By fancyfigures

1+2, drabble, lemon-ish, humour, fluff

For lisa-chan, inspired by her studying!





“Duo, don’t.”


“Stop with the innocent puppy look. You’re trying to distract me from my studying.”

“For God’s sake, you’re so suspicious, Heero. I live here too, right? I have the right to use the facilities, right? I’ve had a hard day’s classes and I just want to have a hot shower, so I reckon I have as much right as you to –“

“ – walk through the lounge naked in front of me?”

If you’re studying so hard, how come you noticed, huh?”

It’s difficult not to when your boxers landed on my text book.”

“But you’d finished that chapter, right?”

“I still have the practical examples to work through, and that isn’t particularly inspired by –“

“ – my boxers.”


But last night you said …”

Duo, that was last night.”

“But you did ask me to inspire you last night -“

“Duo, that was in an entirely different context.“

Encourage me, you asked.”


Stimulate me, you asked. One might even say begged.”

That was something completely different, and you know it.”

Harder, you begged. Faster, you whimpered –“

“Duo, I won’t be baited like this.”

Pleeeeease, you wept –“

“Duo, I must finish this module tonight to keep up with the curriculum.”

“I’ve got my own curriculum to keep up –“

“Don’t be crude. And put down the pen, I need it to write.”

“I’ve seen you poring over the books, night after night, Heero. You need a break. Scribbling away, your fingers pressed so tightly round this poor pen…”

“Duo, don’t do that with the pen.”

Squeezing it, Heero –“

“Put it down. No, don’t put it down, not without wiping it first. You’re disgusting.”

“And Heero, you’re the perfect advert for all work and no play.”

“That still doesn’t justify your abuse of that pen –“

“Enough with the pen. What about your eyesight? The strain?”

Don’t be ridiculous. I have to concentrate. And it’s not helped when I’m so often distracted by –“

“ – my boxers?”

They’re black.”

“I know. There’s your proof that my eyesight is undamaged. Like you were really bothered.”

“Black, Heero.”

You said. You’re repeating yourself.”

“You like the black ones.”

“I’ll consider my underwear preferences when you stop talking about eye strain.”

“I have your welfare at heart, that’s all. It’s not good to strain yourself in any way.”

“Duo, this is so obviously not about the reading.”

“Strain can be caused as much by abstinence as by overwork, you know.”

“I have no idea what self-help manual you’re reading this week, but really –“

“Heero, please, relinquish this dreadful suspicion you have of me and my motives. You’re a tough guy, but your reserves are spread too thinly for it to be healthy.”

“Oh, for God’s sake –“

“Like you were spread so gracefully last night –“

“No, Duo. Stop that. I have work to do.”

Spread like a snow angel on the bedcover beneath me –“


– spread and glistening, your belly shivering and the sweat trickling aimlessly down into the small of your back as I knelt above you.”

Oh God. This is intolerable.”

“I remember you saying something similar last night. Just before you wept again –“

“Duo, will begging help? Will you please go away?”

“Heero, you can finish that tomorrow, can’t you?”

“I have to do these three exercises before class tomorrow –“

“Heero, let me show you some alternative exercises that will help with the strain of abstinence, too.”

“Duo, leave the books alone.”

“Hush now, I’m just moving them to one side.”

“Duo, don’t lose the place, it’s annotated … “

“Hey, hey, chill, the page is marked, see?“

“Oh my God, but with –“

“ – my boxers.”


Heero, Heero, you’ll sail through the course, you always do, you’re the star of the class, you get top marks in everything.”

“I can’t afford to get complacent, Duo. I still have to work at it. I can’t let my grades slide.”

“Your grades are safe with me, Heero. Your performance has been assessed and found to be A-rated. Your progress is steady and stellar.”

“Duo, you’ve already passed this course, but that doesn’t seem to give you any deeper compassion for what I’m going through -“

Deeper? That was another moan from you last night, Heero.”

“Stop it. Your pathetic attempts at distraction –“

“Heero, there’s space for us both on the desk now, isn’t there? That’s better.”

“Duo, don’t sit there. Don’t lean like that. Don’t –“

“Heero, you work too hard. You’re too pale.”

“Duo, I’m hyperventilating, not ill. You shouldn’t –“

“I worry so much about you.”

“ – shouldn’t bend over like that –“

“Let me care for you, Heero.”

“Let me breathe, Duo.”

“Hush. We’ll just release this particular area of strain in your lap –“

“Duo, I’m perfectly capable of undressing myself – if I wanted to, that is – because need I remind you that I still have to –“

“ - then I’ll bend back over the desk like this -“

“Oh God.”

“ – and you can take some relaxation from your study –“

“You’re completely –“

“ – for a couple of hours.”

Oh God.”

Heero, you’re pale again. Though I must admit that the green boxers look good against your skin colour.”

“Duo, shut up.”

“What happened to the conscientious student -?”

“Bend over.”

“Do you want me to show you my compassion, Heero?”

“I want you to shut up and listen to my begging again, Duo.”

“We’re on the same page, lover.”

“Which page is that, lover?”

Easy, easy. The left leg of this desk is shaky… well, obviously the page that’s marked with –“

“ – your boxers?”

Right. Uhnn …”


I – yes -?”

Are you suffering from some kind of strain yourself?”

Maybe. You’re the one who’s studying the – uhmmmn -!“

Yes, Duo?”

– the practical examples, I was about to say.”

“Beg for me, too, Duo.”

“I will, lover. Always.”

“And Duo?”

Uhmnn – yes?”

“I’ll have you know I’ve never wept for it.”

Right. Obviously there are still some things you need to learn.”


Because you will, lover. You will!”