Title: It Looks Good On You
Author: WickedGame
Genre: humorously smutty
Rating: R
Pairing: 1=2
Warnings: light lime, dirty talk, slight bondage
Notes: Written for the lovely clarediva, who wanted funny smutty ‘decorating the tree’. I don’t do funny well, but I hope it’s okay.

They laughed as they tossed the silly silver tinsel all over the tree.

“This looks ridiculous, Duo! Did we have to buy every single type of decoration for the tree?”

Duo tossed some tinsel at Heero and watched it land on his lover’s head. “Yes, we did. You never know what’s going to look good on the tree,” eyeing Heero’s head, he chuckled, “or on the decorator.”

Heero glared and tossed some popcorn at Duo. “Yeah, I know just what would look good on you.”

Heero rushed at Duo, holding a silver and blue length of garland. Duo shrieked and threw more tinsel at Heero. Heero tackled him to the carpet and pinned Duo’s arms above his head. Quickly he wrapped the garland around the pinned wrists and tied a knot.

“Aw man! Come on!” Duo struggled under Heero, but Heero only smiled wickedly and pushed up Duo’s shirt. His fingers skirted over tanned flesh and brushed down the treasure trail that led down into Duo’s pants.

Duo inhaled and exhaled roughly, becoming excited by Heero’s touch. It wasn’t unusual, because even the plain sight of Heero turned him on more than words could say.

Heero bent down and nuzzled Duo’s neck, nipping softly at the skin and kissing it with an open and wet mouth.

Duo absorbed the kisses and didn’t even notice the hands creeping down his sides until they started to…

“Nononononon hahahahaha nonononono!”

He was powerless to the tickling motions Heero made with his fingers. He squirmed and kicked but could not deter Heero from his quest.

“Stttttooooopppp!” Duo yelled as he laughed and Heero stopped, only to land a kiss right on Duo’s navel. Duo chuckled as the dark head moved down his body, nuzzling his jeans that covered his groin and inhaling his scent.

“Heero? If you’re gonna nuzzle me there, at least do me a favor and take off my jeans first? I don’t want to come in my pants with tinsel in my hair and garland tying me up.”

“I think you’re sexy with tinsel in your hair and garland tying you up. All you need is a Santa hat and you’re all set for kinky Christmas fun.”

Duo laughed as Heero unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down over his hips, his boxers following in short order.

“Now, what would be really fun is if I could tie your legs together too. Then I could tickle you mercilessly and you would be helpless.”

Duo panted as Heero nuzzled his groin again, this time it was nose and lips against heated skin. He stayed as still as possible, not wanting to dislodge Heero or his wonderful mouth, which hovered just so near his dick. He wished he could run his fingers through Heero’s hair and hold his head while his hips moved up and down, urging Heero to swallow his cock down further, down to the base and back up with the lovely sucking motion Heero always made inside his mouth…

It was Heero’s laughter that drew him out of his x-rated reverie. “What?”

“You’re so cute when you’re fantasizing,” Heero smirked.

“Cute? I don’t do cute.” Heero got up and Duo wiggled until he could sit up.
“Where are you going?”

Heero looked down at Duo, unzipped his pants, and took out his erection to show it to Duo. “Well, I’m about to head for the bedroom. If you think you can follow, I might be convinced to finish what I started down there.”

Duo licked his lips and started to get up. “Oh, I can follow, and after this stunt you’d better believe I’m topping!”

“Not after I hook your garland to the bed you won’t be!”

-The End-