for Leslie's birthday, she wanted a fic that showed Heero and Duo later on in life - but still a couple, of course!

And A Good Year was written for Zazu's birthday, lots of cheeky, sexy humor for her!

Find them both here.

I also received a couple of fabulous 1x2x1 fics for my birthday - In these Arms by daimeryan_rei and Kinky Surprise by Zazu, inspired by my fic to her!

Find 'In These Arms' on my gift fic page, and Zazu's fic on her page.

And in original fiction news, I'm thrilled to have won a contract for True Colors to be published at Dreamspinner Press.  It won't be until later in the year, so you still have time to read it here, or maybe take a copy of it of you think you'd like to read it in the future.  It will have to come down in a few months' time. 

And no, you haven't missed my fic for ravensilver that I mentioned in my last update! I'm just horribly late with it.  But it's on its way...LOL.


July 2008
I took part in the LiveLongNMarry auction on Live Journal recently, supporting the campaign for marriage for all, including same sex.  The gift I offered was to write a short Gundam Wing fanfic, and it was won by ravensilver.
Keep an eye out for the story, though my deadline isn't until October!
But she's requested something with drama and angst and yet romance, all in a Preventers setting.  *gulp*.  I'll do my best!

In the meantime, I posted a short fic 'dedicated' to the other bidders on my gift, who didn't win eventually, called On My List.  Inspired by yet another routine visit of mine to the supermarket!  See it here.

June 2008
I've been quiet, I know! I've been working on my original fiction, leaving me less time for reading Gundam Wing, and none at all for *writing* it!  But maybe one day again...

The important message today is about Sparks Fly - if you enjoy this novella, or might like to read it in the future, you need to read this page.  I'll be taking the story down from this site in August, but the page explains why, and what you can do about it if you want to, etc etc.

The news is, it's been rewritten, revamped and it's going to be published as an original novel in August by Dreamspinner Press!  I'm thrilled!

April 2008
The site has passed 25,000 hits!
I'm so grateful to everyone who's visited.  Things are quiet around here at the moment as I spend all my rare leisure time on original fiction, but I'm still tremendously glad to see visitors and share Gundam Wing delight with you all. 
Email me anytime and let me know if you've enjoyed your visit!

09 April 2008
Posted a 1=2 ficlet I wrote for link_worshiper, called Another Country.  It was a cheeky reminder of her recent visit to England, when I got to see her in real life not just online.  See it here.

The excellent Gundam Herald community on Live Journal is hosting a fiction contest up until September.  Go and check out the details at the link below - and subscribe to the community if you haven't already, the wonderful moderator Natea collects up great fiction and art and news on a regular basis for our delight, and all with the theme of Gundam Wing.

21 March 2008
From Gundam Wing - a gorgeous one-page manga from the talented ASIA for my short story 'Dating'.  the vision of Trowa and Quatre at their most mischievous around Heero and Duo was too much of a temptation for her! LOL
For the full page, click on the icon here.


UPDATE re Loose ID contest : I didn't get through to the next round, I'm afraid.
But they were very encouraging about my entry, so I just have to keep trying.MANY THANKS to anyone who may have voted for me, I really appreciate it!

And some exciting news in the original Fiction world - a story of mine has been chosen as one of the final 16 in the Loose Id Sweet Sixteen contest! It's a great thrill and a chance for me to get recognised. Sixteen sexy stories, they release an extra excerpt each week for a month, and the stories are eliminated acording to the readers' votes.  Voting started March 19 and continues for the next 4 weeks - I'm hoping not to get knocked out in the first round LOL, so I'll keep you posted how I do.

My story is DEEP COVER under the name Clare London - it gets hot!! Sex in the cellar or what??!!  (yes, some of you may recognise it from a Gundam Wing story, I've used the same plot, on the premise that you can't have too much of a good thing!)

Come and vote for me if you can - all the details are on THIS LINK. You need to vote for all the pairings each time (I'm at pairing G, near the end) but that just means more delicious fiction to read! 

29 February 2008
For Sharon's birthday - such a lovely lady and such a true, passionate fan of 1x2x1 - I posted a 1x2x1, 3x4x3 ficlet called Dating, see it here.

20 February 2008
For Zazu's birthday - and very late, I'm afraid because that was in January! - I posted a 1x2 ficlet called Confrontation, see it here

19 February 2008
In celebration of Valentine's day, I've posted a 1=2 ficlet called Valentine, see it here.


08 February 2008
It can't be Feb already, can it?!!
My original novel The Gold Warrior is published at last - due on Feb 18, with pre-orders taken from today on Dreamspinner Press, link here.

Thanks SO MUCH to anyone and everyone who's supported me in my original endeavours, I really appreciate it.  I hope some of you may read the book and enjoy it and LET ME KNOW, too *lmao*

And there's also my short story 'Special Offer' in Dreamspinner's Mr Right Now anthology, available now, link here.

All the info on my books can be found on my other site DarkPearlDiva, come and look in on me there!! 


02 January 2008
I've neglected you badly, I know! *sob sob*

Basically, I've been very busy with original fiction, finishing the sequel to The Gold Warrior.  It'll be called Twisted Brand and it's planned to be released by Dreamspinner Press in 2008, a few months after The Gold Warrior.  I've been wrapped up in writing it for many months now - but some time off over Christmas meant I had the time at last to finish!  I can't wait for them both to be published and to share it with you - as always, I'll keep you posted on progress.

I wanted to write more GW fiction over Christmas but obviously my time was a bit limited.  But I managed three ficlets, so they're posted today, on the theme of Christmas gifts - GIFT : Phantasma (1x2), GIFT : Fragrance (1x2) and GIFT : Blue Eyes (3x4).  Find them on the 1x2x1 page and the 'GW-Other' page.

I've also got a couple of fabulous ficlets to share with you written to some silly prompts of mine: To Do Poor Sinners Good (1x2) by petenshi, and It's Cold Outside (1x2) by Wickedgame.  See them on the Gifts: Fic page, they're great! and you must go and seek out other fiction from these great writers.

And... I won some awards in the Boys Next Door Smut Contest!  
It's always a thrill to be in this contest, the site is a great one, full of fabulous fiction from all fandoms.  Here are the fics I entered and their awards:
Best Oneshot :  
End of the Line
Best Arc :         Ambush and Payback
Best Romance :  First Time

 THANKS SO, SO MUCH to anyone who voted me in!!!!  I appreciate it more than anything, especially as I don't have the time to spend on GW that I'd wish to at the moment.  It cheers me up no end to know you're still reading and enjoying what's already there!!


28 November 2007
More original publishing news!!

There are now TWO Christmas stories of mine available on Eternal Press, Just Like Scrooge ($1.50) and Secret Santa ($2.50) - both reasonably priced e-books (they download as a pdf file into your email inbox).

And Masquerade is available for pre-order as an e-book on the same site, will be delivered to you soon, only $4.95!
I'm a featured author for December on their lovely, revamped site 
*am suitably astonished and delighted*

Please send me feedback if you get time, as much as you like *LOL*

And I've signed a contract with DreamSpinner Press for a short story Special Offer, it'll be included in their PRINT anthology Mr Right Now, available in January 2008.
I'll keep you posted on progress on that one!

*am exhausted*


22 November 2007
Posted a GW 1x2x1 drabble I wrote for Leslie's birthday (aka klingonpoo on LJ) called The Morning After, see it here - and it inspired ASIA to draw the most delicious picture! Click on the icon here for the whole picture, and don't forget to visit her site if you like her beautiful style.

07 November 2007

Just a short, seperate post to mark another Big Day for me - my Original short story Just Like Scrooge goes on sale today on Eternal Press (under the Christmas Stories category). Only $1.50 for m/m romance goodness *hehe*.  If you buy it, let me know what you think - I'll send you a special Christmas card in thanks!

And I'm still on target for the release of Masquerade on Dec 7 - I'm just finishing final edits.

07 November 2007
Had a truly marvellous time at Yaoi Con - saw so many good friends and chatted about yaoi and Gundam Wing to our hearts' delight, along with plenty of other things.  And then when we were worn out talking, there were the cosplayers to watch instead *LOL*.  I'm missing it already...

I wrote a GW 1x2x1 fic for it, and read it aloud at the GW Meet and Greet panel - excellent fun! It's called Fly Yaoi *snicker*.  See it here.

The results are also out for the Moments of Rapture GW 1x2x1 Seven Deadly Sins Contest, so many great fics to read! I've posted my entry here, it wasn't placed anywhere but I loved writing it, and I'm very proud of it, it's called Heaven Sent, also to be found here.

Great to be back!!!

22 October 2007
I'm on holiday until the end of October now, off to Yaoi Con in San Francisco, I'm really looking forward to meeting my friends again! And I'll be thinking of you all as I'm immersed in yaoi goodness - honestly I will! LOL

See you all in November!

15 October 2007
Posted a GW 1x2x1 ficlet for another lovely reader, Cathy, who's been working her way through my fics, despite internet problems - so I hope this ficlet makes you smile! It's called Cookies, and you can read it here.

In non-GW news, I'm proud to say that I'm having a book published in December by Eternal Press. It's called Masquerade and features 4 original m/m, explicit, erotic tales, all by me!  (look at this delicious cover!!) It's an e-book and you can buy it from the site from the beginning of December. 

I'm very excited about this, and grateful to Eternal for giving me the opportunity, and I recommend everyone to go and browse around the site.  At the moment, I'm the only author publishing m/m fiction with them, but there's plenty of other genres that you may like to read as well - and they're growing the portfolio day by day! I'll gently remind you all about the book nearer the time, and if anyone buys and reads it, I'd be thrilled to have feedback!!

10 September 2007
Posted a GW 1x2x1 ficlet for sharon, for the 6th Anniversary of her fabulous site, Moments of Rapture. The story is called Happy Anniversary Duo-style, and you can read it here.

07 September 2007
The lovely artist ASIA was inspired by my fic Moving Out to draw one of her gorgeous pictures of Heero and Duo!!  I'm so excited, and it's so sweet, capturing perfectly one of the scenes in the fic.  It's called E.T. - if you read the fic, you'll know why this phrase caught her artistic and talented eye! *lol*

06 September 2007
Posted a GW 1x2x1 ficlet for merith called Moving Out, a companion piece to Moving In.  See them both here.

03 September 2007

In some non-GW news, I've been offered a publishing contract for The Gold Warrior, an original novel that I started back in 2004 for the NaNoWriMo challenge.  It'll be published hopefully in February 2008 by DreamSpinner Press - I'll be thrilled if any of you buy or and/or read it, this is a marvellous step forward for me. 

Even more exciting, I'm writing a sequel to it, and that should be published too, later in 2008.

I'll keep you all posted of developments!  Many, many thanks to anyone who's supported my novel writing in the past, and please feel free to email me if you want to know how it's all coming along.


UPDATES (July 2007 - August 2007)

29 August 2007
I've posted two GW 1x2x1 ficlets, one for lilzazu called Colour Me, and one for natea and link_worshiper called Moving In, because they're both moving at the moment!  They're both on the 1x2x1 page.

22 August 2007
I've posted a gorgeous Heero and Duo picture by suzume-tori, it's called Concern and she's illustrated the emotion between them quite beautifully.  Please go and see the full version on my Gift-Art page, or click the icon here.


09 August 2007
Two new GW 1x2x1 fics, I've had a burst of activity before my holidays!  I wrote a 1=2 fluffy ficlet for link_worshiper called Instant Messenger, and I wrote a 1x2x1 sequel - at last! - to End of the Line (remember trains? frottage? did you read it on the Summer Drabbles page? LOL), called His Stop.  See all these fics here.

Housekeeping Note : I've rearranged the older 1x2x1 fics on to their own pages, archived by year of writing.  I found the 1x2x1 page was becoming too large, loading too slowly both for me to update and for the readers.  Some of the older links on the Updates page may not work as a result - please let me know if you find any other problems!


06 August 2007
A lovely reader Amanda emailed me from here on the site to congratulate me on the 20,000 hits, and as promised, I wrote her a GW 1+2 ficlet, Fireworks, see it here She seemed to like it, she likes the conversation fics *lol*.  And it's a thrill for me to get email about my fiction, as always!!!

Some great new pictures up on lisa-chan's page, too, especially some beautiful ones in the Kaori Yuki style 


03 August 2007
PLEASE NOTE : I'm no longer involved with any Admin on the site, home to the Novella Challenge.  I was Treasurer for a while, for the funds that some lovely readers pledged to the Challenge 2006, to pay for art prizes.  I'd like to let people know that this money is still being held for that use, and is quite safe.

Any queries or issues, please take them up directly with the site.

30 July 2007
20,000 HITS!!! thanks so much, to all of you, it's been a great pleasure to share my fiction and fandom goodness with you over the last 2 years!

 Here's a Performance Bonus *lol* for you all, if you email me and let me know you saw this banner on the site, I'll write you a GW drabble! 

And corazon wrote me a delicious little GW 1+2 drabble recently, Terms of Endearment, see it here.

Here's to plenty of Happy Reading in the Future!!!


26 July 2007
It's 6 years since the start of A Little Piece of Gundam Wing, the marvellous site maintained by dacia, and the first place I ever posted a fic!   There's a fabulous selection of great GW fic there, and links and much other goodness, go and visit if you haven't already!

As a gift for dacia, I wrote Surprise?, a 1+2 ficlet, see it on the 1x2x1 page.

I also commissioned a picture from keire_ke, a very talented artist, to illustrate my recent fic Stuck in the Closet with You.  It's gorgeous, and brings out perfectly the humour I was hoping for in the fic - and Heero in glasses?? Magnificent!  *LOL*  See it in full alongside the fic here, and also on the Commissioned Art  page.


Another pic I commissioned was of Heero and Quatre, a gift for a friend wildchildcait, from the marvellous artist Silke.  She is so good at portraying their friendship and affection.  See the full picture on the Commissioned Art  page.



17 July 2007
A smorgesboard of fics today!
I wrote a small GW 1+2 ficlet called In Your Lap for samikitty, see it on the 1x2x1 page.

merith wrote a hot little GW 2x1 drabble called Listen and Learn in response to a prompt of mine which was probably 'voyeurism', because that's such a favourite of mine *lol*.  See it on the Gift Fics page.

Some people also wrote some lovely GW drabbles to cheer me up after a bad time, and these are all on the Gift Fics page - a great blend of humour and romance!  There's Sick (1+2) from lil_1337, Tangle (3x2) from trixie, Banana (1x2) from daimeryan_rei and Overheard (1x2) from lilzazu.

And there's a superb picture from natea of Heero and Duo - so very touching and romantic, she is a very talented artist and I'm very lucky to know her.  See the full picture here.


05 July 2007
merula wrote me the loveliest GW 1+2 drabble, I've called it Personal Problems - my prompt was for Heero and Duo watching something with sex advice on the TV! *lol*  Her writing is always both witty and loving, I'm a great fan of hers! Read it here.

I wrote a humour ficlet, GW 1+2, called Technical Support, see it on the 1x2x1 page.

UPDATES (May 2007 - June 2007)


29 June 2007
Posted a GW 3x2 fic for trixie's birthday, Feels Just RightRead it here.

27 June 2007
Posted some fic (at last! LOL) - a 1+2 drabble called Signs of Affection and a longer one-shot called Stuck in the Closet with You, which I've posted in 4 short parts.  You can read both of them here.

20 June 2007

****TWO YEARS ONLINE!!!!****
I know - it's been too long since I updated!  And I couldn't let the 2ND ANNIVERSARY of the site pass by unmarked!!!  Many, many thanks to all the visitors to the site over these two years - over 19,000 hits, that's fabulous.  And your attention and entertainment has kept me creating fiction very happily!!

I hope to have some more fiction to post soon - I've been on a self-imposed rest recently, but I think I'm ready to get back into the swing of it soon.  Wish me luck with it!


25 May 2007
I wrote a small humour drabble to cheer sharon up, GW 1x2, called It Says....  Read it here. 

15 May 2007
trixie wrote me a delicious little GW 1x2 drabble, from my prompt of sex and rock 'n roll, I've called it Encore and you can read it here, and on the gift fic page.

In revenge (!) I wrote her a GW 3x2 drabble called Salsa, read it here.


14 May 2007
Posted two new GW fics, written for The Vault's Spring Songfic Challenge.  One 1x2 called Wee Small Hours, read it here, and one 3x4  New Shoes, written as a followup oneshot for the characters of Trowa and Quatre from True Colours, read both of those fics here.



13 May 2007
The awesome link_worshiper has drawn a magnificent picture for my fic Ambush, one of the follow-ups to True Colours (see them both here).  It's Superb, her talent is amazing, and well matches her love for 1=2!!! ^__^.  Click on the thumbnail here, or go to the Gift Art page here - but however you access it, please note that it is very Lemon, so not worksafe!!!

I can't thank her enough - and I'm hoping she might do one for the sister-fic, Payback, one day! *LOL*


08 May 2007
I can't believe it's so long since I posted - April was really busy for me, with two weeks on holiday and the rest of the time spent at work trying to catch up.  So now there's a large update for you all, alongside my apologies for neglecting you!

 I wrote a GW 3+4 ficlet follow-up to A Hard Day called A Public Face, for jania, and a 2+3+5 friendship fic called Goes to Show, for sharon.  Read them both here.

 I wrote a 1x2x1 GW ficlet called Sweet Ideas, for klingonpoo.  Read it here.

 I wrote a series of little GW 1=2 drabbles inspired by my trip to New York, and for link_worshiper who showed me around when I was there and was a fabulous friend.  Read them here.

 Petenshi wrote a fabulous and funny little GW 2+1+5 friendship drabble to my prompt, it's called Homecoming, and you can read it here.

UPDATES (March 2007 - April 2007)

03 April 2007

**I'm off on holiday now for Easter, all the way to New York - an exciting adventure for me, I've always wanted to see the city!  See you all when I get back, and happy reading!**

Posted a 1+2 drabble - conversation and humour! - that I wrote for merith, Sock Talk.  Read it here.

02 April 2007
Posted a 3+4 GW ficlet for jania's birthday, A Hard Day. read it here, and a 1+2 ficlet, CrossDressing?, read it here.

26 March 2007
Posted a 1=2 GW oneshot for link_worshiper's birthday, You can't Sleep Yet, read it here.


21 March 2007
I'm happy to post a couple of GW drabbles that people wrote for me - just for fun, but they really cheered me up!  Petenshi wrote a follow-up to the 'White Christmas' she wrote for my prompt at (you guessed it) Christmas - and trixie wrote me a drabble to accompany my 'Boypile' icon.  Read them both here.


20 March 2007
Posted my GW 1x2x1 half-novella From Both Sides Now, read it here

Posted another follow-up oneshot to 'True Colours', called A First Time, read it here.


06 March 2007
 Posted several GW 1x2x1 fics, see them all here : Flagged : URGENT, a fic for sharon's birthday written with link_worshiper, What? a short PWP inspired by 'Flagged', and also Give and Take, a fic for natea's birthday from the point of view of a 2+3 friendship.

 gwy drew me a lovely little sketch of Heero, to cheer me up!



 A quick HI here to lysander_o, a visitor to my Guestbook here on the site!  Thanks very much for the feedback on Good Poison, my Weiss Kreuz fic.  I haven't got any plans to write any more WK fic, though I love the characters and reading other authors' fiction.  But I may write some more one day - I never say never!  - and thanks again for your kind words.

 I've posted a link to my original fic 'Precious Possession', on the Original - Other page.  It was the fic I submitted to the Yaoi-Con 2005 Anthology.  I haven't posted it in full on this site, but the link will take you to my original slash fiction site DarkPearlDiva, where you can read the fic on the 'Long Fiction' page.  I'd love to know if you read and enjoy it - and anything else on that site that may take your fancy!  It's only been opened since February, and my 'collection' is modest, but any feedback is greatly appreciated!  

UPDATES (January 2007 - February 2007)

18 February 2007
Just had to share the great news, that ASIA has done another beautiful pic for the 'Kiss' theme, showing Heero and Duo in another pose. 


Her style is so delicate but passionate at the same time - her pics are mesmerising!  She's allowed me to show them off here on the site, so here are icons to both of them, plus I'll showcase them next to my fic of the same name here.




15 February 2007
Posted some Valentine's day fics, one 1x2x1 Kiss, inspired by a beautiful pic drawn by ASIA,  read it here
Also a 3x2 fic as a gift for trixie called Valentine's Day - Morning, Noon and Night, read it
Then I wrote - for fun! - my first Gravitation fic, YukixShuichi, All Wrapped Up, read it

 I'm also starting to change the order of my 1x2x1 archive, and putting the most recent fics first, rather than you having to scroll down the page to find the latest ones.  Feel free to let me know if you like the change!

 I don't know if anyone will notice, but I withdrew my entry fic - From Both Sides Now - from the gwyaoi Novella Challenge this year.
Of course I continue to support the site
, and the Challenge, but I was unhappy with having my fic there this year.  My reasons are personal, and are a combination of disliking the judging format and also my opinion that the fic wasn't the right kind for that challenge.  I will probably post it here in the next few weeks, if anyone would like to read it.  I'm very proud of it, wherever it's posted! And thanks to anyone who did read it on gwyaoi and may have voted on it.

13 February 2007
Posted a fantastic GW 1x2 Valentine's picture by lisa-chan, Say Ahh - click on the icon here, or visit it on her page, where you can see all the other fabulous stuff she's done.  It really gets us all in the romantic mood! ^_~

10 February 2007
Posted a 1=2 birthday gift fic from wickedgame, called Pieces of a Puzzle.  It's a gorgeous fic, full of hot and yearning love, and a beautifully written and intriguing twist to the more usual get-together fic.  Read it here.


30 January 2007
Posted the partner 1x2 PWP fic to Ambush, called Payback.  See it here and with the original novella here.  Enjoy!  ^_~

Misanagi made me a lovely icon for my birthday, which is really apt for this site - so here it is for you all to enjoy!  Many thanks to her!


29 January 2007
I had an excellent birthday, and wrote a oneshot 2x1 PWP to celebrate!  It's also based on the guys from True Colours, and is called Ambush, see it here and with the novella here.  It has a partner fic, which I should be posting soon as well.

I received some beautiful gift art, too.  Link_worshiper drew me a magnificently naughty pic of Heero & Duo. She is so talented, and her style portrays them so realistically.  And so very, very sexy, too, of course! ^_^
See it in full by clicking on the icon here, though be prepared for NUDITY and a lemon theme! 


lisa-chan also updated her page with three more gorgeous pics, and one was especially for my birthday, 'Teddy Bears & Piercings'!!  See it with her other new additions on her page, in categories 'Pics for Me', 'Gundam Wing-other' and 'Original'.  I'm really thrilled with my pic ^___^
Also see it here by clicking on the icon - partial NUDITY.


27 January 2007
Well, as a great birthday present for me (it's tomorrow!), the site has just passed 15,000 hits!  Thanks to you all, who've visited and supported me and who make it all such a fun experience!

22 January 2007
I recently joined in a meme on Live Journal, where readers could suggest a fic of mine where they'd like to see another scene.  Merith suggested True Colours, and I really enjoyed revisiting the characters of Heero and Duo from that fic - the result is a short oneshot, New Canvas.  It's posted on the 1x2x1 page and also with the original Novella as well.  Enjoy!

PS I'm also considering some follow-up fics to other posted fics of mine.  Keep watching!


21 January 2007
Posted two lovely fic drabbles gifted to me by trixie - she is the absolute master (mistress??) of the clever drabble.  She captures the characters perfectly, and she writes in so many fandoms that it takes my breath away.  She wrote me one in Yellow, Role Reversal, and one in GW, 3+2, Red Band.  Read them here.

Posted a beautiful sketch by porcelain - she sent it to me to cheer me up at a bad time for me.  It's featured at the top of my Fiction - Gifts page, and also if you click on the icon here.  I'll always treasure it, along with her kind thoughts.


19 January 2007
Posted a short GW 1=2 fic I wrote for link_worshiper, called WTF.  Read it here.


09 January 2007
The gwyaoi Novella Challenge entries are now available for reading, and as it doesn't appear to be run as an anonymous challenge this year, I can let you know that I have an entry in the 25k+ words category - From Both Sides Now.  For the time being, it's posted only on the site - the link is shown above for you to visit and read *all* of the fics there.

And please take time to register for the forum there (link also above), and rate/comment on the fics - we would all love to hear from you, whether it's my fic or anyone else's!


03 January 2007
Just posting to say Happy New Year to you all and to thank you for supporting the site throughout its first full calendar year of existence!  I hope you've found a lot of delight and enjoyment here - I've certainly appreciated seeing the number of hits to the site increase, and I've especially loved receiving emails and comments from you.  We authors thrive on contact, you know! (well, of course, you do... ^_^)

In other news, the gwyaoi Novella Challenge is finally opening its doors to readers - the site is gradually re-launching, and they have set up Forums, so that you can comment and vote on your favourite fics and Novella entries.  Find the links in the paragraph above, and go and enjoy yourself there! 



UPDATES (November 2006 - December 2006)

NB the links to the 1x2x1 page shown here all point currently to the 2007 page - I recently reorganised into years.  I'll re-direct them to the 1x2x1 2006 page soon.

28 December 2006
Posted a GW Duo+Wufei fic for dacia's birthday, Upwardly Mobile, see it on the 'Gundam Wing - Other' page.

And I've been gifted two lovely 1x2x1 fics for Christmas, one from merith for a prompt of mine, Christmas Gifts (I've named it), and one from wickedgame for a prompt of mine about decorating the tree, It Looks Good on You.  See them both here, thanks so much to the authors!!!

24 December 2006
Posted the last 2 drabbles in the Secret Santa series, You Know You Want To and Unwrapping.  See them here.


22  December 2006
Just posting to wish people Happy Holidays, though I hope there may be another update or two before 2006 ends ^_^.

And to let you all know that the 2006 gwyaoi Novella Challenge is still on, but the deadline has been extended to 02 Jan 2007.  It means you readers will have to wait a little longer to read the fabulous entries, but it also means any writers have a chance to finish any works in progress.  See the Rules page hosted here if you want to join in, in any capacity.

21 December 2006
Posted another Secret Santa fic, 4x3x4, Love Hurts.

 And misao_duo - who's always creating the cutest icons - has created me a banner for the Secret Santa page!!! It's based on the icon here - so go and see how it brightens up the whole page of fics!


20 December 2006
Just have to post lots of praise for this most fantastic pic done by ASIA, this time for my fic Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.  It's going to be my chosen pic for "Updates - most recent" for a while.  Click on the icon above for the larger version.  It's so gorgeous - and creates the winter scene so vividly.  Visit her marvellous website here.


18 December 2006

 I added another GW 1+2 fic to the Secret Santa page, Strong Medicine.

 I was 'prompted' by ASIA to consider a sequel to Just Like Scrooge, and so I wrote Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.  See it here.

 trixie wrote me a Christmas drabble for Spike & Vicious from Cowboy  Bebop!  It's really bloody and dark, it's excellent *lol*.  See it here.


14 December 2006

The marvellous artist ASIA was inspired by one of my fics, Just Like Scrooge, to draw a doujinshi.  It's truly wonderful, please go and see it on its own page here.  I'm really overwhelmed with it, she's caught the mood of the piece and Heero & Duo so well.

 I added another GW 1+2 fic to the Secret Santa page, Special Feature.

 The very talented author petenshi is writing a series of fics for lemon_advent based on Christmas songs.  They're lovely, she's written in a whole range of genres and I can't recommend the fics enough.  I requested something for 'White Christmas' and she wrote a gorgeous 3+4 fic, you can read it here (scroll to the bottom of the page).


9 December 2006
Well, quite a large post today, to catch up with the Christmas cheer!

I've been posting some fics on LJ on the lemon_advent community, and as there may be a few more of these before Dec is over, I've given them a special page.  Many of them are on the theme of Secret Santa, and all of them so far are GW 1+2.
You can read Maketh the Man, The Right Recipe, Play On and Bah, Humbug! on
Secret Santa 2006.

I also wrote a GW 1x2 fic for lisa-chan's birthday, Write On, you can read it here.

And talking of lisa-chan, I've posted some more pictures from her on her page, one in the 'GW-Lime' category - though you can have a sneak preview of the gorgeous Zechs at the top of this page! - and three in the 'Original' category.  Her style is maturing so well, these are all magnificent and you must go and look!  I'm very proud to be hosting much of her work here.

 And don't forget that the gwyaoi Novella Challenge finishes this month, you can read the rules and challenge updates here.  If anyone is kind enough to consider donating some money for the art prizes, please contact me.  A pledge is sufficient at the moment - we wouldn't need the funds until 2007, when the judging is finished and the artists decided upon.


28 November 2006
I've been away from online life for a while, hope you haven't missed me too much!   I'm back with a small ficlet and a couple of pimps.

 I hope you enjoy my 1x2x1 ficlet, One of Those Days, some fluff/sap that I wrote to cheer gwy up after a bad day.  It's here.

 The gwyaoi site has been plagued recently with hosting and outage problems, but its 2006 Novella Challenge is still proceeding with enthusiasm!  If you're a writer or a reader, please support it, it's produced some fabulous fiction in past years.  If you need to know or refresh your memory with the rules, I have the details here on my site.  If you need to contact anyone about your entry or other queries, please feel free to mail me or DSA, who is co-ordinating the event while the site is being revamped.

The site would also welcome any friends who might be able to donate some funds for the Challenge prizes.  Every little helps, even if it's only $10 or so.  Please contact me or DSA as above if you'd like to be involved in this way. 



 It's nearly time for the lemon-advent challenge on LiveJournal, where fics and pics are written/produced for the 25 days of December, leading up to Chrismas.  I'm hoping to get some written myself, and there's a veritable feast of work to read and drool over!  If you're interested in writing/drawing for it, or just interested *lol*, follow it on LJ here.


4 November 2006
Well, I had a brilliant time at Yaoi Con, met some new friends in person and spent great times with some old ones.  It seemed to me that the cosplayers were out in force this year, which made for excellent entertainment, and there were some stunning boys to remind us of what yaoi is all about!

 Hi to all those I met there, especially any fans and/or other authors and artists whom I hadn't met before.  Keep in touch!!!  

So now there's quite a large update to treat you all to - hope you enjoy!

 Posted a short GW fic just before I left, for kebzero.  It was going to be his first Con and his journey was even longer than mine.  I wrote a fic exploring the traumas of a long journey - but 'adapted' it as humour, and for Heero and Duo!  Nothing Ventured is here - and of course I'm going to claim literary licence and call that my 'V' fic!  Now I only have 'Z' to cover...

 While we were in San Francisco, we did some sightseeing.  We had a great day out but we nearly lost people here and there, including me on the BART train!  I wrote a GW 1x2 fic to mark the day, just for our amusement, and so did kebzero.  Hopefully they'll amuse you too!  You can read mine - An Innocent Abroad - and kebzero's - Making Waves - together here.  He kindly allowed me to post his alongside mine.  Great memories of a fun day out!!

Also, badmomma64 made me an excellent icon to illustrate the occasion, of Heero waving forlornly as he's borne away from his lover and friends!  It's here, and also with the fics.  A great treat, and makes me smile every time I see it! 

 The plane journey home also inspired me to write another 1x2 fic, Sightseeing - read it here.

 I commissioned a set of chibi pictures recently from anime_fishi, to illustrate my Summer Drabbles page.  See them there, and also on the Commissions page.

 The very talented artist Porcelain drew me a doujinshi for my fic Hold Me.  It's truly magnificent and I've posted it on its own page here.  My dear friend merith commissioned it for me.  It was one of the loveliest gifts I've ever received, and something I've always dreamed of, my fics coming alive in pictures.  I'm immensely grateful to both of them and hugely impressed by Porcelain's talent.

 I received some other lovely artwork which I'll try to scan sometrime and share with you.  Ponderosa sketched me something 1x2x1 for my casual prompt of 'frottage', Suzume tori drew me a lovely 1x2x1 sketch - with me as a happy fangirl observer *hehe* - and mis_shepherdess gave me the original of a pic she did for me earlier in the year, 'Waiting for the One I Love'.  I felt very very special ^__^

UPDATES (September 2006 - October 2006)

NB the links to the 1x2x1 page shown here all point currently to the 2007 page - I recently reorganised into years.  I'll re-direct them to the 1x2x1 2006 page soon.

12 October 2006
Nothing to post fic-wise I'm afraid, but just to let any visitors know that I'll be away from the site from Oct 18 to Oct 28 for a trip to Yaoi Con in San Francisco.  It's outrageous fun and a chance to meet up with a lot of people I know from online and in the GW fandom.  I've been looking forward to it since I left last year's Con!!

So see you all when I get back!

8 October 2006
 Posted a couple of GW fics, a drabble Hug (1+2) for wickedgameff and a ficlet Quickie (2x1x2) for sharon.  Yes, that means I can tick Q off my alphabet titles list!  They're on the 1x2x1 page.

 lisa-chan has posted another 3 lovely drawings, one based on Count Cain (see the 'Inspiration - Kaori Yuki' category on her page) and two original characters ('Original Characters' category).

 merula wrote me a cute GW drabble for (early) Halloween, featuring Duo and Heero in character from her fabulous fic 'Californication'.  I've posted the drabble here.


2 October 2006
I think I said last post that things had been relatively quiet - well, that's still the case! But I do have some catching up to do.

And some extra work has been necessary on the site because I lost a whole batch of info on some of the pages - I must have pressed a wrong button somewhere?!  Anyway, I'm pulling it all back into shape over the next few days.

 link-worshiper drew me a magnificent picture as my prize for her Colour & Shape contest on  It was for my fic It Burns - see the fic and the pic here.



 I won an award at The Vault's Summer Lovin' Contest, First in the Shounen-Ai category for How the Other Half Lives.  I've never won an award in that category and I'm rather pleased to be recognised now and then for something more romantic than lemony!   Read the fic here.

 I drew a chibi picture as part of the Moments of Rapture birthday celebrations, and the very talented lisa-chan coloured it in for me.  It's called 'Good Times Will be Had by All!' and you can see it here and on lisa's own page here.

She's also drawn a gorgeous picture for the Samurai Champloo fandom - see it on her page, in 'Others' category - 'I Finally Found a Comrade'.

And she won an Award in The Vault's Summer Lovin' Contest too - 3rd Place for her Group picture (Gravitation) 'What You Can Do, I Can Do Too'.  It's great!  I've added the Award to her page.


 misao-duo created me a couple of wonderful icons from a phrase I suggested to her - and very cheeky they are too, I love them!  You can share the fun here

 I also drew an icon myself, for merith's birthday - and then the far-more-talented cynbaby coloured and animated it for me.  It's called 'Hug it Better' and you can see it here.

 And hopefully you've all seen and admired porcelain's pictures of the GW pilots that I commissioned (see them here).  They won an award for her on The Vault's contest, too!  I've added it to the page.  She won other awards too, her work is truly beautiful.


21 September
Things have been relatively quiet on the fanfiction front, as I've been writing some original fiction.  I've decided to start another website for original work, so I won't be posting any more of it here, although any existing fics will remain.  I'll let you know what the web address is, when I get it up and running!  It'd be great to see some of you there, too!  

 In my 'quest' to finish the alphabet in Fic Titles, I wrote a GW 1x2 fic called Kept - read it here. It's a rather different tone than usual.  Only 3 letters of the alphabet left now!

trixie wrote me another couple of delicious Cowboy Bebop drabbles, see them here.  She is my Drabble Diva!

12 September 2006
In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the fabulous site Moments of Rapture, I wrote a GW 1x2x1 fic, How to Impress a Man.  Read it here.  And go visit the site - it's beautifully laid out, lovingly devoted to Heero and Duo, and has a huge amount of great fiction and artwork.

I recently read a Meme on LiveJournal where authors had to look through the titles of their fics and see how many letters of the alphabet they'd covered.  I was 6 letters out!   I'd like to have a 'full set' *lol* so I wrote 2 GW 1x2x1 ficlets, one for 'U' - Undergrowth - and one for 'X' - Xerox, My A**, you can read them here.  I hope to get round to K, V, Q and Z some time!

4 September 2006
Some more gorgeous artwork from lisa-chan - 3 new pictures in her 'Original characters' section.  She has one of them - 'Please Stay' - entered in a contest on DeviantArt, so good luck to her for that!

UPDATES (July 2006 - August 2006)

NB the links to the 1x2x1 page shown here all point currently to the 2007 page - I recently reorganised into years.  I'll re-direct them to the 1x2x1 2006 page soon.

25 August 2006
Posted two more GW drabbles on the 'Summer Drabbles' page, that brings the series to a close.  Hope you enjoyed them!  And if you MAIL ME, telling me you read them here on the site, I'll write YOU one too! 


23 August 2006
Great news for my fiction!
 I've had an original fic 'Threadbare' accepted for the Yaoi Con 2006 souvenir Anthology.  It's set in 19th century England, a bit spooky, a bit sci-fi, a lot yaoi 

Unfortunately for you readers, I can't publish it in full anywhere for the next year, but I've put some excerpts on my 'Original-Other' page
here.  The good news is that last year's fic 'Precious Possesion' will therefore be free for me to publish it at the same time, so watch out for the full version of that in Oct.

 I've won the 'Colour & Shape' Contest on UnderTheBridge with a GW 1=2 fic called 'It Burns'.  I'm very excited about it, and especially because I hope that Link_Worshiper will do me some of her fabulous artwork as a prize.  You can read the fic here.  Go and visit the site, too, if you have a love of 1=2, she has great fiction and art there to see.

 I've won some awards in the BoysNextDoor Smut Contest 2006.  I won Honourable mentions for 'T-Shirt Thrills' and 'Meme', Best Multi-Part for 'Sweet Summer Sweat', and Best Romance for 'Deep Cover'.  Go and read all the other excellent fics there, from many fandoms, you won't be disappointed!!

17 August 2006
Posted another drabble in the 'Summer Drabbles' series. 

16 August 2006
Posted two more drabbles in the 'Summer Drabbles' series, see them here.

I've also commissioned some pictures from porcelain, a lovely artist, especially talented with her pics in the GW fandom.  I've set up a separate page for these pictures - and any 'Commissions' in the future I might be able to afford! - so please go and see them all here

14 August 2006
I've been having some problems with internet access so I haven't been writing or posting much on the site, but hopefully things will improve at the end of this month when I change ISP.

Meanwhile, trixie wrote me the most adorable drabble, based on my 'sleepy pilots' pic.  See them both here.

01 August 2006
Back from my holiday, had a great time and brought some fic back with me!

Great News - the site has passed the 10,000 hits mark!  Thanks so much to everyone who has / does / will visit, it's been a great encouragement for me and I've loved sharing all the fiction and art with you all.

 A GW fic, 5x2 'Forget-me-Not', read it here.  It's another fic I wrote for dacia, for the 5th anniversary of her fabulous site raygunworks
I've really enjoyed writing this couple, and I've set up a separate 5x2x5 section on my 'GW-other' page for the small batch of fics that I've written to date for them.

 I offered some drabbles to my friends recently through Live Journal, and I've written 8 so far.  There'll be some more to come, but as I wrote them as a 'batch' and they cover several pairings and fandoms, I've set them up on their own page - Summer Drabbles - read them here.  Dip in and read for a selection of characters and styles!


20 July 2006
Some more gorgeous pics from lisa-chan, posted to her page under 'Original Characters'.  She has such a vivid, delicious imagination!

I'm away on holiday for a week or so now, so there won't be any more updates for a while.  I hope you're all looking forward to the summer ahead!!


15 July 2006
GW fic : 'Deep Cover' (1x2x1, 1+R), written for the Boys Next Door Smut Contest 2006, themed category 'Dirty Little Secrets'.  Read it here.

 Fic written as a back story for the manga series 'Yellow' (Goh x OMC), 'Distraction'.  Read it here.   

11 July 2006

Some more GW ficlets -
 'Penalty' (1x2x1) for gwy, some World Cup naughtiness to cheer
       her up!
 'Fizz' (1+2) for a prompt from daimeryan_rei.
       Both of these  fics are
 'Rehearsal' (3+4) for another prompt from
       And samikitty was inspired by this to draw a
       delicious Trowa! 
       See the fic and the pic


I'm offering drabbles for anyone brave enough to request one, 
      see my LJ:
      If you let me know you saw the offer here rather than on LJ direct,
      I'll write you another one when my site hits reach 10,000! 

9 July 2006
lisa-chan does it again, she's coloured in the other 3 of my chibis - see them on her page here, in 'Pics for My Fics'! They really come alive with her skills added.

 July 2006
wow, another gorgeously cheeky pic from lisa-chan, to accompany my recent fic 'Just a Fl-Uke'!  See the full pic on her page here and also against the fic here


3 July 2006
A batch of goodies today...

  The Moments of Rapture contest winners have been announced and I'm thrilled to have tied for 2nd place in the Short Fic category.  *VERY* thrilled!  My fic was 'I-Spy' and you can read it here, also my entry for the Long Fic category, 'How the Other Half Lives'.  I hope you enjoy them!  Please let me know if you do.  

All the entries are available for reading on the Moments of Rapture
site here.  
Sharon has also launched a fabulous new look for the site, making it even more of a treat to visit!

Please feel free to email me or any of the authors if you liked their fics - we blossom under the onslaught of feedback, you know!!  

 lisa-chan drew me a gorgeous pic called 'Big Hug', see the full sized pic on her page here.


 I wrote a ficlet for trixie's birthday for Samurai Champloo - I don't often write other fandoms but we both love the characters of Jin and Mugen so I thought I'd give it a try.  You can read it here.

UPDATES (May 2006 - Jun 2006)

NB the links to the 1x2x1 page shown here all point currently to the 2007 page - I recently reorganised into years.  I'll re-direct them to the 1x2x1 2006 page soon.

26 June 2006
Posted a couple of drabbles, both GW 1+2 - one for hostilecrayon to cheer her up, called 'Comfort' and one called 'Just a Fl-Uke' which was inspired by a wry comment from dacia about the ukes in yaoi fiction, and is gifted to her in return!  Watch the humor!!  Both can be found here.

NOTE:  the voting for the Moments of Rapture 'Mission:Get Together' Contest is due to close on July 1.  If you haven't already read the entries and voted, please get along there fast!  The fics are marvellous, your vote could be critical, and - just by the way - I've got 2 fics of my own in there, anonymously!!

23 June 2006
Posted another gorgeous pic from lisa-chan on her page here, with a rather different view of Cupid!

And a lovely drabble for me from petenshi, I requested something Heero+Duo with an argument ending in laughter.  It's very cute, read it here.  You can read other of her fics on her LiveJournal page

20 June 2006
Many thanks to all of you who've enjoyed and supported and visited the site, and just been there for me!!
It's been a great learning experience for me, and also a load of FUN!!

I've posted a little ficlet to celebrate, Much the Same, written for merula31 who's celebrating an anniversary of her own today, and anyone else who wants to celebrate with us!!!  Read it here

17 June 2006
Posted an updated version of lisa-chan's Gold Warrior picture on her page here, where she's added some delicious details.

Posted a series of 5 drabbles about Duo and Trowa, called 'A Domestic Moment', here.  trixie tempted me to write something for this pairing and I really enjoyed it.

10 June 2006
I have some particularly gorgeous art to share - lisa-chan has drawn a picture for 'Gold Warrior' - see it on her page here and with the fic itself here.  She's always been a loyal fan of the fic, and I'm so thrilled that it's inspired her to draw Maen and Dax together at their most intimate moment.

I can't thank her enough - it's really magnificent!!!   


6 June 2006
Posted a Zechs ficlet in honour of the date (!!), 'The Theory of Six', here. 

And some more fabulous art! 
lisa-chan has done another gorgeous colouring job on one of my original chibis, called by me (rather unimaginatively!) 'Neko'.


Dameiryan_rei has done me a lovely sketch of 'bored Duo', which she says took her a matter of minutes *sighs with admiration*.

Both pics are on the Gift Art page

3 June 2006
Finally finished and posted the last 2 parts of my original Fic, 'Gold Warrior', you can read all the chapters here.  It's been really enjoyable to write - I think I just realised that I was delaying finishing it because I didn't want to see it go!  

I must thank some very faithful readers, including lisa-chan, Nikki, Sarah and Nelisa who've encouraged (and 'kicked' me!) throughout - also some regular readers over on AFF.  Glad to see that site's now back up, and I'll post these last chapters there as well.  Seriously, friends, your company and feedback has been marvellous and is what I thrive on.  ^_^

I can only hope now that the conclusion meets some of your high expectations ... *lol*

30 May 2006
Another glorious pic from lisa-chan, this time inspired by my fic 'Top Marks' - see the fic and the full pic here.  It's brilliant, amusing and HOT!  Be prepared for lemon!  
I've added it to her Art Gallery too,
here on this site.



23 May 2006
I'm thrilled about a fabulous pic that link_worshiper has drawn for me, inspired by 'Close Proximity' - see both the fic and the full pic here.  Her style is passionate and realistic and yet so very romantic! and she's a talented GW author, too. 



16 May 2006
A small bunch of stuff to post today, both fics and pics.
 sami-pi drew me a gorgeous pic of Heero + Duo + Chocolate, see the full size version
here.  And find all her great art and fics at
 trixie wrote me a lovely GW ficlet for Mother's Day, 'Know the Date', it's here.
 I was gifted with a couple of drabbles for a 'guess my character' meme on Live Journal: from trixie and merula31.  They're
here.  Merula's ficlet was a follow-on from her great 1x2x1 serial 'Californication'.  Read it on her page at raygunworks, and also the rest of her fabulous fiction.


I've also entered a new GW fic in deb's Art of Seduction contest on Gundam Wing Diaries.  Deb archives my fics on her site, and has been a great friend and support to me.  And she's also a magnificent - and prolific! -writer under her pen-name ShenLong, I expect plenty of you have read and enjoyed her work.  The contest runs until July, so feel free to enter, or at least keep a watch out for all the entries as they're posted - it's not an anonymous entry contest.  Mine is called 'A Young Man's Fancy', and you can read it over there or here.

PS do the blue stars work for you as a reader?!!


07 May 2006
Posted some more of lisa-chan's pictures on her page, including her colouring of 2 more of my sketches.  She's taken the 'mission:accomplished' chibis I did for Sharon's birthday - as coloured and animated by another great friend, cynbaby - and she's coloured them in her own style. 

Even more fun, she's incorporated a couple of the t-shirt slogans I used for my recent fic, T Shirt Thrills!  See them with the fic here, too - they're great!

Warning : provocative t-shirt slogans!!!  



06 May 2006
Posted the most magnificent prize artwork for 'Close Proximity' - see it and the fic here. It's by Lara Yokoshima and it's a whole manga page, something I've always dreamed of having.  Her doujinshi style is beautiful, PLEASE go and look at it in its full glory and feel free to *sigh* over it like I do! Many, many thanks to Lara, to those who read and liked the fic, to the prize-giving team and the kind sponsors at gwyaoi, who all made it happen.



03 May 2006
Posted superb artwork from silke, such a talented artist who's done beautiful commissions, including one or two for me!  This one is trixie's prize for our 'Corruption' fic, which trixie has agreed I can show on my site as well.  See the artwork here (click on thumbnail) or beside the fic here.  (
Please note the fic is a Deathfic.)


01 May 2006
Posted a lovely little GW 1+2 drabble that merith wrote for me, loosely inspired by the Faith Hill song 'If my Heart had Wings'.  Read it here.

UPDATES (Mar 2006 - Apr 2006)

NB the links to the 1x2x1 page shown here all point currently to the 2007 page - I recently reorganised into years.  I'll re-direct them to the 1x2x1 2006 page soon.

27 April 2006
OK. who spotted I'd been dating these latest updates as March, not April?!! *duh*
Posted the final ficlet in the 'T shirt Thrills' series - the Weekend - to round it all off.

lisa-chan did another marvellous colouring job on my zechs chibi *so cute*.  See it here and on her own page.

21 April 2006
Posted a series of GW 1x2x1 ficlets loosely based on tee shirt slogans, one fic for each day of the week.  I call it 'T Shirt Thrills', and it's heavy PWP, be warned! *lol*  You can read Monday to Friday here.  I hope to finish up with the weekend ones too, soon.

18 April 2006
Posted some more pictures in lisa-chan's 'Original' section.  And she did a magnificent job of colouring in my sketch for the Psycho Trowa contest!!  See it alongside the fic 'Corruption' here, and on the Gift - Pics page.  Oh, and on her own page, too!  I love it, and the more places it appears the better! *lol*



16 April 2006
~~HAPPY EASTER~~ everyone!! 
I posted a GW 1+2 drabble to celebrate, just for fun! 'Season's Eatings', see it here.



And Miss Shepherdess drew me a stunning pic of Duo relaxing, you must click on the teaser here for the full pic - I insist! *lol*  It's gorgeous!! and is also on my Gift Art page here.  I'm very thrilled with the gift! 



11 April 2006
New GW fic, in response to the Ides of March challenge - I've written a fic for this, for the last 2 years, tempted by the thought of a 5some!! This year it's 'Meme', find it here.  It's an unashamed PWP fic and full of multi-pairings. 

10 April 2006
New GW fic, 'Corruption', pairings include 1x2 and 3x2 and past 3x4.  I wrote this with the very talented trixie, for the Psycho!Trowa challenge run by sunhawk.  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DEATHFIC !! It was written as a sequel to sunhawk's own fic, 'Sleep Deprivation', which I've posted alongside our fic.  It was great to write with trixie, and we're very proud of our fic and its more mature content!
You can read both fics here.

05 April 2006
Some more lovely pics from lisa-chan posted here, in her Original characters section.  She's studying hard at the moment, but I'm glad she can still find some time for drawing.  Please let her know if you've liked her work, we creative types thrive on feedback! (her email link is on her page)

30 March 2006
Posted 2 new fluff ficlets, GW, 1+2, after merith put out a call on LiveJournal for more fluff in our lives!  See them here, 'If the Price is Right' and 'Canvas'.

26 March 2006
merula31 wrote me a waff-y 1x2x1 drabble, which really cheered me up at a time where I can't seem to find much 'sap' myself!  I've called it 'A Suitable Sentence' and it's posted here.  And check out her other great fiction on her page at A Little Piece of Gundam Wing.

23 March 2006
A beautiful sketch from gwy, posted here and with the fic here, in response to my fic 'New Look'!  Heero in a kimono ... how can you resist? And seek out her other lovely artwork on her own site,

14 March 2006
Posted a small 1+2 fic written for gwy, 'New Look', she asked for something with Heero and a kimono.  It wasn't quite what she expected - it came out a little more angsty (though hopeful) than I planned! - but I hope you enjoy it, here.

trixie wrote me a gorgeous GW drabble with Duo and Zechs and snow, called 'Pristine', read it here.

9 March 2006
Posted a GW 1x2x1 ficlet, 'Top Marks', inspired by lisa-chan's very conscientious studying!  Read it here.

UPDATES (Jan 2006 - Feb 2006)

NB the links to the 1x2x1 page shown here all point currently to the 2007 page - I recently reorganised into years.  I'll re-direct them to the 1x2x1 2006 page soon.

24 February 2006
The prize picture has been finished for my 10k entry to the gwyaoi Challenge!  It's by Silke, and you can see it full-sized beside the fic here and with other art gifts here.  It's very cute, I'm very pleased with it, and you can see more of Silke's work on her site Paper Flowers


Just a note to say that Crimson Crow is unlikely to be finished, sorry to anyone who might have been following it, but it just hasn't worked out.

17 February 2006
Posted a GW ficlet called 'Sugar, Sugar' here, written for sharon to cheer her up from her own cravings!

Also posted my original fic 'Six of the Best' in full, as the restrictions on the e-zine publication have now expired.  It's here, but please be aware that it's a very different thing from fanfiction.

14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's day to you all!  I'm proud to announce some of my fics have won in the Vault's Yaoiful Yuletide Contest!  I won 1st in the Lemon category with 'First Come', 2nd in the Angst with 'Just Like Scrooge' (one of my own favourites) and 3rd in Romance with 'Happy Christmas Bugs'.  All the fics can be found at the links, and I've also loaded up the prize banners, because they're a beautiful artwork in themselves.

The Vault runs several fic and art contests a year, they're great fun and I'm grateful that sites continue to sponsor such contests.  It's a lot of work for the site owners, but a great opportunity for artists and authors and readers, too.  The Vault contests have the attraction of welcoming all fandoms, not just GW, and a lot of authors you may not have come across so far.  There are lots of prizes and magnificent prize banners.  And the site has many other fun things to browse through, too!  Go look!!  

I also wrote a PWP fic with merith, we were trying out role playing together as Duo and Heero, from an idea of hers as to the problems there might be with Duo's long hair!  It was a lot of fun.  We wanted to post it for 212 day (Feb 12!) but just missed it, never mind.  It's posted here, 'All Over Conditioning', please enjoy.



03 February 2006
I received the most beautiful sketch from penguinkye, an artist who was inspired by my fic 'True Colours'.  There's a thumbnail here, but go and see the full picture here, accompanying the fic, and also on my Gift Art page here.


Then she sent me the view of another gorgeous 1x2 pic, and she agreed to me posting that here too.  It's lovely and cute, I've added it to my 'Gift Art' page here.



27 January 2006
More pictures from lisa-chan, here, including a gorgeous Mer-Duo!


25 January 2006
Chapter 10 of Crimson Crow posted here.  And a magnificent picture from wing to accompany the series (the thumbnail is just a teaser...)

22 January 2006
Chapter 9 of Crimson Crow posted here.

16 January 2006
Another chapter of the original fic 'Crimson Crow' posted here.  Here's hoping it starts up again, I'm so fond of the characters in it.  We just haven't had enough time to give to it before.

lisa-chan posted the last of her Lyric Series here.

15 January 2006
lisa-chan has a new series of pics, drawn from the inspiration of song lyrics, which she's posting here, under the title of The Lyric Series.  They're in an anime style, but depict very modern characters and issues, and are both gorgeous and powerful.  Be aware they deal with adult themes.  Enjoy your visit!

07 January 2006
I've been gifted a lovely 1x2x1 picture from Suzume Tori, see it here for a full view.  It's gorgeous!

I've also added a 'Latest Update' date on lisa-chan's Art Gallery page, so you'll know exactly when there are new pics to view.


05 January 2006
Happy New Year to you all!  And the results of the gwyaoi Novella Challenge have been announced, so I can post my entry on my site at last!  It's 'Close Proximity', on the Novella page here.  It's a long read (88k words, sorry! ).  It's broken up into chapters so that you can read it in stages.
I'm very proud to have taken 2nd place - there were many more excellent entries than in previous years.  You can read them all on
gwyaoi, and other shorter fics that took part.

I'm also posting 'Worth Waiting For', another 1+2 fic that I wrote for the challenge, for the 10,000+ words 'Humor' category.  Unfortunately, I was the only writer to enter in that category!  But it was great fun to write, and I'm pleased to be able to share it with you all now, here.

I want to thank here everyone who read my novella  - and the shorter fic - during the Challenge period, and also who may have left a comment.  I wasn't able to reply to any of you because of the anonymity factor, though I'd normally reply to all feedback that I receive, I'm always very grateful for it.  You can contact me at any time through this site, of course.  But overall, there was a very good response rate from the readers, and the gwyaoi admin team were very appreciative of all the visitors. 

So many, many thanks to all of you who enjoyed it, and found time to tell me so!  It was tremendously encouraging - I admit that the writing took a large chunk of my life last year, and then the extra months of anonymity were rather hard to bear!  I daresay it's character-building ... 

And some of you didn't enjoy it as much, or parts of it - but that's what personal taste is all about, and I'll always defend that as anyone's right.  Whatever the reception, I wrote it for your entertainment, and for my own satisfaction, and for the love of 1+2!    So whatever your response, I'm very grateful for your attention.

PS And this site just passed 5,000 hits!  Fantastic!  The very best 2006 to all my visitors!!!


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