Title: Pieces of a Puzzle
Author: WickedGame
Genre: Drama, angst
Pairing: 1=2 (1x2x1 sexual pairing)
Rating: R
Warnings: lemon, car talk, amnesia plot
Notes: Written for clarediva
as a birthday present. It’s late because it grew into something larger than it started out being, but I still hope she likes it. Beta read by dmnurtle.

I’m hungry for him. I’m just always so damned hungry for him. It’s greedy of me, and indulgent, but twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week I crave him with my whole being.

I’ve only had him the once, you see. Only once, and it wasn’t enough. I think I could fuck him twice a day and still not be sated. He’s like a drug: addictive and dangerous. He’s a thrill like a roller coaster and heady like bourbon in my veins.

But he doesn’t want me. He let me know as much when he disappeared the morning after I fucked him into the wall and he fucked me into the mattress. Then he disappeared from sight for over three months and when he came back he didn’t even know my name anymore.

Great fucking luck, right? The man I’d been falling in love with went on an undercover mission and came back with his memory less than intact. Try gone. Heero’s memory was gone.


Heero Yuy didn’t remember my name or recognize my face. His eyes were blank as they took me in.

“Nice to meet you, Mister Maxell. I’m sorry I don’t remember you, but the medical team says I may never remember everything from the past. We’re friends and partners, yes?”

I nodded at him, dumbfounded.

“I hope we can be so again. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle still missing, and I’m hoping to have it all put together one day. They won’t let me come back to work for another few weeks, but I hope by then I’ve become better acquainted with you and the details of my life.”

He walked past me to his desk then, and sat down. He looked blankly at the few things on his desk and then looked at my desk with humor in his eyes.

“We’re opposites, then?” he asked thoughtfully.

“Not opposites. Not completely. I used to think we were almost alike,” I told him, and it was true. During the war I thought we couldn’t be more different, but after the war…after we had been partnered and we spent the majority of our time together…that was when we both started to open up and, in turn, we began to learn we weren’t so different after all.

We were both orphans, we were both raised by surrogates that were important to us, and we both lost those substitute parents to violence. Neither one of us knew when we were born or where. Neither one of us had a birthday until about two years ago when we sat down and joked about what our birthdays might be over a bottle of tequila and some limes.

I think that was the night I found out I had feelings for him. Or that I looked back and discovered that I’d always felt like that about him, that I wanted something more than his friendship.

We’d both fought for the colonies. We both knew that the mission was all that mattered during the war. We both considered our gundams to be almost like friends to us. We both had trouble adjusting to life after the wars. We both decided to get fish at the same time even though neither of us knew it. We both liked rock music and a good beer when we got a chance.

“Yeah, Heero. I thought we were very much alike.”

He picked up a lone frame on his desk. It was the five of us together, about a year ago. Quatre had asked us to L4 for a holiday and we had all posed for Catherine while she took our picture. We’re all wearing very casual clothes, and my arm is slung over Heero’s shoulders while Trowa is holding bunny ears over Wufei’s head.

“These are our friends?” he asked me with wonder in his voice.

“Yeah, our friends. Our family, if you want to get down to it.” I pointed out the people in the picture. “This is Quatre. He’s rich as all hell and runs his family business out on L4. This is Trowa, Quatre’s lover.” I pointed at the happy couple.

Heero looked at me, his expression showing his surprise. “Lover?”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Yeah Heero, lovers. Just like you and I could’ve been. “Yes. They’ve been lovers for about four years now. They live together on L4. This,” I pointed to a content Wufei,” is Wufei Chang. He’s married to Relena Peacecraft.”

“Relena,” he murmured. “I think I remember that name.”

Of course he would remember her name. He fought in her name and nearly died to save her from Mariemaia. “You’re friends. She used to have a crush on you but got over it.” Yeah, she got over it when she finally met Wufei and spent some time with him.

He sat the picture down and picked up a piece of metal: a piece of Gundanium actually. “What’s this from?”

A piece of the past, you used to say. “It’s a piece of your Gundam, Wing Zero.”

He put it down on the desk. “I remember bits and pieces. They told me about the rest of that time period. We fought for peace, right?” I nodded even as he continued on. “We killed a lot of people in the pursuit though.”

I could see the sadness on his face. “Yes, we did kill a lot of people. We saved even more people. You saved everyone, Heero. You nearly died to protect Earth, to protect the colonies.”

I watched him nod and wondered what it is must be like to be a stranger to your own past. “What do you know about any time after that?”

He leaned back in his chair. “I disappeared after the Mariemaia incident. I wasn’t seen for a few months and I have no memory of that time. Then I came back, went to basic training and became a Preventer. We’re both part of the Preventer’s elite agents team, which has no name. I’m Agent Red and you’re Agent Black. In real life I’m Heero Yuy and you’re Duo Maxwell. We became agents at around the same time and were partnered together because of our record of working well together during the wars. We have an excellent record and all reports seem to point to us being good friends. We live on the same block and ride to work together on the public transit. I apparently have a small obsession with old sports cars and have a small warehouse I own outside the city where I can work on cars. I’m told you work on them with me when I ask you to.”

Yes, he did have a small place, and that place held a lot of fond memories. We’d rebuilt a lot of old cars in our spare time there. We even had a couple of cots for when we were going to spend the whole weekend there.

“There’s something else, Duo,” he looked me in the eye then. “You’re listed as my next of kin. Everything I have is designated as going to you. You have the right to make decisions regarding my health and welfare.” Even though I hadn’t known about the first couple of facts I had known about the decisions. I was the very first person called to the hospital when he was injured. I swallowed hard and waited for it to come: a question I didn’t know I could answer. “Duo? What are you to me? What are we to each other?”

I try not to lie. It’s especially wrong to lie to someone who couldn’t know whether or not what I was saying was true. I looked down into my lap. “I don’t know what I am to you, to tell the truth. You never told me. But…” I braved his stare as I looked up, “the night before you left for your mission we slept together. We had sex twice, and when I woke up in the morning you were gone. I didn’t see you again until I saw you unconscious in the hospital. I don’t know what you felt for me or what it meant to you.”

It meant the world to me. It was everything to me.

He stared at me long and hard. “We’re lovers?”

I shook my head. “We hadn’t slept together before that. We hadn’t even kissed before that night. Lovers implies love, and I don’t know that you loved me.”

The implication hung in the air but he didn’t ask me if I loved him. I was more thankful for that than anything. I didn’t want to get into how he made me feel and how much I wanted him by my side.

He came around and pointed to the pictures on my desk. I had three: one of just the two of us right after we had finished rebuilding an old, rare coupe; one of all five of us when Heero and I finished basic training for Preventers; and another of just Heero and I, taken candidly by Relena. I hadn’t put this picture up until Heero had left. We were sitting next to each other on the side of the pool, both of us with our feet in the water. My hand was up near Heero’s face for some reason, and we were both smiling. That picture is a dear one that I can’t bring myself to look away from now. He’s looking at it too.

“I liked you. I can tell. That look in my eyes isn’t a look you give someone who’s just a friend. Are you sure I didn’t love you?”

My eyes began to hurt, and then there was water. I blinked fast and furious, needing to get clear of crying. “No, I’m not sure Heero. I’m not sure of anything where it concerned you. You were my best friend and my partner.”

“You wanted more than that, though,” he surmised from my expression, which I was trying hard to lose.

I stood up and walked to the doorway. “Yeah, sure I did. What do you want me to tell you, Heero? Do you want me to admit I was in love with you? Fine then, here’s the truth: I’ve been madly in love with you for about two years now. I don’t tell anyone about it and I don’t let it impact my work performance. If you have a problem with that then you can request a new partner.”

I walked out the door, took the elevator to the bottom floor and then grabbed a cab. I needed out of there and fast. I needed away from him and away from the knowledge that Heero probably wouldn’t ever remember that beautiful night with me.

Memories were all I had of the Heero I knew, the Heero I fell in love with.

I felt lost without him.


I didn’t see Heero again until about three weeks later, when they cleared him for desk duty. He walked into our office, almost hesitant in his steps. Heero Yuy was never hesitant. He was confident and didn’t give a shit if you didn’t like him being there. Heero Yuy went where he needed to go when he needed to go there and damn what anyone else said.

I didn’t tell him that when I’d stormed out of the place on the day he had come back to be re-introduced to me that I had gone directly to the warehouse where he kept his cars. I didn’t tell him that I had lay down on his cot and had cried for hours. I slept there that night and then I called a cab to come get me and take me back into town. I just needed to be around him, you know? Needed to be around the things that reminded me of who he used to be, and not the mostly blank slate that had stood in front of me the day before. Damn it, even the blank slate was better than nothing, but he was different. He had been cordial, even haltingly polite. His eyes hadn’t assessed everything in the room, searching for exits and for possible infiltration spots. He hadn’t sniffed the air to check for gases and he didn’t go immediately to his computer to check for hackers or unusual activity. It was like the man who had been raised on L1 by an assassin and then had been trained by a somewhat mad scientist had never existed. It was like my comrade had never been there, like I had never shot him and had never played basketball with him.

I felt like he wasn’t the only one who’d lost his memory. It felt like my memories were lost too.

But my body still wanted him. My eyes still took in that slim body, knowing there was hard and toned muscle beneath his clothing. I still could stare into sapphire blue eyes and could still feel how they saw more than you would think. I still felt warmth and passion rolling off of him, and I could hardly restrain myself when he walked into the office to resume his desk duties.

“Good morning, Duo.”

I stared at him for a moment before responding. “Good morning. How’re you feeling?”

He sat down and I could tell he was giving the question some serious thought. “I’m feeling better. I finally figured out where everything is in my house.”

I chuckled despite how I was feeling. I should’ve been there to help him, but I had been so wrapped up in my own grief that I hadn’t even thought about it. So much for trying to be a good person, right? “I should’ve thought to ask you if you needed some help with that. I’m sorry.”

He shrugged, which was something Heero always used to do, and it gave me a small amount of comfort. “It’s not big deal. Wufei and Relena helped a little bit when they came to visit. Wufei and I played chess. Wufei told me I always used to play, and then Relena cut in and said she was better than all of us. Then the two of them argued over it, and then Relena beat Wufei in four moves and he grumbled and said something along the lines of her being ruthless.” Heero smiled slightly and fiddled his coffee mug. “It was a fun night. But Relena sure knew where the wine glasses were!”

I laughed for the first time in days. “Relena does like her wine, and you always had some around.” Whether it had been a nice red or a chilled white, Heero had some around. He had developed an interest in the different wines, exploring their different tastes and how they went with different foods. A German white to go with shrimp scampi or a nice burgundy to go with a piece of filet mignon; he was trying it all and having fun doing it.

I don’t like wine and that’s one of our differences. Give me a nice, tall beer and I’m happy as a pig in mud. Wine just makes me wince.

He picked up the mug and stared at it. He stared at the plain black surface and turned it over, contemplating it. “I’m not all that interested in things funny and kitschy, am I?” He set the mug back down. “At least I know how I take my coffee. That took a few days to figure out.”

My eyes are burning a little and I look down at my paperwork. My own mug is white and says, in red, ‘If we are what we eat then I’m fast, cheap, and easy’. “What do they have you doing today?”

He looked down at the papers in his inbox. “Looks like running a program to find correlations between one crime and another.” Then he turned to his computer and pressed the shift key to wake it up. It asked for a password and he stared at it. It took me a minute to register the panicked look on his face.

“I’ll call IT,” I said.

A man with barely any memories can’t be expected to remember his passwords, after all. And if he ever got his memories back he would reset every single password without the help of IT because Heero doesn’t…I mean didn’t let anyone else touch his computer except for maybe me.

And not even I know the password.

He works the same way Heero used to, and it comforts me. That single- mindedness, the way he loses track of time and gets so absorbed in his work that he doesn’t even register that people are talking to him. I duck out at lunch and chance buying him a sandwich and a small salad, along with a small bottle of tea, before returning to work and setting it on his desk.

He looks up when the glass bottle of the tea clinks slightly on his desk. He looks at the lunch, puzzled, and then looks at me.

“Lunch time. You used to order this lunch every day, so I thought I’d chance it now,” I explained.

I was graced by another unexpected smile and a small word of thanks as he unwrapped the sandwich. He bit into it and chewed thoughtfully. He swallowed and looked at me as I took a long drink of a very large soda. “It’s good.”

I nodded. “Yeah, it is.”

We went back to our lunches, and when we were done eating we went back to work. It almost felt just like it used to.


I was reminded of how different things were when Heero blocked my way out of the office at quitting time. “Duo, can we talk?”

I nodded and sat back down. Heero stood over me, looking down at me as he chose his words. “I want you to have dinner with me.”

“What?” Could I have heard him right? Dinner?

He paced a little before stopping again. “We were together. You were in love with me. I know I had to have liked you. We could’ve had something. I feel like… I feel like I need to pick up somewhere close to where the old me left off.”

“Heero, you don’t have to… I mean, do you even know that you’re attracted to me anymore? Maybe the knock on your head made you completely straight instead of bisexual, or gay? I don’t want you to go out with me just because you think it’s what the old you would’ve wanted.” I really didn’t want him to think he had to do this. I really didn’t want him getting so close when his memories might come back and he decided it was all a mistake.

I really didn’t want to be so hurt again. Not by him.

He crouched down in front of me and looked up slightly. “Judging by the way I feel every time I look at you, hear you, smell you…I’m definitely, completely attracted.” He impulsively took my hand and laced our fingers together. “Have dinner with me, please?”

I looked at those eyes and those lashes and those lips and nodded. I never was able to resist him.


We agreed that the dinner date would be on Friday, that way we didn’t have to worry about work the next day. But to tell the truth, work was the last thing on my mind. The foremost thoughts in my head were fears that he would remember everything all of a sudden and then fears that not even this Heero could develop feelings for me. Then there were fears that we wouldn’t mesh well as dates. Then there were dozens of other mangled fears that I tried to tamp down and was only kind of successful in doing that.

Heero told me he was going to fix everything, take care of it all and I should just be ready for anything. I assumed he was asking our friends what I would like to do, and it occurred to me that if the old Heero were to go on a date that would be the exact kind of research he would do. Some types of programming you just couldn’t change, I guess.

He arrived at seven, prompt even though we had only gotten out of work at four. I stepped outside and waited for him to say something about what I was wearing. He just smiled and gestured toward the car. I went to the passenger side and got in. He handed me a blindfold and I stared at him like he was crazy.

“Number one, I don’t bind my eyes. I have a thing about it,” I pointed out softly. “Number two, I’m a trained Preventer. I’ll know where we’re going even with a blindfold on.”

He looked disappointed. “I didn’t know that you had a thing about it. I’m sorry.”

He looked earnest and I gave him a one-handed hug. “How about we compromise? I’ll close my eyes, that way I can’t see but I still have control about when I do.”

He nodded and I leaned back with my eyes closed. The car moved and I kept them closed, noting the direction we moved and the turns made. This was a talent any good agent acquired that enabled us to know approximately where we were at all times. It also involved listening to the environment around us, and feeling the texture of the roads beneath us, as well as the scent on the breeze. Believe me, it comes in damned handy.

We left the urban roads and sounds behind us after a bit and I knew where we were headed because I’d been there so many times. I didn’t know why we were headed there though, and I laid my hand on Heero’s arm in a little show of trepidation.

“Don’t worry,” was all he said, and I wondered how he knew I was worried at all.

The car pulled into the gravel drive and Heero shut off the engine. I opened my eyes and looked at the warehouse. “So, why are we here?”

Heero contemplated the structure and then me. “This is an important place, to both of us.”

I nodded.

“I want you to show me around. I want to do things with you like I used to do them.”

I felt a burning inside of me and tamped it down. I couldn’t cry then, not there, not for that reason. I couldn’t change the past and I needed to learn how to strive for the future. “You know it’ll never be the same.”

He stepped in front of me. “No, it won’t. The therapist says I shouldn’t try to make it that way. I should concentrate on building new memories, and I’d like to make them with you.”

“You never would’ve said that before. The only time you ever saw a shrink was after a friendly fire accident. I had to drag you there.”

He grabbed my hand quickly. “I could have been killed. I could have died. Maybe I should have. But Duo, not everyone gets a second chance. If you can’t help me, then what did I mean to you?”

I wanted to tell him he meant everything. My mouth opened and I choked on the words. I made my eyes plead with him to not make me do this, not to make me say the words.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the door.


It was a beautiful piece of machinery: a classic car, two seats and a huge engine. When she was done the interior would be white leather, and the outside was to be cherry red, white, and brilliantly shiny chrome. Right now though, she was not such a pretty sight. Rust covered a front panel, the tires were old but still usable, the hood was missing, and the engine compartment looked like one of my shrapnel bombs had gone off inside it.

This was our newest project, the one we had started right before the accident. We had ripped off the interior, which was rotted, and torn out the seats because springs were poking through the foam. The trunk had been ripped out as well. We had removed the hard top because we were opting to put in a new rag top, but the jagged remains of the hard top architecture still lingered.

I trailed a finger along the edge of the car and felt it pick up gritty dust. “We need to call a tow truck soon and get this thing taken in. Sixteen inch white walls with red wheel wells.”

He was beside me then. “Was that what we were going to do next?”

I gave him a short smile. “Yeah. We were about to sit down and start ordering everything. We need to get the measurements for the new panels too.”

He ran a hand through his hair, but it just dropped back to the way it had been before. “At least I remember how to do things like this. I don’t remember this place wholly. I remember the outside but not the inside. But I remember how to work on a car.”

“You loved working on cars,” I said.

He gave me a strange look. “I still do love working on cars.” He straightened up and looked at me. “I’m not the same as I was before, Duo, but I’m not completely gone.”

I felt ashamed of my thoughts. Heero was suffering too, trying to recall things from before, trying to put puzzle pieces together. “I’m sorry.”

His hand reached up and touched my cheek, just the fingers. “How long did it take us to kiss, before this?”

“That night,” I told him. “The night that we had sex. I had been attracted to you for a long time, had cared about you so much for quite some time. We went out together, shot pool, drank a whole lot of beer. We decided to go back to my place and sleep it off.”

I took a deep breath and sat down on my cot in the chilled warehouse. “In the cab you leaned against me, put your head on my shoulder. I thought you’d gone to sleep. But you grabbed my hand and said something about how nice it felt to be with me. I don’t know what came over me, but when we got out of the cab you were still leaning on me, and I kissed you.” I laughed and looked at Heero sidelong as he sat down next to me. “You literally sucked on my tongue.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment, and then he spoke. “Let’s get to work.”

“What about dinner?” I asked.

“We’ll stop at a diner after we do some work here.”

Now that sounded like the old Heero, and I felt a flutter inside of me.


Two months later we were assigned to a field mission. It was Heero’s first since he had come back, and frankly, I was nervous.

It was an extraction. Four elite agents were stuck in a bad situation, surrounded on all sides by the enemy that just happened to be zeroing in on their position pretty damned quickly. They were hidden in an abandoned utility room deep within the installment, but we had every cause to fear them being discovered soon. We could only hope to get there in time.

Heero and I were the only ones available for the job, that’s why we went. It’s not like this was a hard mission, nor was it a new one. We’d done things like this before, but never with me doubting Heero.

I should’ve said something; I fucking know that now. I should’ve told the upper mucky-mucks that I didn’t think Heero was ready to do this, but I don’t think they would’ve listened. Heero’s always been someone you could count on, and things weren’t any different then. It was as if everyone else had forgotten that he had lost his memory and only remembered little things every now and then.

I looked down at his hands, and the way he gripped his assault gun. The grip was sure and correct, but his confidence was not what it used to be. He looked at me and made a series of hands signals.

We needed to go right, and then find a maintenance stairwell. I went first, armed to the teeth with smoke bombs, tear gas, and little cherry bomb looking things that could take out quite a few walls and bodies. I gripped my own assault weapon and we dashed for it.

Everything went smoothly on the way down. We had killed and hidden at least four enemy soldiers in the process, and had destroyed quite a few security cameras as discreetly as possible. The four agents were sitting still as mice, waiting patiently for us. They had run out of ammunition, and we gave them fresh weapons before heading back out.

The problem is that the enemy always gets wind of what’s happened eventually. This time they got wind of it in a big way, and came after us with all they had. One of the agents we had been rescuing was shot in the neck, taking him right down. I pushed Heero and the others toward our exit, knowing it was only a two hundred yard dash to the extraction point. Hopefully the big black helicopters would be waiting for our signal and would move in quick. I didn’t want to lose anyone else to this mission.

We ran. We ran like hell! Our legs pumped and our chests heaved as we scurried to our target location. I heard Heero pull out the radio and I covered his back by firing a magazine full of bullets behind us.

“Charlie Foxtrot Tango Niner Niner Zero! Agent Red and Agent Black requesting extraction at Rendezvous Point Whiskey Zulu Juliet! One agent down, five mobile and ready!”

We ducked as a blast went off about fifty feet behind us. Ears ringing, we ran for our lives.

We’d almost made it too, with only losing that one agent…until a jeep full of soldiers pulled up as we were climbing the rope ladder into the helicopter.

I heard the shots go off, but I didn’t see Heero get hit. I didn’t know he was hit until he hesitated to move up the ladder anymore.

“Agent Red! Status!” I barked out. No answer.

The red droplets that fell onto me weren’t reassuring, trust me.


It bled worse than it was, which was one bullet to the calf and one bullet to the upper right arm. It was enough to knock Heero unconscious though, and enough to make me think twice about everything that had ever been between us.

I think it was that blood. The red blood. So like the blood that he had spilled during the war. Of course, it should be like the blood he spilled then, because it was the same damned blood. I don’t know why I denied it for so long, denied that he was the same person I had fought with and nearly died with.

I mean, he still smiled the same way. My name still sounded the same coming out of his mouth. His laugh was the same and….damn…he still made me hot in the same way.

I still loved him. I was still hungry for him. I still didn’t think I could ever get enough of him or tire of looking at him. I didn’t think I could get sick of talking to him or picking his brain. He still fascinated me, challenged me, inspired me…

Had I ever bothered to tell him?

Could I tell him?


Heero had called me and told me he was doing some work on the car while he was on leave for his gun shot wounds. Trust Heero Yuy to still be working, even though he was supposed to be taking it easy.

So I drove out there with a mission in mind. And an apology on my tongue.

The garage seemed empty when I got there, but Heero had certainly been busy. Our baby girl had a new interior, and it was beautiful. Black carpets, red leather seats, and the dashboard was a beautiful mix of white and red leather. Heero had already replaced the rag top too, and it helped show the promise of this beautiful car. I slid off my shoes and climbed inside, sitting on top of the seat and leaning back on the rag top.

“You and that car are a perfect match,” Heero said from the doorway. His shirt was gone and he was wiping his hands with an oil rag.

I smiled and kicked my leg up a little. “You think so? Why?”

He walked toward the open door and got inside the car with me. “Both of you are deceptively beautiful, with a lot of power under the hood.”

I stared at him. “What would you know about the power under my hood?”

His hands ghosted up my thighs as I sat, and for once, I didn’t pull away. “I remembered some more things. The memories have started to return faster ever since the mission.”

I didn’t expect that, and I’m sure my jaw dropped. “You remember?”

Heero moved closer to me. “I remember.”

And then he kissed me.


His lips tasted the same, his skin felt the same, he smelled the same and good lord he felt the same! He felt the same as he placed my hands on his hips and begged me to take off his jeans; tasted the same when I sucked on his neck and nibbled on his ears, and the musk of him as I took his cock in my mouth was still that dark, rich scent.

He moaned the same and tangled his hands in my hair. He came alive inside my mouth, swelling and expanding as I sucked him to complete hardness. He pulled my mouth off him and tugged at my clothing, silently telling me I was wearing too much.

Our poor cherry red baby was littered with clothing as he climbed into my lap, his legs on either side of me as he kissed me deeply, sucking on my tongue like he did that first night. He pressed a tube into my hand and looked intently at me.

“You told me you weren’t sure about how I felt about you that night,” he reminded me.

I flipped open the top of the tube and squeezed a bit out. “I wasn’t sure at all. All I knew was that I needed and wanted you. I loved you more than anything.”

He grabbed my chin at the same time as I pressed one finger inside of him. “I loved you, too. I had loved you for so long! Still do love you, you know that, right?”

I stilled my movements. His hand didn’t move.

“When I met you for the second time, before I could remember, I was floored. You were a puzzle piece that belonged somewhere and I couldn’t figure out where. But I so wanted you to belong to my puzzle. I would’ve done anything for you to be in my puzzle.”

I moved my finger in and out of him slowly, gently, as I told him how much I’d loved him, and for how long. I told him everything, and apologized for not being able to see beyond his amnesia and right into his soul. If I’d been able to see into his soul then I would’ve realized that Heero had never really left me.

By the time Heero lowered himself onto my erection with a hiss and a sigh, we were both close to tears and holding onto each other for dear life. We rocked together on the top of our car, the new leather creaking underneath us and our bodies slipping and sliding against each other.

Heero’s release was warm and sticky against my stomach, and it trickled down to where we were joined, combining with my own semen as it flooded out of Heero’s passage. Nothing had ever felt so sweet, not even that first time together. And this time, when we were done, I knew he would still be there in the morning.

And he was.

-The End-