by merith


Quatre woke with a start, his heart thudding and eyes wide. It was the stealthiest of noises that prodded his consciousness to awareness, and he held himself still, waiting for additional clues. At once, he knew he’d fallen asleep on the library sofa, and the butler must have come by, shutting off the reading lights. That it was late, he felt almost instinctively – well past midnight, but dawn was still hours away.

“It’s on the right,” a low whisper reached Quatre’s ears, and he relaxed in sudden relieve. Duo.

The track lighting lining the ceiling by the bookshelves flared to life, casting his side of the library more in shadow, but illuminating each title on each shelf. Quatre opened his mouth to speak, making to rise when he caught sight of a nearly naked Heero. His mouth snapped shut and his eyes followed. Heero hadn’t seen him, had been looking down the wall toward the shelving, standing at the switch like some young god. Quatre didn’t reopen his eyes until he heard Heero’s voice murmuring softly by the books.

“His library is extensive. I’m sure he has one,” Heero was saying.

“Would it be filed under ‘S’ for sexual positions, or ‘G’ for Gay Sex?” Duo said in a musing fashion. Still hiding behind the high back of his sofa, Quatre was blushing. As if he’d leave those books out for just anyone to read!

“How would I know?” Heero asked mildly. Quatre heard the creak of the ladder. “It’s not under G.”

“Not under ‘S’ either,” Duo responded from the other side of the shelving unit. “Little pervert probably keeps them in his room.” Quatre shot up, looked over the back of the couch, and dove back down again. Duo was naked! “Think he’d mind if we woke up him?”

“We don’t need a damn book to show us how to do that.” The ladder creaked again. “We do have some experience…” whatever else Heero was going to say was lost in a gasp. Quatre squirmed, but couldn’t help lifting his head cautiously.

The sofa was a modern replica of a Queen Anne style. High-backed with three decorative wood-topped rounds, and deep v scoops. Quatre peered over the back of the middle round, ready to dive back into hiding if needed. Duo was behind Heero, his cock clearly erect and prodding at Heero’s backside. Heero was pressed forward into the ladder, his hand gripping the ladder rails, and one foot on the second rung. Quatre closed his eyes, and caught the moan wanting to leave his mouth.

“Like this?” Duo was asking in a harsh voice. The ladder creaked softly. “Feel good?” Heero moaned, and if he said anything, Quatre didn’t hear. When Heero groaned, and Duo sighed loud enough for Quatre to hear, he opened his eyes. Duo’s fingers were in Heero’s ass. Two incongruent thoughts flashed: I shouldn’t be watching this! and Where’d he get the lube?

Heero’s head dipped back, and Quatre caught his breath. Heero in lust was beautiful – eyes closed, mouth parted, and neck arched. His arms bulged in his grip on the rail, and his foot gave him the leverage to ride Duo’s hand.

“Fuck me now, damnit,” Heero demanded.

Duo only chuckled, nipped at Heero’s earlobe, and swiped his tongue along his ear’s edge. “Soon,” he said, even though Quatre could see how ready Duo was. Duo’s cock jutted and swayed with his fingering motion, light glistened on the tip, dewy with precum. And Quatre bit into the sofa fabric.


He closed his eyes again, listening. Duo was telling Heero how he was going to fuck him, ram his cock inside his ass, and make him scream for wanting more. Quatre’s hand moved to stroke his own bulging erection through his pajama bottoms. He couldn’t even remember why he’d come to the library other than it was getting lonely in bed by himself.

“Now!” Heero insisted, and Quatre’s eyes snapped opened. He watched, not breathing as Duo held one of Heero’s hips, and his other hand guided his cock to Heero’s ass. Duo was slowly sinking deeper inside, and Heero’s mouth was open wide, his arms trembled and the ladder shook with its force. Seated, Duo was pressing open-mouthed kisses to Heero’s neck and shoulders, panting hard.

Never had Quatre wanted Trowa so badly as then. His dick cried out for more, and Quatre shoved his pajamas down, his hand circled his cock. He was pumping in time to Duo’s strokes, and clutching the back of the sofa. He wanted to keep his eyes closed; he wanted to make noise and share the experience.

The ladder was rocking alarmingly, and Heero barked a crazy laugh. Quatre groaned into the cushioned back; Duo’s cock entered Heero, pulled out, and thrust inside once again. In aligned though, Quatre wondered if he looked like that slamming into Trowa; if Trowa made those same sorts of faces fucking him. He bit the cushion again, closed his eyes and brought Trowa’s image to mind. His hand slowed, following countersuit to the thrust and creak his ears were registering.

“Trowa,” he whispered, knowing it would be lost with the guttural grunts, liquid slaps of flesh, and the ever-increasing creak of the ladder. Trowa’s body so tight, hot, and accepting of his cock. Quatre was thrusting hips, driving his cock into his fist, and the head against the sofa cushion. He was gasping quietly, swallowing his moans. So. Fucking. Close.

From the other side of the room, Heero let loose a shuddering groaning moan, and Quatre bit his lip to keep from joining the cry. He peered over the back’s edge. Heero was still braced against the ladder, only now both feet were on the third rung, and Duo held his hips with both his hands, thrusting more up as Heero held on just above Duo.

“I’m coming,” Duo bit out, his face a grimace. He stiffened, jerked, and his cry was loud, unbidden. And he was through, barely holding himself up off Heero. “Fuck yeah.”

“Told you we didn’t need a book,” Heero’s voice was muffled.

Quatre stopped watching. He slipped back down on the sofa, his knees drawn up, and thrusting into his hand. The track lights went out, and he heard Duo’s laugh from the main hall. And he was coming, the sudden wave of pleasure, spiking and spiraling up, drawing him from center and out. His eyelids fluttered with its force, his mouth opened in mimicry of Heero’s silent scream, and his hand flailed in reaching for an anchor.

And it was done, his come already cooling on his abdomen, his chest heaving, and black dots danced before his eyes. Quatre was grinning. Without bothering to clean up, he rose, straightened his pajamas, and headed off to his room. It wouldn’t be quite midnight where Trowa was, and Quatre had a sudden hunger that needed to be fed.