Summer 2006 Drabbles   

UPDATE August 2007:
Posted a partner fic to End of the Line called His Stop  
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2008 : End of the Line a Winner in the BoysNextDoor SMUT Contest

Nov 2006 :
I commissioned a set of three 1x2x1 chibi pictures from anime_fishi to accompany some of these drabbles.  Here they are - click on the icons to view!!

Wordplay                 Ice Cream Chibis         Love Dice

Aren't they gorgeous?!!
She's taking other commissions if you're interested, click on her email address here.

The Fics :
This is a series of drabbles written on request in Summer 2006 for friends on my Live Journal account.  Most are Gundam Wing, but some are from other fandoms.  Enjoy!
NB  Gundam Wing fics marked with a

  Pookie Plays 
  Pookie Pouts 
Pookie is a mischievous creation, a semi-sentient tentacled sex toy who provokes adventures with Heero and Duo!  These were written for windandwater's request for pookie tales. 
PWP, humour, lemon

  If it Ain't Broke
A Trowa and Duo friendship fic, for sunhawk16, for the theme of 'fixing things'.
Yaoi, friendship, implied relationships

  That's the Question 
A Quatre and Trowa fic for mis_shepherdess, discussing the nature of love.
Lemon, Quatre POV

  Raisin d'Etre 
A Heero + Duo fic for merula31, asking for anything to do with food!
Humour, lemon, conversation

  Making a Name 
A fic about Jin from Samurai Champloo for trixie_chick, as he muses on his relationship with Yukimaru.
Jin+OC, angst, lemon

A fic for klingonpoo, asking for Heero + Duo, sap and ice cream!
Humour, romance, conversation, references back to Flavour No. 7

  The Sound of Thunder
A Heero + Duo fic in a more canon setting for samikitty, who asked for a thunderstorm.
Drama, slight yaoi, some angst

  At the End of the Night 
An original fic for wickedgameff, who asked for lemon and the prompt of 'pillow'.

  Dress the Part
A Kyou Kara Maou fic for gwy, asking for Wolfram + Yuri action.
Wolfram x Yuri, PWP, lemon.

  End of the Line 
A Heero + Duo fic for sharon, asking for frottage.
1x2x1, AU, PWP
WINNER : BEST ONESHOT BoysNextDoor SMUT Contest 2007

See the partner fic to this from Heero's viewpoint in His Stop on the 1x2x1 page!

A Heero + Duo fic for wickedgameff, asking for lemon and a Library.
1x2x1, AU, PWP

  Comfort Zone 
A Heero + Duo fic for merith, who'd offered me all sorts of inspiration from word associations between sex and household objects, but I had to choose 'couch'!
1x2x1, AU, relationship-angst, romance

  On A Roll 
A Heero + Duo fic for lisa-chan, asking for lemon and Love Dice.
1x2x1, conversation, PWP