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It's my favourite Gundam Wing pairing - Heero Yuy (01) and Duo Maxwell (02)!  It's the first pairing I wrote, and the one that's always been the most rewarding.  These fics are not necessarily canon - i.e. following the actual series - but are inspired by the characters.  I personally find that's the most exciting thing about the guys, that they can come alive in many different settings, at many different times.

There are other fics with 1x2x1 as the pairing in multi-parts, the Pocky Arc, and novellas.

I have written other pairings, too, though almost always involving one or other of these two.  Follow the links to the other page to find these.

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1x2x1, yaoi, Heero POV, drama, romance, some angst.
A simple game can have its own drama.
Placed 2nd in the Moments of Rapture Mission:Get Together Contest 2006

1x2x1, yaoi, ficlet, conversation, suggestiveness about the World Cup written for gwy.

1+2, yaoi, drabble written for a prompt from daimeryan_rei for 'Heero + Duo + a can of stale coke'.

It Burns   
1=2, yaoi, drama, romance
Winner of the UnderTheBridge Colour & Shape Contest 2006 

PRIZE ART : by link_worshiper

How to Impress a Man   
1x2x1, yaoi, humour, romance
Written for Moments of Rapture's 5th Anniversary

1x2x1, yaoi, humour, conversation, drabble

Xerox, My A**   
1x2x1, yaoi, humour, ficlet

1x2, yaoi, dark drama, hints of slave/master, implied lemon

1+2, yaoi, drabble for wickedgameff - for when you need a friend's comfort

2x1x2, yaoi, ficlet for sharon, cubicle frottage!

Nothing Ventured  
1x2x1, yaoi, ficlet for kebzero, to help ease the worry of his TransAtlantic flight.

An Innocent Abroad  
1x2x1, 3+4, yaoi, ficlet written for the intrepid Yaoi Con explorers this year and the ones who got 'lost' on public transport!

Making Waves by kebzero  
1x2x1, 3x4x3, yaoi, ficlet written for the same intrepid adventure - thanks for letting me post it here, too!

1x2x1, yaoi, ficlet inspired by my time in the airport

One of Those Days  
1x2x1, yaoi, ficlet for gwy to cheer her up after a rotten day

Write On  
1x2, yaoi, PWP, fic for lisa-chan's birthday 

Our Album         
1+2, yaoi, romance
Written for merith, for the 'anniversary' of our friendship

All Over Conditioning    
2x1, yaoi, romance, humour
When a crowning glory becomes a headache ...
Written with merith, from an idea of hers.

Sugar, Sugar    
1x2, ficlet, yaoi, romance
Not endorsed by any diet company in any way ...!
Written for sharon, to console her during her own cravings!

Top Marks    
1x2x1, ficlet, yaoi, humour, fluff, conversation
Heero tries to study... Duo tries to distract.  The result is inevitable.
Written for lisa-chan, who's studying so hard - and far more sensibly!

ART here:  gift from lisa-chan 


New Look    
1+2, yaoi, some angst, romance
Therapy isn't always a medical matter ...
Written for gwy, who's just moved away from home

 here : by gwy


If the Price is Right    
1+2, ficlet, yaoi, humour, fluff
merith asked for more fluff from her friends list - here's Heero, Duo and milkshakes!

1+2, ficlet, yaoi, humour, fluff
hyanan gave me some much needed help on making an icon, and her art skills inspired this bit-of-artistic-nonsense fic.


Season's Eatings    
1+2, ficlet, yaoi, humour, fluff
An offering of nonsense for Easter.  Click on the icon to see the cheeky Easter card that partly inspired me ...

T Shirt Thrills    
1x2x1, ficlets, yaoi, humour, PWP  
Honourable Mention in the Boys Next Door Smut Contest 2006.

I found the link to and some of the slogans just begged to have their stories told! 
And look at THE ART below : lisa-chan coloured in a couple of my sketches and gave the guys some of the appropriate shirts!!!

       Monday's T Shirt   
              Tuesday's T Shirt                                 
              Wednesday's T Shirt
              Thursday's T Shirt
              Friday's T Shirt
Weekend's T Shirts

A Young Man's Fancy
2x1, 3x4, (hints) 3x4x5, yaoi, humour.
Heero is in sore need of relaxation.  Duo has more than enough of his own so he feels he has time to help out his friend.  Their other friends are just innocent bystanders ... or are they?


Much the Same
1+2 ficlet, yaoi, humour, romance.
Written for merula for both our anniversaries, 20 June 2006!

1+2 ficlet, yaoi, romance.
Written for hostilecrayon who felt the need for some comforting fic.

Just a Fl-Uke
1x2x1 drabble, yaoi, humour, yaoi-disrespect (but affectionate!)
Written for dacia after a wry comment from her about ukes in yaoi fiction!

ART HERE : gift from lisa-chan