1x2x1, conversation, lemon, humour, dreadful pun for a title
For merula



“Good meal?”

“Mmm. The best. And good-”

“ -after dinner entertainment, yeah, I agree, don’t smirk like that, you look worryingly like me. Anyways…”

“Ahh… and how come I knew there’d be an ‘anyways’?”

“Don’t sigh like that, either. I can see you’re all cosied up now to your pillow and don’t want to talk.”


“Yes, OK, but I thought we’d just round off the romantic meal with a final sweet taste…”

“Oh well, yes, feel free to disturb me for that…”

“No – hey – wait, I didn’t mean… well, not just yet… uhhh, that tickles, you know it does.”

“Call it payback. For the asparagus spears.”

“Mmm… you liked ‘em, eh?”

“They tickled, too, Duo.”

“Hahaha. Take your punishment like a man.”

“I did. Several times. Including the dripping, slippery, melted butter. I think my uncensored response may have been heard as far away as the next block.”

“Ah, but you plead with such cute intensity…”

“Unlike you and your whimpering.”

“Whimperi-? I beg your pardon. Those were my compliments to the chef.”

“Implying that you enjoyed the main course?”

“Oysters wrapped in bacon? What’s not to like?”

“The moist centres, peeling softly out of the savoury sheath…”

“Jeez, Heero, you have a way with-”


“Seafood. Is there any dessert left?”

“Uh-huh. You ate every one. Poured chocolate sauce over them and licked them clean. Watching me as you did it. Grinning at me.”

“I remember. Kinda liked sucking out the cream, too.”


“Yeah. My favourite.”

“So what on earth can you offer to the gourmet feast we’ve already -”

“- sucked and licked and gobbled up -”

“- eaten, Duo. Eaten. What else did you have in mind?”

“You know. The final sweet things. The little chocolates that come with coffee.”

“But we never had coffee.”

“Not my fault. I was just starting on that third profiterole when you pushed the table back rather abruptly, and next thing I knew I was clearing the plates right off on to the floor and smoothing the edges of the cloth. From flat on my back.”

“My turn to smile, I think.”

“Like a cat who stole the cream.”

Licked the cream, Duo, as you may remember…”

“Anyways, back to the sweets. I’ve got these chocolate raisins.”

“I hope you’ll all be very happy together.”

“No, come on, don’t roll away like that, you’re awake now. Indulge me one last time.”

“Duo, give me back the sheet or else I’ll – what was that you just did?”

“Cute, very cute. Look how they shiver in your navel when you get angry like that. Little, beady, chocolate jewels.”

“Wait – stop that. What the hell are you…?”

“Stay still, I can’t get my mouth round… mmm… it’s easier if I use my tongue to catch ‘em.”

“God, Duo. Stop. Not all down my… Oh God.”

“One after another, rolling deliciously all over you. Tumbling. Shining. Oh look! One’s got stuck just in the crease up beside -”




“I’m sorry? A little louder, Heero. I can’t hear you when you hiss and your face goes all flushed like that.”

“Yes. Please.”

“I’ve only got some left. Raisins, that is. They’re very tasty. Very addictive.”

“Very… omigod -”

“There… just caught those few before they rolled completely up… anyways, I’ll just lick the stray chocolate away, it’s all a bit hot and sticky back there.”

“Uhnn – nhnn.”

“Yes, Heero, whatever you say. You can arrange the menu next Saturday night, I promise. No need to sob like that. Now open up, and I’ll pop the very last one in.”


“Your mouth, Heero, your mouth. There we go… all done!”


“Hey, you don’t wanna go back to the cosying up to your pillow? You wanna do what -?”


“No, I’m not… uhnn… complaining. No, I don’t know how long until breakfast. Jeez, you have one impressive -”


“ –appetite, Heero. Appetite.”