UPDATES - 2005 Year #1 

NB the links to the 1x2x1 page shown here all point currently to the 2007 page - I recently reorganised into years.  I'll re-direct them to the 1x2x1 2005 page soon.

UPDATES (Nov - Dec 2005)

29 December 2005
I've loaded the last of lisa-chan's magnificent Calendar Boys - Hungry December - and a gorgeous new wallpaper made up of July to December.  It's all on her page here.  It's been a lovely project with fabulous artwork, and she's hinting she may do another one next year!!

27 December 2005
Posting a one-shot 1+2 fic, 'Our Album', written for my dear friend merith.  Find it here.

I've also posted Part 6 of Pazienza (4x2) here.  I'm still intending to round the fic off with a short epilogue, but I thought it would be cruel to hold back Part 6 just for that! *lol*


24 December 2005    
Just to say a very Merry Christmas to everyone and to thank you for your support over 2005 for the site.  I've enjoyed setting it up, and although I haven't posted a lot of fiction this year, it's still been great to think that I've reached people through here, and that they visit me!!

NB  Over the Xmas period I will be smartening up some things on the site so bear with me if things shift about now and then.  Notably lisa-chan's page, which has gone a little off-line, and I'll be correcting that (when I find out why it happened (*lol*).
UPDATE: All OK now!

18 December 2005
A fic for dacia's birthday this month, 2x5x2, called 'First Come'.  Find it here.

12 December 2005
Another small fic posted, 1x2x1, called 'Happy Christmas, Bugs', it's here.  I think I'm getting more into the Christmas mood now ... 

8 December 2005
Oh, Christmas is coming early for me!  I've posted a gorgeously cheeky pic from lisa-chan that's her contribution to Christmas, 'We weren't doing anything'.  It's featured at the top of this page, and also on her page here, under Slice of Lemon (Gundam Wing).

She also drew me a lovely romantic picture of Heero & Duo, also on her page under Pics for Me, 'Do you know how much I love you.'  Beautiful!

And Merith has been writing for the Lemon Advent community, a series of drabbles to light our fires on the way up to Christmas.  She responded to a request of mine to feature (i) Heero & Duo (ii) voyeurism, and (iii) the words 'kiss it better'.  It's a magnificent piece of writing - fun, well written and Hot!!  It's on my Gifts - Fiction page here.

28 November 2005
Posted another chapter of 'Pazienza' (4x2) and I hope to finish it soon.  It's been really enjoyable to write!  It's here.
I've also set up a 'LATEST FICS!' page to showcase the most recent additions to the site, as well as archiving them on the appropriate page.

23 November 2005
I've written a short one-shot inspired by my friend jo, called 'Laugh or Cry?'  It's 1x2, find it here.  It's kickstarted my writing again, thank goodness!

13 November 2005
It's been a difficult time for me recently in Real Life, but lisa-chan has sent me the loveliest note-in-a-pic to cheer me up!  Thanks, love!  Full pic is here.


Hey, boop, thanks for your entry in the Guestbook, but I'm afraid I'm a bit limited in what I can put in the Menu on this site manager *sigh*.  I've had a bit of a 'play' to try out something different, but I wasn't entirely pleased with it, so things will remain the same. Maybe one day I'll set up my own web page from scratch, and have more flexibility.  Hope you still enjoyed your visit!  Mail me if you have any other ideas to make things better!

05 November 2005
Well, back from Yaoi-Con and I had the most marvellous time!  Lots of fun and yaoi goodness of course, but also because I met more friends in the flesh (so to speak) and had the chance to spend time with them.

4 more pics uploaded on lisa-chan's page, including the latest Calendar Boy! (Greedy October! *yummy*).  1,500 hits for her, hurrah!!

I've loaded 4 chapters of a 4x2 fic I wrote for dacia, called 'Pazienza' (here).  I don't usually post work-in-progress, but there's only a short way left to run, and I feel it's well enough formed to launch.  I hope some of you like it as well as the two of us!  And Silke did the most gorgeous commission for me, based on it (see thumbnail here).

I also had a short story published in an e-zine.  It's called 'Six of the Best', and is written under a pen name of Reven Maxwell.  PLEASE NOTE it's not fanfiction, it's totally original, and is considerably darker than anything else here on the site.  The link is shown here, but please read all warnings.

And on a more negative note, I'm not taking part in NaNoWriMo again this year - too much going on in Real Life, too little going on in the Imagination&Inspiration Department!! - but all the best to those who are!  It was a great buzz, and in 2004 it got me my Gold Warrior fic, which I was very tempted to take further this year.  Another time, maybe...


UPDATES (Sep - Oct 2005)

24 October 2005

1,000 hits for lisa-chan's Art page!   Hurrah!!

And just to say I maybe won't be updating again until November, until I get back from Yaoi Con.  Enjoy your visit if you arrive here before then!!  Maybe I'll get some great ideas for new fiction!  Can't wait to see my friends again 

12 October 2005
Novella entries (and shorter works, too, if you don't feel up to the 50k+ word fics) now available for reading on gwyaoi - go and enjoy yourselves!!! 

06 October 2005
Congratulations to lisa-chan, whose gallery passed 500 hits this week!  Hurrah!!!

02 October 2005
I am thrilled to have won Moderator's Choice in the Uniquely Pleasurable original slash contest!  All the entries are still available for reading on the site, and they'll be archived together on kiriko-moth's site, too, so there's plenty of opportunity for you to read them all, they're great.  
Mine is 'Bonded', and that's now on show
here.  It was a new departure for me, and I loved writing it.  Hope some of you read it and enjoy it!

28 September 2005
Well, finally finished my entry for the gwyaoi Novella Challenge!  It should be posted up there at the beginning of October, though the entries will be anonymous until the end of the year, to let people read and vote for their favourites.  It's been a struggle to get it done this year, so I don't know if I'll ever attempt another one  

But it wouldn't be natural if I didn't hope you guess which one is mine and enjoy reading it there! *lol* 

And I won some awards at the Vault's Summer Lovin' 05 contest! for 'His Gift', 'The Same for Girls?' and 'As Young as You Feel.'  I'm very proud of them, and those fics are some of my favourites. Read the fics and see the beautiful banners here.

18 September 2005
OK, a bit of catching-up to do here!

Trixie wrote me a lovely drabble, based on one of my icons, see it here.

I wrote sharon a 2x1 ficlet based on a fabulous pic she commissioned from ponderosa - see both fic and pic here.

I posted up a couple of original fics to get that page started - see here.  They're both pretty smutty *cough* and just for fun.  I hope to have more to post here soon, but at the moment my original stuff is in transit - or not completed!!! 

Don't forget to go read the original slash on Uniquely Pleasurable, all of the contest entries are fabulous, and maybe you'll be enjoying mine without realising it!  Join the membership of the site and support it - plus you'll be able to vote for your favourite fic before Sept 30.

One brilliant thing to announce is that an original fic of mine got chosen for inclusion in the Yaoi Con 2005 Anthology!  I'm thrilled to pieces!!!     I can't post it here yet because they have exclusive rights to it for a year, but I will post an excerpt - on the Original - Other
 page - and when the Yaoi Con site has details about the Anthology, I'll post the link (update: here it is).  Hopefully I'll see some of you at the Con in October, I'm (bravely) flying out there myself, I had such a good time there last year!  Mail me if you're going, and look out for me when you do...



UPDATES (Jul - Sep 05)

01 September 2005 (again!)

Just look at the lovely chibi wing did of me!  I look young and cute at last! *lol*


01 September 2005
I've written an original slash fic and entered it in a contest on one of the sites from my links page, Uniquely Pleasurable:

Please go and visit the site, and read the entries (click the logo for the link), and enjoy some fabulous fiction!  The entries are all listed on the left-hand column of the site page. They're posted anonymously until the end of September, so I can't let you know which is mine, but after that time I'll post it here.  It'll be my first posting to the 'Original Fiction - Other' page!!

I also encourage you to sign on to the site as a member (free!!!) because you'll find
"Links and reviews for original slash fiction, art and other media"
It's beautifully set out, and has an excellent set of links to original slash fiction sites (including this one!), recs and discussions of other works, and sources for many other works. 

And if you sign on as a member, you'll be eligible to VOTE in the contest for your favourite fic!  (may even turn out to be mine...)


28 August 2005
Back from holidays, much relaxed, and with some more of the novella written *sigh*.

Passed 2,000 hits!!!  Brilliant!!!  Hope you're all enjoying the site!

Have posted some more lovely pics from lisa-chan
here, including her Calendar Boy for August.
Have posted two drabbles from merith
here, because she really is so good at creating a whole atmosphere in a handful of words.  Maybe she just wrote them for fun and practice, along with a lot of others, but I treasure them so I'm posting them here *lol*!

11 August 2005
Won 2 awards in the Boys Next Door 2005 Smut Contest!  Cynthia's favourite ('Sudden Impulse' - read on this page), and Best Masturbation ('Pink Thing' - read on this page).  I'm proud to have the site on my links page, and go read all the other winning fics here!!

Off on holiday now for effectively two weeks - have a good summer everyone, and if you want to talk to me, I'll get to my mail as soon as I'm back!!

7 August 2005
Sorry, no fiction at the moment - I'm rather engrossed in the Novella Challenge as a longer-term project!  But I've uploaded all the Awards that lisa-chan has won for her art - see her page here.

25 July 2005
Wrote a small 1x2x1 ficlet for gwy, who is such a talented artist, inspired by a pic of hers.  Read the fic and see the pic here.

20 July 2005
More of lisa-chan's pics posted up here, and I've had to increase the bandwidth *hurrah*.  Sorry if anyone had trouble accessing any fics or pics over the last couple of days, but it should all be fine now.
And there's no new fic from me at the moment because of starting a new job. *sigh*  Just don't have the time.  And still battling with an entry for the
gwyaoi Novella Challenge!

17 July 2005
Posted more lovely art from lisa-chan, including the latest in her Calendar Boys series - Heroic July.  Her page is here.  And she's dedicated it to me, and my Gold Warrior fic!  *hurrah*

12 July 2005
Wow, passed 1,000 hits!!  Thanks everyone!  Um... my 'dear family' have pointed out to me that at least 120 of them are probably mine, during my 'development' phase, because I forgot to reset the counter when I launched *LOL*.  Never mind!  If anyone caught the 1,000th hit, let me know, I'll write you a 1x2x1 drabble.  So on we go to the next 1,000!


UPDATES (June - July 2005)



12 July 2005
Something a bit different! I've set up a page for an Art Gallery, featuring lisa-chan's work.  There are some fabulous pics there - and we're adding more all the time!  You may well have seen many of them already, she's illustrated many people's fics, and won awards in FanArt contests such as the Vault's. Please go take a look, and let her know if you enjoyed them.

10 July 2005
Parts 6 & 7 of Crimson Crow posted.

8 July 2005
After some serious bullying from lisa-chan ^_^ I've finished another chapter of Gold Warrior, bringing it almost to a close.  It's original fiction, I hope you might like to try reading it some time.  I really enjoyed writing it.  I may even be tempted to carry on this particular AU theme if I'm mad enough to sign up for NaNoWriMo again later in the year.

5 July 2005
misao-chan has made me the most beautiful signature banner, see it on the gifts page, under GIFT ART.  *sighs happily*

4 July 2005
Happy July 4 to the US readers! 
I'm happy too, because wing & I have started up another RP fic based on the Blood & Soot characters.  It's called Crimson Crow (gotta love his way with titles?!) and we loved the characters so much in the past that this is most welcome.  I don't know how/if it'll develop, but if you've read the Blood & Soot fics either here or on, you may enjoy this one too.

29 June 2005
Wrote a modest 1x2 ficlet for trixie's birthday, inspired by the Wimbledon fever in the UK!  'Game, Set and Match' - Read it here.
Also added some links to other Fab sites - including Juxtapose Fantasy, a site with brilliant art and dramatic yaoi fics.  Go visit!  It works on the basis of a modest subscription, whereby you get loads of new fics to read on a regular basis. If you join up, remember to let them know this site recommended it to you.

20 June 2005
OMG, finally got the domain name transferred over and I'm LAUNCHED!!!  Very scary... very exciting.  Pimp me to all your friends if you visit the site and enjoy it!

18 June 2005
Won 2 places at the Vault's Spring Songfic Challenge!  (see relevant fics and banners here) Very thrilled - and I was pleased that the challenge inspired some good fiction from me.  Well done danni, and steph as well, for continuing to inspire so many of us!

17 June 2005
gwy has launched her site - she beat me to it! *lol*  It's great, she does lovely artwork, go look!!

16 June 2005 - still setting this up! Waiting to get my domain name transferred before I launch it, and getting very impatient *grrr*