1x2, yaoi suggestiveness, for gwy – and because we both lost in the World Cup!





“Why are they standing around like that?”




“They’re standing around, hugging shoulders, clutching their balls.  This some kind of yaoi club ritual?”


“This is soccer, Duo.  Please try to refrain from seeing a sexual reference in everything you watch on TV.”


“Like there’s anything better to do since you commandeered the remote.”


“Don’t sulk.  It’s an important tournament and I want to watch it.  You can catch up on episodes of ‘Prison Break’ another time.  And you could benefit from learning a little more about football.”


“I could benefit from you clutching my balls, Heero.  You got me interested back there, when you mentioned going extra time.”


“That was in the match, Duo.  They’ve played the extra time and now it’s a penalty shoot out.”  


“Guess the extra time gave ‘em sore balls or something then.”


“They stand like that to defend the penalty taker.”


“Defend their balls, more like.”


“Watch the match.”


“You’re a good teacher, Heero.  You remain calm under pressure.  Wanna defend my balls?”


“I want to watch the penalty.  Despite intolerable pressure.”



“Heero, isn’t it meant to go in the net?”


“Wise guy.  That was their last chance to even the score.”


“So…? What does that mean?”


“It means they lost, as you well know.”


“Then is that the end?  Will they be taking their shirts off and cheering?”


“Or weeping.  I expect so.  Why are you interested?”


“I can admire a Mediterranean six-pack, Heero, along with the rest of us.”


“Speak for yourself.”


“You jealous?  You keen on clutching my balls again?”


“If it’s the only thing that’ll shut you up…”


“Ooh, tetchy.  You gonna stick some kind of penalty on me then?”


“I suspect that the world of soccer does not possess enough red cards to cope with Duo Maxwell.”


“Cute.  I’ve been warming up here, Heero.  Feel my thighs!  See?”


“I see.  I feel.”


“So book me, Heero –“




“Send me off, bend me over the bench and get onside.  I’ll pull down my own shorts…”


“It’s called offside, Duo.  And take your hand out of my pants.  I just want to watch… I just… Duo, we already did this at half time…”


“It’s a game of two halves, Heero.  You impressed with how much I’ve learned about the game?”




“Still cute.  You’ve got the same look as that guy who hit the post.”


“Oh God…”


“I bet my hands are warmer than that guy with the wet sponge, eh? There’s nothing worth watching on the screen, Heero, get your head down here and find some refreshment…“


“What’s that the commentator said?”


“For God’s sake, it’s just more ball-speak.  Heero… god… your mouth is hot.  Oh fuck, it’s been a long, tense 120 minutes, I don’t think I can wait for much longer – uhghmmm…”




“Oh shit, did I miss your mouth?  Why are you laughing?”


“The commentator –“ 


“Huh?  He’s saying they think it’s all over –“


“It is now, Duo.  It is now.”