2x1, lemon, PWP, office sex
Partner fic of ‘Ambush’

Heero stood at his desk and checked the time again. Duo was late, though not by much. He glanced around his office, wondering about the slight nervousness that teased at him. Duo provoked that in him, of course. He could remember their very first meeting, in the lawyer’s office where he’d made his first offer for the gallery. Duo had made it very obvious that he was there under sufferance, being been both rude and petulant. They had been thrown together as mismatched – and very reluctant - partners.

They were so very far from reluctant now.

Heero had been fascinated by him, almost at once, though it had been a fierce, shocking mix of emotions that he’d initially repressed. Distaste for Duo Maxwell’s bad behaviour, while wondering what caused the hostility; a sudden, sharp awareness of the other man’s presence; his vibrant, physical attraction. The first stirrings of Heero’s desire, even then.

The door slammed open, startling him.

“Dear God in heaven and at the gates of hell,” snapped Duo, as he strode into the room, bringing his own brand of noise and distraction along with him. He was frowning. “So what was it I’m meant to be here for? I’ve got some sketches that need work; some new canvases to treat; a showing to get to, by eight o’clock tonight. Plenty of stuff. Why the hell do I pay lawyers to sit and be bored to tears on my behalf, if I then have to come and do the same myself?”

Heero watched him stamp across the room and listened to him complain. It didn’t faze him. “If you’re nervous about it, just say so,” he said. "If signing something legal scares or horrifies you..."

Duo frowned even more. “Of course it doesn't! I'm not nervous at all. Not at all. What’s there to be nervous about?” He cleared his throat, rather unnecessarily. “I just don’t see why I have to sit through hours of legal jargon and crinkly papers and lawyers speaking slowly so that their fees can escalate even further. And all for -”

“All for your own gallery,” Heero said, quietly. “Isn’t it worth it?”

Duo flushed. “Yeah.” He sighed, the bad temper evaporating as quickly as it had arisen. “You’re a bastard, Yuy.”

Heero continued to gaze at him, untroubled by such casual abuse. Duo had called him that last night, too. They’d lain together in bed, mostly naked, mostly incoherent, and making one of their occasional attempts to prolong their foreplay. Sometimes it worked: mostly it didn’t. Duo would laugh, or Heero would groan, and their bodies would cling together, the desire making fools of their self control.

Last night, Heero had licked the length of Duo’s cock again and again, but refused to slip him completely into his mouth. Heero had learned the true meaning of the word ‘mischief’, since he’d met Duo. It was extraordinary fun to apply it to his lover, at his most needy. That’s when Duo had expressed his belief that Heero’s parents hadn’t been married. He’d expressed a few other complaints and insults, too, every time his back arched and his hands grabbed at Heero’s hair, demanding – yet denied - the final, desperately needed touch.

Duo had presumably learned the true way to beg, however, for Heero had relented in the end and sucked him to a fast – and satisfyingly messy – climax.

Heero smiled, very gently.

Duo was looking at him sideways, his eyes half hooded. Heero couldn’t see how he could know what he was thinking, but you never knew with Duo. “How many people are gonna be in this meeting?”

“No more than eight,” said Heero, calmly. “We’ll run through the provisions of the lease renewal, then you just need to sign off on the main terms. A contract with my company requires your personal attendance, Duo. The agreement has to be signed in the presence of all parties.”

Duo glanced around. “Eight? Jeez. We’re gonna look like sardines in a tin.”

“Unlikely,” said Heero, wryly. “Last time you were here, you said the damned place was big enough to hold an orgy. Then you proceeded to restrict membership of that to two.”

Duo grinned. His whole face lit up again. “Those sounds you made… they were awesome.”

Heero loosened his collar slightly. “Please concentrate on the matter in hand. As I told you then, this is the workplace for me. I’m not used to… being distracted.”

Duo sighed. He sat down in Heero’s visitor’s chair, snatching up a copy of the Wall Street Journal. “So do what you have to,” he grumbled. “I’ll amuse myself until they arrive.”

Heero removed some papers from the cabinet and spread them out on his desk. He started to flick through them.

Fifteen minutes later, Duo looked at the clock on Heero's wall. “So where is everyone? Wasn’t it meant to start by now?”

Heero looked up at him. Duo thought how damned cute he looked, his eyes needing to refocus after peering at the documents. He wanted to draw him, but he couldn’t remember where the hell he’d left his sketchbook when he rushed here from the gallery, knowing he was late. He wanted to draw Heero with that stupid frown between his eyebrows; he wanted to draw him with those long, strong fingers clenched around the papers. He wanted to draw his mouth, the way it pursed like that when he was about to say –

“I don’t think my Facilities Manager can make the meeting after all.”

Duo blinked. “OK.”

“Nor can the VP of Property Investment,” sighed Heero. He stood up, slowly. He moved a piece of paper from one pile to another, and laid his hand out on the top of the second pile, his eyes cast down at the documents on front of him. “Maybe I should check the availability of the lawyers as well, with Malia.” He stepped out from the desk and walked over to the open doorway.

“She’s away, isn’t she…?” Duo started to say, then paused. Surely Heero had seen the empty desks in the outside office as he came in? Come to think of it, the whole place was very quiet today. And it seemed kind of late in the day for a legal meeting, not that Duo knew or cared a whole bunch about such things. He watched Heero pause, his back turned to Duo. He didn’t go out into the hallway to look for anyone. Instead, he pulled the door of the room closed, shutting them both in, twisting the handle until it clicked sharply.

Duo thought that sounded suspiciously like a lock. It was strange, thinking of Heero and suspicion in the same context. The hairs rose on the back of his neck.

Heero turned back around to face him, his back obscuring the door handle. “Duo, while we’re waiting, would you please read the memo on my desk?”

“Sure.” Duo frowned, but he got up from the chair and loped over to the desk. Heero moved in the opposite direction. By the time Duo had stopped by the piles of papers and picked up the top sheet, Heero had crossed the room to the chair. When Duo turned around to question him, Heero sat down.

He sighed, settling himself comfortably into the soft leather cushion. “I can’t remember when I last sat in my own visitor’s chair. Thanks for keeping it warm.”

“Yeah,” said Duo. “Right.” He glanced at the clock again. The lawyers were very late now. “Look, is this meeting gonna go ahead, or not? What’s this all about?”

“Read it,” said Heero.

Duo frowned. He glanced down at the memo. His eyes skimmed the brief note there. They widened.

“Read it aloud,” said Heero. The tone of his voice startled Duo.

“It says…” Duo licked his lips. “Strip.” He stared at Heero. His pupils were dilated. He gave a soft laugh. “How you gonna explain that to the suits?”

“No-one is coming,” said Heero. He didn’t move from the chair, but crossed his legs carefully. “None of them can make it. I must have forgotten to tell you. What else does the memo say?”

Duo swallowed. “Now, it says. No questions, no protests. No discussion will be entered into.” A smile hovered at his lips, though his eyes were still wide with surprise. “I must say, you -”

“Be quiet,” snapped Heero. “You can read, I believe, and it says no discussion. Now do it.”

Duo felt a flash of anger dart through him - then something decidedly more primal. He drew a deep breath. He placed the sheet of paper back on the desk exactly where Heero had originally left it, then he reached to his waist and tugged his shirt out of his pants.

Heero raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Duo felt his heartbeat quicken, and his mouth dry. He licked slowly at his lips, moistening them, and saw Heero’s eyes flicker to the movement. He started to unbutton his shirt, opening the front wider as he reached down near his belly. It wasn’t his brightest shirt, in deference to joining Heero and his tame suits at the office, but the fabric was soft and clinging. It brushed against his waist and bunched at the elbows. It set goose bumps off, stroking his skin as it slipped from his shoulders, its warmth in contrast to the air-conditioned atmosphere of the room. There was a sudden silence except for their breathing; there was no distraction from the corridor or the traffic outside.

Duo paused at the last button, but when there was no further response from Heero, he shrugged the shirt right off. The material sighed as it crumpled on the floor at his feet. The skin of his torso shone palely in the fading daylight through the windows. He wondered if anyone in the neighbouring office blocks would look across and see him, standing in the middle of this executive room, naked to the waist.

“Continue,” said Heero. Duo thought he might have heard a tremor in his lover’s voice, but hey, it might have been his imagination. The guy was an executive himself, and appeared fully in control.

Duo licked his lips again. “Can I have some water?”

Heero shook his head. “Later. When the instructions have been completed.”

Fuck you, thought Duo, ready to protest. But he didn’t ask again. There was a gleam in Heero’s eye that he’d rarely seen. Determined, like that night in the gallery when he’d faced Remy; fierce, like when he was arguing with Duo. Passionate, too - like when they were fucking, and Heero was at the point where his hands grabbed out with need and the muscles of his legs tightened sharply with angry anticipation. That look gripped Duo deep in his gut and twisted what it found there with lust and frenzy.

Duo didn’t want to lose sight of that look.

He flipped the button of his jeans but his hand paused at the zip. He bent from the waist instead, and unlaced his boots. His braid was loosely tied today, and it fell forward over his bare shoulder, hanging down between his legs as he toed off the boots and peeled off his socks. Then he stood back upright, catching Heero’s gaze as it darted back up to his face.

Heero frowned. That had been a foolish move on his part, allowing his attention to wander. It had been that movement of Duo’s, when he bent so easily to the floor – his back arching, showing the nubs of his spine and the flexing muscles of his shoulders. And his hair… the way it swung forward, like a curtain, twisted into a heavy, almost artless swathe. Heero knew the feel of that hair too well: the softness as he ran his fingers through it; the thickness, as he grasped it to tug Duo nearer, or just to hold himself tightly against Duo’s body as he thrust…

Heero moistened his own lips, taking a slower breath than before. “Everything, Duo. No discussion; no delay.”

Duo straightened up even further. He slid down the zip of his jeans and hitched his hands into the waistband. Then he watched Heero’s face as he started to push them down over his hips. Heero uncrossed his legs, then crossed them the other way; his hands clenched slightly against the leather arms of the chair. Yeah, Duo thought, biting back a grim smile, the blood starting to pump around his body much faster. No underwear. Guess you’re still not completely immune to my careless ways.

The denim fell around his ankles – he stepped out of it and kicked it to one side. He stood there on the carpet, totally naked, the cool air of the office licking down from his chest to his toes. He felt a draught down his back, teasing in the valley above his buttocks and making him clench them, instinctively. He’d stripped before, sure – he had no problem with it. But this was different. This was…

He couldn’t find the words, which was a shock in itself. Instead, he let his feelings slide over his flesh like warm fingers, some of them familiar; some of them not, but with the sharp, almost fearful excitement that comes with a new touch.

He felt exposed.

Heero couldn’t keep his eyes from running over Duo’s body. He knew it, both clothed and nude: maybe Duo would be surprised at how much Heero knew about his physical form, even though it was Duo who had the practised eye of an artist. Duo was careless with his graceful, athletic body: Heero treasured it.

The muscles of Duo's stomach had tightened. Maybe that was the cold, or the shock – maybe it was excitement. His hands hung loosely at his sides and his feet were spread apart, balancing his weight as if in readiness for…


Heero knew the dappled look of that skin in the dim light of his bedroom; knew the salty taste of it when he ran his tongue along Duo’s thigh. His gaze lingered on Duo’s tattoo, tucked below the slight swell of his belly, vivid on the taut lines of his hip. A small artist’s palette, marking the man’s life and love; teasing his talent. Tantalising his lover with the desire to run both fingertips and lips over it. That touch of Heero’s never ceased to make Duo catch his breath and sigh…

“Come here,” said Heero. He was surprised to hear that his voice sounded perfectly steady. Duo took a few steps towards him, his body moving slowly and with the sensuality that came naturally to him. He stopped a foot away. His chest was lifting quickly, his breathing shallow.

Heero shifted slightly on the chair, sitting fully upright and dropping both his feet to the floor. He kept his eyes on Duo’s as he reached to his waist and tugged out his own shirt. Then he slipped down the zip of his pants and carefully folded the flies open to the sides. He bit back a sigh of relief. He was harder than he could ever remember being, though that shock of delight happened so often with Duo. He held his hands back with difficulty, wanting to bury them into his briefs and grip his swollen cock. Instead, he spread his legs a little wider. When he glanced down at his lap, he could see his erection straining inside the thin fabric, wetting the front of it with its need and excitement.

Duo’s eyes also flickered to Heero’s groin, then back to his face. “You want help with that?” he whispered, hoarsely.

“No,” replied Heero. “Don’t speak unless I ask you to. Come here and stand over me.”

Duo’s eyes widened and he bit his lip. They both knew how much he liked to talk during sex – how much they both enjoyed his dirty, provocative talk. But he was in no position to complain. His own cock was already aroused, hanging thick and heavy between his legs. A thin thread of pre-cum snagged on the hairs at his groin, tugging between his cock and his thigh as he walked the last few steps to Heero. He stepped over Heero’s lap, his legs straddling both the man and the seat cushion. He looked down at his lover.

Heero gripped the arms of the chair, his hands biting into the soft leather. His shoulders were tense; his throat swallowing too quickly. Duo could see Heero tensing his thighs – the fabric of his pants was stretched across them. His chest was also moving swiftly and shallowly, Duo could see its movement under the thin, expensive silk of his shirt.

Heero lifted his head and looked up at him. Fuck, was all Duo could think, let alone say. Heero’s pupils were dilated, bleeding the black into his irises, drawing Duo’s gaze into its depths. He was panting very slightly, his lips barely open. For a wild second, Duo felt a frisson of fear. It was incredibly stimulating – his cock bobbed above Heero’s lap, teasing an ache in the pit of his groin that was already becoming painful.

Heero was pulling something out of his pocket: twisting off a cap; squeezing something on to his hands. Duo held his breath. As he stood there, as still as he could, Heero placed a firm hand on his ass and slipped a cool, lubed finger up inside him. Duo’s head went back. His hands lifted from his sides, as if to grasp on to something.

“Wait,” hissed Heero. “Just take it.”

Duo’s eyes half closed with the delicious feel of it. Heero’s finger slid slowly in until he reached a spot he knew well by now - the spot that made Duo whimper, far too often for him to pretend he had any inhibitions left. Heero probed inside Duo, then slipped another finger in alongside, stretching him. Duo was trying not to fall forward against Heero’s chest. He was groaning and panting, too.

“Want you,” he gasped.

Heero’s fingers stopped at once. Duo nearly sobbed. “That’s not on the agenda,” hissed Heero. “You were late to this meeting. So you'll follow my instructions; listen to what I want. Do you understand?”

Duo nodded. Heero's tone was that of the man in charge, and he was surrendering to that with an eagerness that was alarming. He nodded a couple more times in the frantic hope that Heero would resume the fingering, which he did. At the same time, he used his other hand to free his cock from his briefs, tugging it out into the open. It sprang up, bobbing against the inside of Duo’s thigh, making them both gasp.

Heero somehow managed to drag a condom out of his pocket, and peel it out of its packet. He wasn’t quite sure how, when his hands felt over large and slightly numb. He rolled it quickly over his cock and slicked his hand swiftly up and down, lubricating it further. His own touch was almost more than he could bear. Too familiar – too eager to stroke himself in the places he loved the most; too aware of just how tightly to squeeze. His hand was clumsy, his knuckles nudging against Duo’s balls as they hung down between the other man’s thighs. He knew they were both listening to the slippery slap of his hand as he fisted around himself, preparing himself.

Duo ached all over; he was vibrantly aware of Heero’s body, his skin, his touch – even though he was the naked one. His muscles held him upright surely by some miracle of physical science, because all he really wanted was to bend his knees and plunge down on to Heero’s thick, solid cock –

Heero gripped him at the hips and pulled him slightly forward. Seemed that was what he wanted, too. Duo thanked every deity he could think of, and bent his legs accordingly.

Heero felt the pressure at the tip of his cock, as Duo started to push down on to him. He was slippery from the lube, and for a second the head nudged on past Duo’s opening and slid up between his cheeks. But Duo lifted back up, then down again, his aim true, his need determined. Heero pushed that little bit harder and he thrust up into him, inching in at the same time as Duo steadily lowered himself down.

When Duo was finally seated on his lap, they paused. They were both panting. They stared at each other. Duo’s eyes were gleaming and there was sweat in the hollow of his throat. Heero’s eyes ran down his lover’s naked torso, down over his clenched belly to where his erection curved up, its tip shining with moisture, its head purple with need. He ran his hands along Duo’s thighs, feeling the tight muscles and the warm flesh. If he ran his hands down under Duo’s balls, he’d be able to touch his own groin – feel the base of his cock where it was seated deep inside Duo’s ass. His head swam; his vision blurred.

“Not long,” he gasped.

Duo nodded. He took Heero’s face in his hands and he kissed him – just fleetingly, his tongue swiping across Heero’s mouth, then biting teasingly against his lower lip. He wondered if he’d be allowed to talk, now. Wondered if he could. When Heero once more gripped the arms of the chair and tensed his legs, Duo put a hand on top of his. They began to move together, more swiftly now, the hot chill of desperation swamping them. Heero thrust up into him and Duo pressed down, jerking up and down in the same rhythm, his legs taking much of his weight so that he didn’t lean totally on Heero’s lap. He fisted his other hand around his cock and started to pump himself.

He groaned: Heero’s cock was swelling inside of him, and his own climax was nagging at the base of his cock. He couldn’t remember being this excited for such a long time. It was all happening way too fast. The leather cushion of the chair squeaked gently under their jerking bodies, and it seemed to have some flexibility, too, because it shifted slightly back and forth as they moved. Heero was making the soft, incoherent moans that Duo was starting to associate only with this room.

“Please,” he whispered into Heero’s ear. His cheek brushed against his lover’s as he arched up under another thrust.

Heero opened eyes that had been shut with concentration and lust and gazed at him. “Speak all you like,” he hissed back. His eyes were moist and his features had softened into something close to adoration. “Say my name.”

Duo smiled; he grunted as a final thrust and twist sent shivers down his spine that he knew heralded the end of the game for him. “Heero,” he gasped. “God, I love you. This is so fucking good. Make me come – make me feel you inside. God, I’m gonna come – so hard. So painful. So very, very -” He never finished the sentence.

Heero lifted both hands from the chair and gripped him around the waist, stopping his movements and pulling him down tight against his groin as he pumped up one last time. There was a keening cry that may have come from either or both of them. Then Heero’s head went back, his breath stuttering as he came, buried deep inside Duo, the climax throbbing through him and its vibration causing Duo’s ass to clench around him. He was distantly aware of Duo’s own cry; of his hand pumping more fiercely; of his muscles suddenly relaxing and his weight collapsing on to Heero’s lap. He felt warmth against his legs and the ripe, sweet aroma of cum, where Duo had come all over their bellies.

"Heero..." All Duo had left was a whisper.

For a few moments they did nothing more, clinging to each other, catching their breath. Then Duo stirred, lifting himself slowly off Heero’s softening cock and straightening out his cramping muscles. He stood above him again, stretching carefully. He looked down ruefully at the sticky mess on Heero’s shirt and pants.

“Damn cleaning bill is gonna be huge again this month.”

Heero smiled. “I’m storing spare clothes here now, just… in case.” His voice was soft with breathlessness. He reached for a handkerchief in his pocket and peeled off the condom, wincing. Then he leant back in the chair and sighed, looking back up at Duo. “It was good?”

Duo’s face was flushed, his eyes very wide. “You bet. Magnificent. Gonna come to a few more of these meetings, I can tell you.”

Heero’s eyes glinted, and not just with amusement. “Did you mean it?”

“Huh? Mean what?” Duo knew his bemused look wasn't fooling either of them. He knew what he’d cried in the heat of passion; he knew that it was the truth, too. “Yeah,” he said, softly. “I did.”

Heero’s eyes lit up.

Duo loved to provoke that delight in Heero, and he gave himself a few seconds to savour it. Hell, when Heero looked at him like that, it seemed like there was pleasure in everything. This feeling wasn't a revelation to him - but it was on the heels of a re-evaluation of his life.

Feeling a soft, anticipatory shiver running over his skin, he bent swiftly and scooped up his discarded clothes. As he loped across the room, already halfway towards the connecting door to Heero’s executive bathroom, he looked back over his shoulder.

Heero sat back on his chair, his pants still undone. His eyes were still glimmering: he looked a little stunned at Duo's confession. Duo grinned back at the man who continued – daily – to astonish and disturb him.

“But don’t expect me to sign anything legal about it!”