title: trimmed in black, fandom/pairing: gundam wing / heero/duo, warnings: BL, panties!Heero,
author's note: written for clare's request for Heero/Duo, some element of voyeurism and the phrase 'kiss it better'... *hangs head* i have NO clue where the panties came into play, but ...yeah. *cough*

Heero arranged the file folders in neat piles before turning on his laptop. He’d chosen to work at the small table rather than the desk, and appreciated the wireless connection even more. Reaching for the first folder, he began tuning out background noises – the television, Duo talking and the ice machine next door.

“Want me put your things away while I’m at it?” Duo was standing at his side, interrupting his flow of thinking.

“I’ve already hung them up,” Heero paused in his review of assignment notes.

A simple sweep of his hand, Duo pointed out the obvious. “The ECO conference is scheduled for ten days. We’re going to be here for a while. Let’s at least use what this suite has to offer.” Heero’s small suitcase was still parked by the door where he left it.

Giving a slight shrug, Heero told him, “All right, if will make you happy.” It wouldn’t hurt, and would keep the room clutter to a minimum.

Duo snorted as he turned. “Making me happy isn’t working from Christmas through New Year’s. This,” he heaved Heero’s carry on bag up on the mattress, “will just keep me from tripping over your stuff coming and going.”

Heero didn’t answer; he had already gone back to the file, and the photographs it contained.

“Well, well. What do we have here?”

The odd quality of Duo’s voice registered but it wasn’t until he dropped a small, gold colored bag on top of his file that he paid attention. Heero blinked at it and looked up at Duo. “What is that?”

“Found it,” he announced, a smile twitched on his lips. “I think some young lady’s going to be very upset when she finds she didn’t pack her little gift.”

Eyeing it with a frown, Heero pushed it off his file with his pen. “Turn it in at the front desk.”

“Aren’t you even curious on what’s in it?”

“No.” Heero continued to enter the latest data. “Weren’t you going to go check on the monitoring equipment?” He strove to keep the impatience from his voice.

“Yeah, whatever.” Heero heard Duo moving about. “I’ll set up the cameras tomorrow. For now, I’ll just leave ‘em here.”

It wasn’t until after the door had been shut that Heero stopped typing. He stared at the door for a moment and closed his eyes. It was going to be a long, long two weeks.

“Why Duo,” Heero whispered in the empty room. He stood and went to make sure the door was locked. A stop in the restroom, and he splashed cold water on his face. He watched the water swirl down the drain before turning it off. There was work to do.

The bag was still on the table. Whatever it contained had excited Duo to some degree. Heero approached it slowly, a slight frown to his brows. A tag on the side simply stated – Merry Christmas Love. Heero peered inside and took a quick step back. Lady’s underwear. He leaned closer, and reached in, taking the pair out.

Red, and soft. silk he thought. He fingered the black lace trimmed edges. No! Shoving them back in the bag, he pushed it to the far end of the table and went back to work.

A minute later, he was staring at the bag and bit the inside of his lip. He could look at them. There was no harm in that. In a moment, he held them again. So soft. The price tag still dangled from its band. They’d been purchased from a boutique inside the hotel. Heero bit his lip again, his eyes flicking to the door. Duo would be gone for some minutes yet.

Quickly, not wasting any more time, he kicked off his shoes and shed his pants and boxers. The panties slid up and over his legs in a soothing smoothness, making him half-hard imagining how they’d feel pressed up against him, encasing his cock. With a slight snap, they were in place and Heero closed his eyes with a shudder.

They were perfect.

He had to see how they looked. Next to Duo’s bed, the room’s closet had mirrored doors. Heero held his shirt up; the mirror reflected how taut the material was over his cock, how the black lace stood out against his skin, how the red shined in the light. His moan was low and guttural. Turning sideways, he stuck out a hip and shivered at the feel of silk clinging to his buttocks.

Sitting on the edge of Duo’s bed, he unbuttoned the bottom three, and parted his shirt. His eyes were glued to the small strip of cloth, strained at confining his balls. He fingered them through the fabric; the insides of his thighs quivered and he brought his legs up, putting his still socked feet on the bed’s edge.

His fingers brushed at the edge of his thighs, and glided over his buttocks. The need, the desire was there, strong and heavy. Heero pressed his palm against the bulge, giving it a slight rub. He didn’t have time to jerk off. Duo would return soon.

In a compact room, ten floors below, Duo added the last cable and tested the monitors. All three flipped to life. All three gave him different angles of Heero first stripping, and then pulling on the pair of panties from the bag. Duo checked the lock on the door and relaxed. No evidence would remain of this very private showing; the cameras had been set up on direct feed, and not yet attached to recording equipment.

Heero’s moan went right to his groin. Duo rubbed on the bulge that’d been growing as each minute passed. Closing his eyes, Duo’s sigh was more of a groan. Heero would kill him if he knew Duo was watching. And though the temptation was there, Duo didn’t want to see Heero continue, not without him being in the same room. He reached for the feed receiver and stopped short. Heero had called his name.

“I’m back,” Duo announced, closing the room door behind him. From where he stood, he could see Heero was back at work; his break forgotten. “Did you miss me?” He was smiling.

Heero didn’t look up. “I was prostrate with grief.” His cock was still hard, and the sound of Duo’s voice vibrated against it. Heero shifted in his seat and opened the next file. It was going to be a long two weeks.

“What happened to the panties?”

He stopped breathing. “I took them to the front desk.” It wasn’t a lie. He planned to do so once he replaced them.

Duo was moving around behind him, but Heero didn’t dare turn to watch. He wanted to be finished with these profiles. He wanted to take a shower, a long shower where relief could be achieved.

The presence was felt, a warmth at his back even before an arm dropped on his shoulder, and a hand was dangling something...

“Merry Christmas, love,” Duo whispered from behind him, his mouth barely touching his ear.

Heero stared at the panties. These were not red with lacy black trim. These were blue. And cotton. And ones he thought he’d lost weeks ago. His body wouldn’t move, his mouth couldn’t speak. Duo nibbled on an earlobe.

“Duo, I...” Heero stammered. “It’s not really...” and stalled, “I can...” With a firm hand, Duo stroked his chest. Heero cocked his head to the side. “Love?”

Backing away, Duo nodded. He was smiling, something soft, almost gentle. And he was hooking a chair with a foot and pulling it closer. He sat to the side of Heero, and Heero watched Duo watch him; Heero’s panties still in Duo’s hand.

“How...” Heero drew in a deep breath, stilling quaking nerves. “How did you know?”

I found these,” Duo displayed the blue cotton again, “in your gym bag.” He rubbed at his forehead. “I wasn’t sure, but thought maybe. So I ...” He faced Heero once more. “I bought those panties. Planted them here and watched you.”

Heero frowned. “Watched me...?” his eyes went to the equipment left in various places. “You set me up?”

“I didn’t know what you’d do,” Duo confessed. “Mostly I just thought you’d still be sitting here typing away.”

His embarrassment was dying, his anger nearly non-existent. His fetish he knew would be found out one day, but had hoped... “It doesn’t bother you?”

Duo was shaking his head. “It did a little, at first. But tonight, watching you.” his inhale was shaky. “It was like watching a whole new you.” Duo’s eyes darted over Heero’s face. “Someone who wasn’t afraid to show how passionate he is; someone who didn’t have to be a Gundam Pilot, Preventer Agent extraordinaire, savior of the world.” Duo’s hand was on Heero’s thigh.

“I didn’t want you to know.” Heero turned away.

“I have something I didn’t want you to know, too.” Duo tapped his fingers on Heero’s leg. “How do you tell your best friend you want to be more than best friends without losing what you have with him?” Duo’s voice had lowered, almost too soft for Heero to hear.

He closed his eyes. “How do you tell your best friend you like the way women’s underwear feels? That seeing your...” Heero tossed Duo a quick look. “Seeing how tight it fits excites you.”

“How do you let your friend know how much you want to kiss him? Want to hold him?”

Heero turned in his chair and leaned forward. “How do you tell your friend you want to show off for him? Let him touch you and that thought,” Heero shivered suddenly, “excites him more than anything.”

And Duo was jerking Heero forward, bumping noses, splitting his lip. Their first kiss was brief; both pulled back enough to watch the other. Heero touched his tongue to the cut on his lip.

“Sorry ‘bout that.”

“Kiss it better?” Heero asked, and did a little pulling of his own. Duo had released his panties, and they landed in his lap. He’d have to model them later, but for now, he had a kiss to take.

Two weeks wasn’t going to be long enough.