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I'M EXTREMELY THRILLED to be archived here:
Visit the other brilliant fiction there, too!  I discovered a lot of authors there who are now my favourites.

                 a little piece of gundam wing      
 *actually a very *large* piece 
                 of all things GW-related and 
                 fabulous fiction!


a great collection of GW 

And find more FABULOUS stuff at:
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 moments of rapture 
excellent 1x2 fics and art gallery

the perfect source for so many
     things GW

 the vault
wide range of fanfiction from 
    many series, and great contests


 sweetly sour
    *great recommendations site for
     GW and Harry Potter

 silent scribblings
fabulous GW and Yu-gi-Oh fiction 
    by daimeryan_rei

  full of grace
gwy's lovely GW art 

 kiya's story shop
kiya's excellent fiction, from 
   many fandoms

                           project greenlight 
showcase for 'newly discovered'
                         fiction, all fandoms and original
                         characters too


  shinigami & wing
beautiful 1x2 authors archive

P L Nunn's magnificent art and
    fiction too

       gundam wing addiction
*loads of great GW fiction, loads of

       boys next door
      *fiction from all fandoms, excellent 
         annual smut contest

 juxtapose fantasy
great yaoi art and fiction, regularly 

 moon of moons
*lovely fiction from Artemis, GW,
    Star Wars jedi, Gravitation

*a beautiful 1x2x1 archive

   *naomi's lovely gundam wing
     2x1 site

   under the bridge
a great 1=2 fiction and art site
       from link_worshiper

  uniquely pleasurable
links & reviews for original
      slash fiction, art & other

   endless orbit 999
beautiful art from ASIA