Secret Santa 2006  

banner and all icons by misao_duo.  So very cute!
please don't reproduce these images anywhere else without our permission, they're exclusive to misao_duo and me! Thanks

The Fics :
This is a series of GW fics written for the LiveJournal lemon_advent community, where we share lots of Christmas-themed goodies during December.  Enjoy!

 Maketh the Man
for merith
Heero and Duo discuss the merits of margaritas and personal gifts from Secret Santa.

1x2, humour, lemon, some mild drunkenness! 

 The Right Recipe
for klingonpoo
Heero and Duo 
reluctantly compare inappropriate Secret Santa gifts but then work together on a Christmas meal.
1x2x1, some angst, romance.

 Play On 
for link_worshiper
Heero watches, Duo plays - on his prized new gift from Secret Santa
1+2, romance, gaming references!

 Bah, Humbug!
for me *lol*
Duo grumbles about Christmas, Heero surprises him.
1+2, humour, romance.

 Special Feature
for sharon
Duo and Heero both go to the movies - with the same ticket from Secret Santa.
1+2, humour, romance.

 Strong Medicine 
for merith
Heero is sick - but then Duo brings him Secret Santa's unique cure.
1+2, drabble, humour, romance.

 Love Hurts 
for petenshi
Quatre blames his gift from Secret Santa for the fact he lost control - but he's gained so much more in return.
4x3x4, some angst, romance.


 You Know You Want To
for misao_duo
Duo is persistent, with help from Secret Santa - Heero is not as clueless as he might appear.
1+2, humour, romance.


for jania
Last year the heating broke down and they kept each other warm.  What will Secret Santa bring them this year?
1+2, humour, romance.