GUNDAM WING - the Pocky Arc


This is a collection of ficlets and short fics that I wrote at Christmas 2004 for friends.  There are different Gundam Wing characters featured, though it's mostly devoted to 1x2x1.

Notes : All have a Christmas theme, they're all AU, all citrus to an extent, not all totally PWP, but hopefully enjoyable reading!

Oh, and it's called the 'Pocky Arc' because of my passion for the stuff, and my attempts to include it somewhere in every one of the fics!

Pic by wing ^_^

But watch the WARNINGS! because  citrus abounds!

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Bright Eyed and Hopeful
Be careful what you wish for... you may receive it!
1x2, fluff, lime
Written for jo, and this was the fic that started them all off!

Category Winner : The Vault Yaoiful Yuletide contest 2004




Festive Fare
Yet again, be careful what you wish for from Santa!
Just Zechs!  Lime, fluff
Written for wing

Warm and Fluffy Feeling
Hopefully just the Christmas visit she would have wished for herself...
1x2, fluff, lime
Written for merith

Christmas stocktake, a mall full of shoppers, and two horny young men finding a different kind of retail therapy…
4x2, lemon, Quatre POV
Written for blackster, for his shared fantasies! 

Stir it Up
It's time for a special occasion cake!
2x5x2, lemon
Especially for dacia, my first archivist and continuing support!

The Elusive Muse
May the Muse be with you… or not, as the case may be!
1x2, fluff, romance, lime, occasional language
Written for sintari, suffering from temporary writer's block! 

My Favourite
If you like sweet things, you're gonna love this!
1x2, lime
Written for daimeryan_rei