drabbly drabble for Clarediva

So clarediva
 said she had all this time and was taking prompts.  And I complained that I had all this time and no inspiration so she prompted me with "homecoming".    (1+2+5, friendship)

The office was too quiet.  The silence seemed to fill up the space as the clock ticked the minutes past.  Duo shifted restlessly, spinning his chair in one direction before twirling back in the other.  He wasn't worried.  He didn't have any reason to be worried.

He stood up and paced.  Sat back down.

Snarling, he swept papers off the desk, scattering them on the floor.  Kicking the desk leg, he swore and stomped about the room, picking them all up.  The last paper retrieved, he carefully smoothed and stacked them, tapping them on the desk to gather in a neat pile.

The clock ticked another minute by.

Duo stared at the papers in his hand and then hurled the stack back into the air, watching them flutter around the room, his face set in grim satisfaction.

"He'll do fine.  You should trust him, he's your partner after all."  Wufei stood in the doorway, looking on in amusement.  He didn't offer to help pick up the papers, nor did he comment when once organized, Duo threw them viciously into the air again.

 "That's exactly why I don't trust him.  Damn man thinks he knows what's best for me.  I'm sure he's out there right now making all the wrong choices."

Wufei snorted.  "Surely Heero is capable of handling such a small task.  You did give him a list, didn't you?"

Duo glared at the papers tossed about the room and then threw an eraser down with them.  A handful of pens quickly followed.  "Of course I gave him the damn list.  Doesn't mean he's going to follow it though.  I knew I should have gone with him."

"You're making a mess, you know."  Wufei raised an eyebrow and then ducked as a bottle of white out sailed past his head.

"Doesn't matter."  Duo smirked, "It's Heero's desk anyway."

Wufei choked, hands up in the air as he backed out of the room.  "You're a dead man."  Turning, he  bumped into Heero himself, standing in the hall, a large box in his arms.

Heero blinked.  "I'm back."

"So I see."  Wufei flicked a glance at the open door behind him.  Duo was standing in the middle of the room, hands on his hips, scowling.  Wufei coughed.  "I suggest that the next time you go on a donut run, take your partner."

Then he snagged a pastry from the box and took a bite.  As he walked away he could hear Heero yelling at Duo but Wufei just licked his lips contentedly and sauntered down the hall.        

Lemon filled.  

Wufei smiled.