Sleepy Heads

By trixie


Heero fell asleep first. He'd spent all morning chasing after Duo, keeping him and his braid out of trouble, and he just plain tuckered out. He grabbed Duo's braid, which he had named Shini, and curled up with it to nap. Duo protested loudly, but Heero was very good at ignoring him, and eventually, Duo fell asleep, too, resting his head on Heero's hip.

Quatre thought they looked very cute there, and he convinced Wu Fei to nap with them. Wu Fei was near tears, he was so tired, but he kept saying that naps were for girls. Quatre pointed out that Heero was napping (and if anyone suggested that Heero was a girl, Heero would kick them in the shins). Quatre suggested that it was all right to nap, as long as you did it with other guys. If there were enough guys around, then it had to be a manly thing to do, even if it was a nap. Wu Fei looked rather sceptical, but then, he was still partially convinced that Duo might be a girl (that could be wishful thinking on his part, Quatre thought; he was still sure that it was Wu Fei who had put those pink flowers in Duo's Valentine's basket). Whether he set aside his concerns about Duo's gender or not, he decided to go along with Quatre, and he cuddled right up to Duo.

"You're being naughty," Trowa cautioned, though he didn't sound disapproving.

"What do you mean?" Quatre smiled brightly. "Miss Sally is always complaining because we don't nap, right?"

"Miss Sally also doesn't like it when you manipulate people," Trowa reminded him, but his eyes weren't chastizing at all.

Quatre grinned. "Well. Shall we join them?"

Trowa looked over at the small pile, and then made his way over, comfortably situating himself on top of Duo, with his arm over Wu Fei. Quatre happily went over, and settled himself next to Trowa.

He didn't need to nap. He wasn't as immature as those other boys. But, he figured, he wouldn't be able to get into a big pile of boys for very much longer, so he had to enjoy it.