Clarediva's drabble

by petenshi

This is for the lovely [info]clarediva, and her request of Heero/Duo and an argument that ends in laughter.  I'm sorry it took so long!  I really hope you feel better soon.  


It’s a long damn walk from work to our house. It’s even longer when you have to do it in July, in the heat, wearing a Preventer uniform.  It had been a long and crappy day. I was tired.  And cranky. And I just wanted to get home to air conditioning and my bed. 


Heero was sitting outside on the steps, scowling and poking at ants with a stick. He was still dressed in the dark suit and tie he’d left the house in that morning.  He'd needed to go to the courthouse today so I’d given him a lift since parking was atrocious downtown. I stared glumly at the door closed firmly behind him. There could be only one reason why he was sitting outside in this heat, tie crumpled on the step next to him.


I groaned. “You locked yourself out again, didn’t you?”


He glared and jabbed the ground with the stick. “This wouldn’t happen if you let me hide a spare key.”


I scowled. “No, this wouldn’t happen if you didn’t forget your key.”


“I was in a hurry!”


“This is the second time!”


He stood up, one clenched around the stick. “Screw you!”


“Oh yeah?” I bellowed. “Well screw you!”


Heero threw the stick down, kicking it viciously. “What are you doing anyway, hurry up and let us in. I’m dying out here.”


I glared at him, tugging on the end of my braid in frustration. “You think I want to be out here?”


There was silence and Heero suddenly peered behind me, staring at the empty driveway. “Did you walk home?”


I scowled and crossed my arms. “Maybe.”


He stared at me as if I was stupid. “What the hell for?”


I kicked the step, uncrossing my arms to shove my hands in my pockets.


“I locked my keys in the car.”  I finally told him.


There was silence and we stood there staring at each other. The corner of his mouth twitched. “Moron.”


I felt myself start to grin in return. “Idiot.” 


Then we started to laugh. 


We were still laughing, propped up against each other, when Wufei arrived thirty minutes later with the spare key.