Pookie Plays


“Come on, Duo.  You’ll enjoy it.”  Heero felt the sheets rustle beside him but his urgent whisper went unheeded.


“I’ll be quick,” he tried, his voice wheedling.  No answer.


“Please?” Begging was always his last resort, though Duo usually sort of liked it. 


Duo grunted over his shoulder, his back to his lover.  “Heero.  Shut up.  Sorry but… shit.  Did fourteen hour day today.  Up at 5am tomorrow.  Too tired.” 


Heero huffed, loudly.  “Excuses.”  If it hadn’t been the middle of the night and there was hardly any light in the bedroom, he was afraid Duo would’ve seen him pouting.  Gotta make the effort you know.”


Duo gave a snort that implied that tonight he gave a shit.  “Make the effort on your own.  Don’t mind me.”


“On my own?”  Heero nudged at his cock with his index finger, under the covers.  Admittedly, he didn’t really put his heart into it, but it still wasn’t the same.  So when he felt other warm fingers slipping down between his thighs, he was relieved.  He didn’t want to gush with thanks in case Duo drifted back off to sleep again.  But the guy was really generous with his affection after all, wasn’t he?  Tomorrow, Heero would go fetch him from the bus stop and carry his case.  Tomorrow, he’d have supper waiting for them both, whatever the hour.  Tomorrow…


Heero arched gently, sighing with pleasure as the touch slipped under his balls, stroking at the sensitive skin.  It slipped back towards his entrance and he stretched carefully on the mattress, spreading his legs, making for easier access.  The tip slid into him, making him gasp, making him wonder when the lube had got over Duo’s side of the bed.  It was so good


Another grip slid tenderly back around his swollen cock and he bit back a groan of delight.  Double the attention – he loved it.  He was being penetrated and pumped, the movements in perfect tandem, his ass flexing around the thrusting, in and out, out and in, and his cock jerking hungrily inside a firm fist.


The rough flicking against his nipple was really good, too – though something rang alarm bells in his lust-fuddled head.  Just how long had Duo had two pairs of hands…?


Something slipped mischievously down between the cracks of his ass, tickling him, stroking around his straining hole as the thrusting continued unabated.  Something else ran heated fingers down between his shoulder blades, scratching at the skin, stimulating it in just the way he liked.  Something brushed the soft skin of his inner thighs; something nuzzled down between his big toe and the next.  Something was damp inside the dip of his navel – something stroked the taut skin under his ear.


There were way too many somethings, and they were all in bed with him.  Heero felt the goose bumps run along his flesh at the same time as the path of his climax moved determinedly through its own agenda.


He opened his mouth to protest to Duo, and the something slid effortlessly into it, blocking his cry, teasing his tongue, thrusting softly against his saliva.  Heero was assaulted on so many levels he couldn’t count any more. Not that he cared, not just at this particularly desperate, throbbing, sexually devastating moment…  


He gagged, he shuddered, then his back arched almost impossibly high, right off the bed, ropes of sticky cum spitting ecstatically out of his cock, all over his belly.


A few inches away, Duo sighed comfortably in his half-sleep, plumping the pillow under his head on his side of the bed. 


“Amuse y’self all you like, Heero,” he murmured.  “Don’t mind me at all.”