Story:               MEME

Author:              FancyFigures ([email protected])

Disclaimer:        I don’t own ‘em, wish I did, just enjoy writing about ‘em for free etc

Pairings:           1x2x3x4x5 (gradually …)

Category:          PWP

Warnings:         Yaoi, lemon (duh)

Spoilers:           None

Notes:               Some secrets are only confessed to the anonymity of the virtual world.  But that doesn’t mean they mightn’t come true …

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Wufei had never been more glad that it was Friday night.  He was the only one at the moment with a cover job, struggling into work on a daily basis, the smart suit chafing at his athletic body, the mindless office routine dulling his restless brain.  Then home every evening to the other four, all just as restless but showing it in such different ways.  The regular arguments – the frustration of their inactivity – the irritation they all felt with each other.  They managed the occasional trip out, but he didn’t always invite himself; he was usually too tired and numb after work to make the effort to be sociable at something like the movies.  Thank God he’d managed to get a wireless network set up and access to the net from his own room.  It was the only entertainment and private escape that they all had…


He slipped his key into the lock, already imagining the comforts of home ahead of him.


The first thing that seemed wrong was that the apartment was in darkness.  He didn’t think the others had said they were going out, though he’d been wondering why the hell everyone looked so smug all week.  He dropped his ridiculous briefcase in the hall and stepped into the lounge, reaching for the light switch.  The comfortable couch was in front of him – the kitchen along the hall.  He paused for just a moment, wondering what to do first, make something to eat or see what mindless drivel there might be on the TV tonight …


He never found the switch, but the light came on suddenly, a violently bright spotlight shining straight into his face.  He lifted a hand to shield his eyes, reaching for a gun that he realised too late he wasn’t carrying.


“There’s no danger, Wufei,” came a crisp voice.  “But don’t move from there – not until I tell you.”


“Quatre?”  The young man’s voice was surprisingly sharp: Wufei found himself obeying, though not without question.  “What the hell’s going on?  I’m not in the mood for nonsense.  I just want to lose this damned suit and take a shower …”


“Silence,” snapped Quatre.  “All in good time.  My time.”  Wufei peered round the light, seeing the shiver of silhouettes behind it.  He couldn’t see anything else at all.  Quatre had obviously rigged up a spotlight behind the couch, its beam covering the whole of the doorway and effectively cutting Wufei off from the rest of the room.


“What’s going on?  Quatre, if this is a joke –“


The sudden snap of a safety catch was very loud in the otherwise silent room.  Wufei tensed: he frowned.  His heart began to race, and something familiar sparked along his nerves; there was something about the darkness and the tone to Quatre’s voice and the sudden spike of fear at the thought of a gun trained on him, even by one of the men he trusted as a colleague more than any he’d ever worked with …


“Take off your coat and fold it on the back of the couch.”


Wufei hesitated, puzzled.  Wary.


“Don’t make me repeat myself!” came Quatre’s imperious call.  “You have no idea what I have at my disposal here – how I might have to discipline you if you don’t co-operate.”


Wufei resisted an urge to laugh – he’d never heard such words from Quatre’s well-bred mouth.  He really didn’t have time for this game, whatever it was.  However, he was startled to find himself obeying again, shrugging out of his long raincoat, folding it carefully and placing it over the back of the couch in front of him. 


“Loosen your tie.”  There was something very strange about the disembodied voice; so familiar, and yet so out of context.  Wufei tugged at his tie, only too pleased to lose the restriction.  “Shoes off.  Your socks, too.”


He started to protest.  “Look, Quatre – “ There was a sudden ripple of movement at the corner of his vision and he froze.  “Who else is there with you?  What’s this about?”


“It’s only us,” came Heero’s low voice. 


“Just us,” came Trowa’s echo.


“But Quatre is the director of this feature.”  Duo’s voice was a soft chuckle.  “We’re just …  Heero coughed: Trowa gave a slight tsk.  Duo finished, the thread of laughter in his husky voice, ”We’re just … spectators.”


Spectators?  There was some kind of an audience? 


“Wufei, pay attention!”  Quatre called.  Wufei bent quickly and tugged off his shoes, then straightened up and turned towards the sound. 


“Take off your jacket.”


He slid the well-tailored suit jacket from his back, twisting slightly to catch it in his hand.  There was a soft murmur from behind the spotlight.  “Cool threads.”  That was Duo, presumably.  Trowa’s voice murmured back.  ”He wears it well.  It was altered for his build – to fit the breadth of his shoulders.”


“Silence!” called Quatre.  “Now the shirt.”  When Wufei hesitated, Quatre’s voice became icy.  “I suggest you get on with it, before I get too angry. You want this.  Isn’t that right, Wufei Chang?”


For the first time, Wufei felt a shiver up his back.  He could imagine them all watching – he could feel the pairs of eyes on him.  He wondered what they were wearing, themselves; presumably they were fully dressed.  Watching him strip.  A thrill rippled through him, tugging at nerve endings, flaring hotly across his groin.  His cock throbbed greedily against the front of his pants.  Slowly, he started to unbutton his shirt, spreading the fabric open across his chest.  Despite the strangeness of the situation, he moved carefully, with a natural grace.  It felt good, the silent anticipation like a tangible caress against his flesh …


He slipped off the thin cotton and stood there, waiting.  The air was cool on his nude torso.  He flexed his shoulders gently: stretched his neck from side to side.  The watchers were silent now, but he thought he could hear a soft panting noise – some heavy breathing.  His own heart was thumping painfully against his ribs. 


“You did that well,” said Quatre, admiration in his voice.  “I think that you understand me.”


“Maybe I do,” he murmured back.


“I didn’t say you could speak!” Quatre fired back, and Wufei winced.  “Drop your pants – briefs too.  Do it properly like you have so far, and there’ll be no repercussions.”


“No!” Wufei said, sharply.  Hell, he’d be naked then, naked in front of an unseen audience, naked in front of four other men who – for all he knew – were fully dressed and carrying the advantage.  A shudder ran through him at the visions that conjured up.


“Sure worth spending all that time in the gym,” came a low comment from Duo.  “He’s built, I’ll say that for him.”


“You will not disobey me!”  Quatre’s voice was like steel.  “Drop ‘em – then wait for your next order!”  The sound of the safety catch clicked again, as if to remind him who was in charge.


In that moment, Wufei surrendered.  He felt it: the relaxation of his limbs; the disorientation of his mind; the hungry pulse through his groin.  He reached for his suit pants and slipped the button.  He definitely heard noise from behind the couch this time – there was a gasp, and the softest of groans.  It sounded like Heero’s voice.  He let the fine fabric drop to his ankles and stepped out of it, then hooked fingers into the waist of his briefs and slowly lowered them.  He was very hard, very aroused – it was a relief to let his cock spring free, bobbing heavily against his thigh.  He kicked the clothing to one side and stood there, illuminated by the bright light, framed by the dark shadows of the lounge doorway, and completely naked.


“Oh fuck,” came Trowa’s sigh.  There were movements now, just out of Wufei’s line of sight.  He heard a zip go – heard a soft thud as if someone dropped to their knees on the carpeted floor.  There was a low, keening moan.


Wufei’s cock twitched between his legs, a drop of pre-cum shining at its tip.  “Hey …” he began, but Quatre’s voice snapped back at him.


“I said to wait!  You’re to wait for my order.  You must stand there and let us look at you.  Do you understand?”


“Yes,” he whispered.  He did.  He stood as still as he could, as still as his aching limbs allowed.  His smart work clothes lay in a heap on the floor and his body felt exposed.  He closed his eyes briefly, savouring the feeling of vulnerability.


“Turn around,” ordered Quatre.  Wufei turned his back to the room.  He instinctively spread his legs.


Someone sighed, very deeply. 

“Looks damned good …” muttered Duo. 

Heero grunted in agreement.  “Tight buttocks.  Fine ass.”

“Look at his legs,” murmured Trowa, with something like awe.  “And the way his balls hang down, you can just see them through the crack of his thighs…”


And then there was a muffled curse, a creak of equipment, and the light began to fall away from him.  “Catch it -!” came Heero’s cry, followed by a gargled groan from Trowa.   Wufei twisted to look back over his shoulder, just in time to see the spotlight crash to the ground and Quatre hop to the side, his legs tangled in the wires.  There was still a weak beam from it, but it lay out along the floor, bathing the room in a wider arc of light.  Wufei blinked, accustoming his eyes to the new situation.  He could see the couch properly now – both he and Quatre were standing between it and the door, with Quatre wriggling around cursing and trying to unravel the connections around his feet.  The other three young men were on and around the couch itself, glancing between the collapse of Quatre’s scheme and the spectacle of Wufei’s exhibition, their other actions temporarily suspended.


Wufei gazed at their other actions.


Duo lay back on the cushions, his jeans rolled down to his thighs.  His head was pressed down against the seat and he had one hand stretched forward between his legs … it was resting on Heero’s head.  Heero was on all fours on the carpet, at the edge of the couch and level with Duo’s hip.  He’d been watching Wufei, and when Wufei returned his hot, dark look, he gave a small smile and mouthed to him, “We all saw you.  We all watched.  It was magnificent.”


Then his eyes swivelled away and his head dipped back down between Duo’s outstretched thighs, where it had obviously been buried before.  There’d been the shimmer of saliva on his lips – as his head bobbed up and down, Duo’s own mouth stretched in a grimace and he groaned loudly.  “Suck me, babe,” he gasped.  “If that bastard of a despot lets me speak again now, I’m going to scream your name to the heavens when you suck it all out of me …”


Wufei’s eyes travelled across Duo’s straining lap and over Heero’s bent body and he met the dark green eyes of Trowa, also watching him.  Wufei now saw that Heero’s jeans had been tugged down round his hips, like Duo’s were – and Trowa was also on his knees on the carpet, pressed up behind Heero, his hands on the dark-haired man’s bare ass.  As Wufei stared, Trowa’s hips moved back a bit and then snapped back up against Heero.  It was very obvious that they were fucking – and from the way that Heero flushed and moaned each time Trowa moved, his head diving deeper into Duo’s groin, it was also obvious that all three of them were loving it.


Then Quatre stumbled up towards him, eyes glinting in the dim light of the room.  He was also fully clothed but his shirt hung out at the front, and his jeans had been unbuttoned.  Wufei looked down on the tip of the other man’s cock, glistening with what looked like a liberal helping of someone’s saliva.  It seemed that he’d been part of the tableau as well, until the crash.


“It was a great performance, Wufei.”  Quatre’s voice was soft now, caressing him.  The blond man slid his hand up Wufei’s bare thigh, making him shiver, though he didn’t move away.  Quatre’s jeans rubbed against his nude body, rough denim against the smooth skin.  “There you are, naked in front of me, while I’m still fully clothed.”  He pushed almost playfully at Wufei, making him bend down over the back of the couch, making him grab at it with both hands.  “It’s fucking gorgeous,” he whispered into Wufei’s ear.


Wufei leant over, his shadow casting over all three bodies writhing about on the sagging cushions.  He was face to face with Trowa, who was still thrusting slowly into Heero’s ass, stretched out underneath him.  The two men stared at each other, then Trowa smiled gently.  His eyes were a little blurred with mounting excitement, but he twisted his head across and touched his lips to Wufei’s.  “You looked good,” he murmured.  “Damned good.”


Wufei felt the thrill of a hot tongue between his teeth and he opened his mouth to suck it further in.  At the same time, behind the couch, Quatre kicked gently at his feet, splaying them further apart.  Wufei felt Quatre’s hand behind his buttocks, fumbling with his open fly.  Yesss …” he hissed softly, willing himself to relax.  There was the touch of cool gel at his entrance and a finger slipping in to prepare him.  He groaned and thrust his ass back at Quatre, demanding immediate attention. 


Duo swivelled on the couch to look up at him as well, and he laughed at the look on his face.  Then Heero sucked particularly enthusiastically on his dick and he cried out, reaching up to grab at Wufei’s neck to anchor himself.  Quatre pushed his cock slowly and firmly into Wufei and they both gasped with delight.  Quatre began to thrust, and Wufei felt his knees bang up against the back of the couch as they rocked together.  At the same time, Duo hung on to his neck, bucking frenziedly into Heero’s tightening mouth, and Trowa flickered his tongue in and out of Wufei’s mouth, groaning with each agonising step of his own mounting climax, his voice echoing each physical plunge into Heero’s muscled ass.


Wufei knew he wouldn’t last long.  He dropped a hand down to nurse at his painfully swollen cock and felt the climax coiling at his groin, almost beyond any control.  Duo was sobbing unashamedly and Heero’s shaking limbs were barely holding him up, as the other three began to come, both in and over each other.  Wufei heard Quatre whimpering behind him, the buttons of his shirt scraping across Wufei’s naked back, their hands gripping both sweaty skin and the creased fabric of the maligned furniture.


“But how did you know?” Wufei groaned with delight, as he felt Quatre swell inside him and the blond man’s teeth sink involuntarily into his shoulder.  “How the hell did you know …?”


Any further words were drowned in a mess of hiccupping cries and groans, and the tumble of exhausted limbs on to the floor.