GUNDAM WING - novellas   
 2007: NEW NOVELLA and 5 followup oneshots to True Colours
 2008 : Winners in the BoysNextDoor SMUT Contest


Here are the longer works that I've written, all of them so far inspired by the gwyaoi annual Novella Challenge: 



Some of them were awarded art work as part of the challenge, which is attached to each fic.  So is other art that the fics inspired in other artists.  It's glorious stuff - you'll love them like I do! 

The fics are all Gundam Wing-inspired, featuring Heero and Duo. I enjoyed the challenge of developing the characters over a longer format, though it certainly took up a large part of my life, writing them!

I've split them into Chapters where appropriate, which might make for easier reading.



Pictures here:
Pic #1 (above) by an unknown artist - I was gifted with the sketch, bought at a convention.  Please let me know if you know who drew it!
Pic#2 (right) by link_worshiper.




But w
atch the WARNINGS, these fics are all


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Sparks Fly

June 2008:

This is no longer available, please see the update here.










pic by Silke 

True Colours   

May 2009:

This is no longer available, please see the update here.







pic by spade

Close Proximity    

July 2010    

This is no longer available, please see the update here.






ART here : Prize Art - Full manga page of a scene, by Lara Yokoshima

ART here : Gift Art by link_worshiper

From Both Sides Now

1x2x1, 1=2, AU, alternating POV, drama, yaoi, strong lime 
Word count:      27,001 

They were very different men; they had very different ways of communicating. The mission gave them the chance to work together, to discover more about each other - and maybe to find a place and time where the differences would bring desire, not division.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8