[fic: heero/duo - lemon advent, day fourteen]
title: times we'll remember, author: merith, fandom/pairing: gundam wing, heero/duo, warnings: BL, language, sappy, AUish
notes: written for clarediva's request for Heero/Duo, Christmas present exchange, but when neither have any money or any particular sentimentality for the season, only love for each other that they wish to express. this is a short fiction story to meet day fourteen of lemon advent on the lemon_advent community.

He looked like a drown cat. In clothes.

“You should have called,” I told him, but got up from the couch anyway, and went to get him a towel.

“It was only from the library,” he called up, but his voice was muffled, and rounding the corner back into the living room, I saw his sweater halfway up over his head. I leant a hand and helped jerk it off the rest of the way. It fell to the floor with a sodden thump. “Thanks man.” He took the towel, shook it out, and pressed it to his face. “It didn’t start raining until Freemont, and you know there’s no place to call from after that.”

I didn’t answer. He still should have called before he left. But at least he was home now. Duo moved the towel to his hair, and I reached for his pants. The buttons on his fly didn’t want to come undone, and by the third one, he was chuckling at being jerked around.

“Losing your touch, nimble fingers?” He shoved the towel up enough to peer out at me. The fourth button popped free with no problems.

A grunt for an answer didn’t seem quite enough, but the hand inside his briefs did. Duo gave a little shiver not induced from the cold, and the sound coming from his mouth was far from laughter.

“Have I, then?” I gave his cock another squeeze, and watched as he pulled the towel from his head and dropped it to the floor.

“Fuck no!” he hissed, pushing himself forward. I put a hand in the middle of his chest, stopping him.

“You’re all wet.” But I removed my hand and gave his erection a pat. “Later. That was just a warm-up.” He looked like he was going to complain, but hooked fingers into the waistband of his jeans and pushed them down to his shins.

“Cock tease.”

No,” I said, bending down to help pull one leg from his foot. “A tease wouldn’t deliver.” I looked up at him, holding a handful of jeans in one hand and the back of his calf in the other. “I always deliver.”

He made this agreeing humming sound, and put a hand on top of my head. “While you’re down there, how ‘bout you warm me up?”

I snorted, and jerked his jeans completely off. “Shower first.” But, my hand lingered on his leg, giving the flesh a hard squeeze.

“Tease,” he said softly, and his hand tightened in my hair.

“Shower,” I ordered again. Duo laughed, but headed down the hall anyway, naked ass looking too good to not watch. When the shower started, I picked up his clothes in the towel and took them out back to hang on clothesline stretched across the porch.

Colorful lights shone from the rooftop from the house behind ours, and I watched the colors chase one another. Not for the first time, I thought that maybe I should have picked up a string or two. But then, we didn’t even have a tree. I reentered the house, and closed the door tight, shoving an old towel along the crack at the bottom with my foot.

In the dim light coming in from the living room, I looked at the pie waiting for dinner the next day. Impulse took me to the refrigerator to look inside. Again. Frequently bare, the few extra items stacked on shelves gave the impression it was full. It was going to be our first real Christmas dinner together. That was supposed to be a special one. And Duo had complained about the amount of spaghetti, casseroles, and meatloaf we ate.

Closing the door, I thought of how surprised he’d be. It would be worth going over budget. At least, this once.

Duo finished his shower a short time later, coming back into the living room dressed – this time in sweats and tee shirt. I pushed aside the stack of forms I’d brought home from work, and Duo more fell on the couch next to me than sat. Heat from the shower radiated off him, but he was yawning and leaning heavily on my arm.

“Rough day?” I reached for the remote, turning the vid on knowing Duo would fall asleep within minutes.

“Yeah,” he murmured. “Got stuck on the main desk. You wouldn’t think people’d be out on Christmas Eve. At least not to the library.”

I found a sitcom I knew he liked and tossed the remote on the coffee table. “It’s going to be closed for four days. You know how lonely people there are.”

Hmmm.” Duo’s eyes were already drifting closed, but his hand had dropped to my leg. “Speaking of lonely… weren’t you supposed to be delivering something?” He cracked an eyelid open and peered at me.

“You plan on falling asleep on me?”

“Not on your life.” He sat forward in a sudden movement and snatched up the remote. A quick press and the vid was off. “Suck me. Fuck me. Make me come.”

“Your romanticism astounds me.” But I was standing up anyway.

“Romanticism?” He started to smile and jumped to his feet. “Then I’ve something just for that.” He was at his pack left by the door and flipping the flap open. “I just hope it didn’t get wet.”

I came to stand beside him, wishing I’d mopped the floor now; I hated wet socks. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” It wasn’t considered teasing to run a hand over his ass, just encouraging the ‘going to bed’ process. The one in which I proved to him I delivered.

Duo half jumped, mixing my name with a muttered curse. “Ah! Here it is.” He straightened, holding out a small plastic bag. “For you.”

Looking from the bag to Duo, I took it from his hand. It was a lot heavier than I thought it would be. “What is it?” The bag was plain and opaque white, giving no hint on where it originated.

“Open it!” Duo was smirking, giving me that oh-too-smug look he wore when he just knew he’d done well, and I’d have to acknowledge it.

From inside, I pulled out a wax paper wrapped bundle. And I could only hold it, staring at Duo.

“I ran over at break.” Duo was grinning. “They were having a big sale, trying to get rid of everything before the holiday.” He poked the package in my hand. “I got you two kinds – peppermint and the kind with nuts you like.”

“For me?” I looked at the bundle again, acknowledged the confectioner’s sticker holding the wrap together, and looked back at Duo.

“And you said I wasn’t a romantic.” He was still grinning.

I snorted. “I guess discount fudge does count.” I leaned forward and kissed him.

“Now is it bedtime?” He slipped his fingers down my waistband, and pulled me closer. “I still need to be warmed up.”

“Yes, bed. Now.” I was nodding, following him down the hall. “But tomorrow, you’re cleaning up this mess.”