1+2, conversation, fluff/sap, yaoi
For klingonpoo

“Don’t do that.”

“Huh? Oh come on, it’s just a sign of affection -”

“Duo, I’ve warned you. We’re in the middle of town. Don’t do it. I don’t want to-”

“-hurt me. Yeah, I know. You always say that, usually just before you do.”

“You exaggerate.”

“And you infuriate. Yeah, I can pull faces, too.”

“Just leave it alone, Duo. It’s too hot out here today to play.”

“Never too hot for that, Heero. You want another ice cream?”

“No thank you. I’m still eating this one as quickly as I can before it melts.”

“Look, there goes another drip, running down your wrist, I’ll just – oh. You caught that one.”

“Yes, I did. No need for such a melodramatic sigh. Didn’t you have your own cone? Far as I remember, you’ve already had-”

“ – four, OK, let’s not make a series out of it. I like ice cream, I like choice.”

“Choice likes you, Duo. So does the ice cream parlour. They’ve redecorated twice on the riches of your summer retail orgy.”

“Good word, Heero.”

“There is no hidden subtext, Duo. Especially not in the middle of the high street. So take that hopeful look off your face.”

“Hey, don’t you remember? We met – got together – whatever you wanna call it – all because of ice cream.”

“Of course I remember. You know I do, so stop trying to provoke me. And I’m eating it, OK? It’s just that the sun is so hot and I’ve no desire to become broiled out here and I really want to get home with the rest of this shopping…”

“You reckoned you didn’t like ice cream. Remember? But you were just sulking that time.”

“OK, Duo, let’s not rake over my embarrassing past any more than we have to.”

“No, let’s.”

“Oh yes, very amusing.”

“You had no idea how to behave on the beach. Wrong clothes, wrong equipment, wrong attitude -”

“I’ve changed. I shouldn’t need to remind you

“Oh hell yeah, you’ve changed so much I have to check your driver’s licence a couple of times a night to be sure I’m in bed with the right guy.”

“Duo, keep your voice down. I told you, we’re in the middle of the street. That poor woman looked extremely startled.”

“But it’s good. Why shouldn’t I brag about it? You and me… so very good.”


“You got some problem with that?”

“God, no! Never! I can’t tell you how great you make me feel. How precious it is for me to have you here.”

“Well, go on then.”


“Try. Try telling me.”

“Duo… I’m not… you. It’s very difficult here, with the people passing by-”

“I’m teasing you, Heero. Sorry. No, honestly, I am! You tell me lots of times, lots of ways already. Don’t shake your fist like that, the ice cream’s blobbing all over the place.”

“You’re incorrigible. You’re lucky it’s too hot to fight.”

“Back then, remember? We were fighting all the time-“

“I’m not quite sure how far we’ve moved on.”

“But the make-up sessions are way, way better now. You’re laughing, right? That proves it.”

“Just stop jogging my elbow, else I’ll drop it altogether.”

“Quatre said it had a beneficial effect. Ice cream.”

“It did. Does. Just not on my clothing.”

“Gets everywhere, doesn’t it?”


“When it melts.”

“Well, of course it does. What’s your point?”



“That was my favourite favourite. Remember?”

“I… remember.”

“You look very flushed, Heero. Could be sun stroke.”

“Nothing of the sort.”

“Your hand’s shaking.”


“Your ice cream’s dripping.”

“You think I haven’t noticed?”

“I like other flavours, too. Well, all of ‘em, actually. You may remember that as well. You name a flavour, I’ll lick it-”

“OK, OK, you win!”

“No need to shout, Heero. You scared that little boy in the buggy. What do you mean?”

“Stop smirking. I mean you can lick up the drips, you’ve been hounding me to do it, haven’t you? Just be quick about it. I can’t afford to be humiliated too regularly-”

“Just Tuesdays and Fridays, huh?”

“Enough, Duo.”

“I’ll just catch that blob on the back of your hand. And the spots up the inside of your forearm. One… two… six. Tasty.”


“Heero? That was an odd noise from you. Sort of strangled.”

“Just… I think we should get home. Soon.”

“There’s this trail on your chin. Must’ve been when you shook your fist at me.”

“Need to get home, Duo. Very soon.”

“Just one more lick-”



“Stop laughing! What’s so funny?”

“Your face. You look as tense as you did that day we got together. Like you often do, actually. It’s very cute. Look, let me -”

“What are you doing? I’ll buy you another cone. Ten. What are you doing?”

“One last flavour for me.”

“One last -?”

“Best flavour of all. It tastes a hell of a lot cuter when it’s a blob off the end of your nose.”