1x2x1, 3+4, humour, yaoi



“Stop that.” Heero sucked in a breath as he was pushed back against the cold tiles of the station wall.  Duo’s hand slid from the small of his back down under the belt of his jeans. “There are only four minutes before the next train arrives and we can’t afford to miss it.”


“Do you remember that fic?” hissed Duo.  He pressed forward against Heero’s trapped body.  “The one where they did it in the train without even getting undressed?  Where’s your spirit of adventure, Heero?”


“They’re groping each other again,” muttered Quatre from a few feet away along the platform.  “Perverts.”  It sounded like jealousy rather than disapproval. “Trowa, are you listening to me?”


Beside him, Trowa shrugged. He was leaning nonchalantly against a Wanted:Terrorist poster on the wall. He was obscuring the grainy passport photo of head and shoulders, but made no attempt to move away.


On the other side of him, Wufei grumbled.  “We all need to move further up the platform, perverts or otherwise.  They often run less cars this time of night.  We’ll never get a seat and my feet hurt.  Anyone listening?”


Duo wasn’t listening.  He was sucking on Heero’s earlobe and trying to wriggle a finger down between his partner’s buttocks.  Heero wasn’t listening either, except to the soft wet noises in his ear and his own panting.  Half of him was hoping there was enough play in the fabric to allow Duo’s fingers to slip greedily up inside him; the other half was dreading a long journey home with a lap full of sticky boxer shorts.  It wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before - he’d lost count of the times, actually, though he suspected Duo was keeping a journal.  He glanced up at the announcement board for progress on the train’s arrival, but his vision seemed a little blurred.


Along the platform, Quatre sighed, but maybe not at Wufei’s complaints.  “Trowa, you want to come back to mine tonight?  I bought something we could watch together.  Something cute and suggestive with school kids and blue blazers.”  He tugged hopefully at the other man’s arm, pulling him away from the wall.


Trowa flushed, though maybe not at the thought of something cute.  His hand flailed in front of the newly exposed poster.  “Mistaken identity happens all the time,” he muttered, rather wildly.  A female passenger who was passing the small group glanced idly at the Wanted illustration.  Her eyes flickered over it, then back to Trowa.  She looked back at the poster again; she went pale.


“About time,” growled Wufei as Trowa rushed past him, pushing Quatre ahead, and moving with surprising purpose along the platform.  Trowa looked more like a fugitive than a man on a promise, but Wufei wasn’t interested either way.  He dropped into line behind the pair as they strode ahead. 


“It’s coming,” gasped Heero as the lights from the tunnel arced and swung around the last bend.


“Huh?” whispered Duo, his knee rubbing gently between his lover’s thighs.  “Already?”


“The train,” Heero hissed.  His face felt very flushed; adrenalin coursed through him.  He peeled himself away from Duo to see the others approaching.


“It’s a short one,” said Wufei. 


“Huh?” said Duo again.  “Since when?”  He glanced down at Heero’s straining jeans, then up again.  He looked a little dazed.  Quatre rolled his eyes with disgust.


“Train!” snapped  Wufei.  “A short train.  We have to move along the platform to get on.  Hurry!”


The platform was getting very crowded, the commuters noisy.  Some woman was gasping something behind them, but Wufei had no idea why she might be calling Trowa’s name and anyway, he had no intention of letting anyone get ahead of him in the quest for a seat.


The train stopped about fifty feet away.  The crowd started to surge forward towards it. 


“Run,” called Wufei.  Quatre grabbed Trowa’s hand and all of them made a dash for the nearest door.  So did forty other commuters.  The odds of getting on this train looked poor.  People started to jostle and tempers started to fray.


Duo was still snickering softly into Heero’s ear or at least he was until Heero pulled him away from the throng at the first door and pointed the pair of them to the next available entrance, further up the train. 


He hissed quickly in Duo’s ear. “I remember that fic.  I don’t believe it can be done.”


Duo’s eyes widened.  His mouth dropped open, maybe to protest otherwise, maybe to drool at the thought of the practical challenge.   


Heero balanced on the balls of his feet and started to sprint up the platform, Duo close on his heels.


The others saw them go and turned to follow.  The sound of their feet clattered up the platform, echoing across the station walls.  The signal further up the line turned to green and the announcement droned its recorded message about departure.  Heero threw himself at the open doorway, grasping a rail and pulling himself into the train.  Behind him he could hear Duo panting, but this time not with lust.  Then he heard the slither and hiss of the doors closing behind them.


Behind him.


He turned to see four wide-eyed faces staring at him from the platform, none of them having made it on to the train with him.


Duo started to laugh – Heero could hear it ringing out, rich and bubbling. 


Quatre’s aggrieved voice came quite clearly through the thick doors.  “For God’s sake, Duo, what’s so funny?  What are we going to do?”


The train hissed its intention to depart.  The carriage shuddered and Heero gripped on to the rail.  He stared at his friends. 


Wufei stared back.  He was mouthing something about Heero sitting tight at the next station and they’d meet him there.  Trowa was glancing over his shoulder, as if the two security guards running up the platform towards them might have something to do with him.


Duo was bent double, hands on his knees, body shaking with laughter.  “Too damned fast!” he was spluttering.  “Like how often have I told you that?”


Quatre glared between Heero and Duo, unsure which one to be more upset about.  “It’s appalling,” he cried.  “Duo, what’s the matter with you?  Heero doesn’t know this city like we do, he may be lost for hours.  God knows what emotional damage that may cause him – separation anxiety; displacement; abandonment issues.”  Quatre had always enjoyed his social science studies.  He peered back at Heero’s face, looking a little misty now behind the train door.  “Heero, don’t panic!”


Heero seemed to be resisting an urge to reply, and then the train lurched and started to pull away from the station.  He lifted a hand to them and gave a stilted little wave.


Quatre’s face was stricken.  Wufei looked weary.  Trowa was talking rapidly and earnestly to the security guards, who were looking bemused.


Duo was still laughing, watching the movement of Heero’s wave.  The train moved off.  The friends watched Heero departing, following his face firstly with their eyes, and then their heads.


Duo lifted a hand to wave back, with a certain mockery.  “I’ll find you,” he mouthed to Heero’s departing face.  “Wherever you go, I will find you!”


Then his head went back in another rich peal of laughter and Heero’s last view was of tears of laughter trickling down his lover’s cheeks.