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Here are a few fics that feature other pairings or characters (other than 1x2x1) as the main attraction.

Enjoy your reading!


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GIFT : Blue Eyes
3x4x3, ficlet, Trowa POV, drama, for Christmas 2007
In the aftermath of a mission, Trowa finds himself alone with Quatre and their maybe misguided ideas of each other... 


Feels Just Right 
For trixie's birthday, with love.
Trowa insists that Duo describes a first time.
3x2, yaoi, lemon

For trixie, who writes me such gorgeous Mother's day ficlets *lol*
Trowa and Duo follow each other's lead in the dance...
3x2, ficlet, yaoi, lemon 

New Shoes  
3x4, yaoi, a oneshot written about Trowa and Quatre, to follow on from True Colours (see original novella here).
Trowa's date with Quatre starts in an unusual setting...

Written for The Vault's Spring Songfic Challenge, inspired by Paolo Nutini's 'New Shoes', and dedicated to Artemis! ^__^

Goes to Show
For sharon, for a prompt where Duo and Trowa discuss a present for Wufei.
Goes to show how little we really *do* know about our friends!

Trowa+Duo+Wufei, ficlet, humour 

A Public Face 
A follow-up to A Hard Day, for jania.
Their first public outing after Quatre's shock announcement

Quatre x Trowa, yaoi, ficlet 

A Hard Day 
Written for jania's birthday.
Quatre has made a bold announcement to the Board...

Quatre x Trowa, yaoi, ficlet

Valentine's Day - Morning, Noon and Night  
Written for Valentine's Day, for trixie
A day that should be special, starts badly.
Trowa x Duo, ficlets, yaoi, lemon

The 5x2x5 corner...    

For the small batch of 5x2x5 fics that I've written. 

ART here: by wing, requested by me for dacia






The Perfect Couple
The world accepts and expects the perfect couple; 1+2.  Wufei feels the awkward third.  But Wufei isn’t the most perceptive when it comes to relationships…
5x2, Wufei POV, AU, romance, yaoi, lemon

First Come     
Sometimes it's not about being bottom or top ...

A birthday fic for dacia, December 2005.

Category winner 'Lemon' in the Vault's Yaoiful Yuletide 06 Contest
5x2x5, romance, AU, yaoi, lemon

Written for the 5th Anniversary of Dacia's fabulous site, raygunworks, July 2006, with much love to her.
5x2x5, PWP, yaoi, lemon


The Theory of Six  
Written for what must surely be Zechs' day (06.06.06) ...
Zechs + Treize, ficlet, PWP, yaoi, lemon

A Domestic Moment  
Duo + Trowa, ficlets, yaoi, lemon, drama, angst, humor - you name it, life has got it!
Inspired by trixie
  1   2   3   4   5 

Trowa + Quatre, drabble, yaoi, humour
written for a prompt from Daimeryan_rei for 'one of the GW boys as an aspiring actor'
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Sleep Deprivation
by sunhawk    

3x4, 1x2 yaoi, lemon

banner by t_shirt1x2

Sunhawk then challenged authors to write a sequel (contest entries hosted here but BEWARE, they're ALL DEATHFICS!!) and this was the fic written by trixie and me :

by fancyfigures and trixie                             
1x2, 3x2, past 3x4, yaoi, lemon, violence


chibis of trowa by me!  click on them for full version
one to illustrate the fic, and another a banner for sunhawk, after her contest generated no less than 8 deathfics!  coloured magnificently by lisa-chan  ^_^ 

Prize art for trixie by silke




Quatre first met Duo as a boy, and their friendship grew steadily to be something rich and inspiring.  It took a while for them both to appreciate something more; but in the end, they both found that patience brings its own rewards.
Written for dacia with much love, from a plot bunny of hers.
4x2, romance, yaoi, lemon

     Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4
    Part 5    Part 6

ART hereby Silke, commissioned by me for this fic


Good Fortune
Nothing in Trowa Barton’s wealthy, relatively sheltered life could have prepared him for the shock of taking in the two street rats.  His life was going to be turned upside down by both of them, in different ways.  And by the end of it all, no-one was going to be quite what they seemed at first.
Winner Devil with an Angel's Face 2003
2x4, 2x3, 4x3, AU, Trowa POV, romance, angst, yaoi, lemon
     Part 1   Part 2  

In Your Dreams
Duo walks in his sleep; Duo provokes; there’s a couch.  Everyone gets their kit off.  What else do we need?
1x2, 4x5, 3x4, 5x2, 4x3x5,3x2x1,5x4,1x2x5, PWP, lemon


To Fight the Fantasy
Zechs is haunted by memory – the memory of desire.  He has only his own company to console him.
Written for wing, on his request


Dish of the Day
It's an important night in Trowa's life.  He thinks it's to do with his career - his friends will explain that it's something rather more than that!
Written for the mephistowaltz 'Threesome' contest.
2x3x4, romance, yaoi, lemon

Smooth Ride
Duo gains a little bit more than money from his holiday job!
Written for lisa-chan, from her plot bunny
4x2, Duo POV, romance, yaoi, lemon

The Anniversary
One night's passion; jealousy; revenge; and a price to be paid.
2x3, 4x3, POV, AU, drama, suspense, yaoi, lemon