GUNDAM WING - 1x2x1 
2003 - 2005


pic by keire_ke

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It's my favourite Gundam Wing pairing - Heero Yuy (01) and Duo Maxwell (02)!  It's the first pairing I wrote, and the one that's always been the most rewarding.  These fics are not necessarily canon - i.e. following the actual series - but are inspired by the characters.  I personally find that's the most exciting thing about the guys, that they can come alive in many different settings, at many different times.

There are other fics with 1x2x1 as the pairing in multi-parts, the Pocky Arc, and novellas.

I have written other pairings, too, though almost always involving one or other of these two.  Follow the links to the other page to find these.

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Project Passion
If you have to work all hours, there really ought to be appropriate remuneration!
1x2, Romance, humour, fluff, yaoi, lime
Written for 

The Successful Strategy
A week is a long time, in Wars of the Heart!  It seems that even Desire has to be planned for; fought for; and won!  Sometimes against ridiculous odds…
1x2, romance, humour, yaoi, lime

Maybe the greatest abandonment of them all.
1+2, angst, religious themes, Heero POV, yaoi (slight)
Inspired by xtc's 'Dear God', as suggested by steph

As Young as You Feel
Personal crisis approaches – it’s that time of year!
1x2x1, POV, romance, yaoi, lime
Winner Sap/Fluff category in the Vault's Summer Lovin' 05 contest

Ikebana for Beginners
1+2, fluff, dialogue
Written for sharon, for her birthday 2005

The Right Fit
Some job-hunting angst-come-sense
1+2, romance, yaoi, slight lime
Written for kiyasama for her birthday 2005

Pink Thing
The most intimate relationship of all...
2x1, Duo POV, PWP, AU, yaoi, lemon

Winner of 'Best Masturbation' in the
Boys Next Door 2005 Smut Contest

ART here : gift (LEMON) from gwy 

It Won't be Long
Some things you just never get over...
1+2, Heero POV, romance, some angst, yaoi, lime
Winner Romance Category in the Vault's Spring Songfic Challenge 05



Creature of Habit
When habit isn't the only thing that underlies a friendship
1x2, Heero POV, AU, romance, yaoi
2nd Place Romance Category in the Vault's Spring Songfic Challenge 05

Game, Set and Match

Some things are meant to be sacred - Even when seeded against Lady Love.
1x2, humour, fluff, yaoi
Written for trixie's birthday 2005, during Wimbledon fortnight!  

Hold Me
1x2x1, fluff, romance, yaoi.
Written for gwy, inspired by the pic shown here.

See the fantastic doujinshi of this fic drawn by porcelain for me here.


Closet Exhibitionist
2x1, Heero POV, PWP, yaoi, lemon
Written for sharon, inspired by this gorgeous pic by ponderosa  (click on pic for larger version)
  (WARNING: pic is lemon, too!)


Laugh or Cry?
2+1, Heero POV, AU, yaoi, romance, a little angst, lime
Written for jo, inspired by her lovely emails!

Happy Christmas, Bugs      
1x2x1, Heero POV, yaoi, romance, humour
Written for cynbaby, and inspired by wing! (author of the 'edited' chibi pic, too! ^_^)
3rd Place Romance Category in the Vault's Yaoiful Yuletide 06 contest


Worth Waiting For     
1+2, yaoi, romance, humour
Written for the gwyaoi
2005 challenge, in the 10,000+ word Humor category

ART here:  prize from gwyaoi Challenge by silke


I'll Stand by You
Everyone stands alone in the end – but they can choose whom they spend the journey with.
2+1, Songfic, Heero POV, romance, angst, Yaoi, slight lime

ART here : by chiya,
Category winner in her ficlet contest 2004

Goes Without Saying
Apologies for ‘borrowing’ some words from a currently popular film.  The rest of the sentiments are my own.  (drabble)
2+1, Duo POV, Romance,

A Brilliant Night Sky
The brilliance of a meteor shower can illuminate many things – not just the night sky itself.
1x2, romance, post-war, yaoi, lime
Written for the Hatsukoi contest 2004 – and especially for Jo

A Lesson Learned
Duo is the most tolerant, the most easygoing of young men.  His friendship is taken for granted – perhaps even abused.  But he’s not prepared to let that situation continue  - there’s been a change of plan.
 Angst, some BDSM, yaoi, lemon
Written for the Moments of Rapture contest 2004

Growing Pains
1x2, Romance, humour, conversation – of sorts!  Yaoi, lemon
Just the nonsense that gets aired in the middle of a long night
Written for the Gundam Wing Addiction Fluff contest 2004

Dressing Down
It’s important that everyone joins in the spirit of Quatre’s party. Everyone.
R, yaoi, lemon
Written for infini_t’s request for Heero doing a very OOC thing…whilst still retaining his very Heero-ness!

So Heero has a secret desire – and Duo has the wit to match him.
1x2, Heero POV, unrepentant PWP! Yaoi, lemon
Written for the yaoi_challenge 2004

ART here : Gift (LEMON) from lisa-chan

Pop-Up, Drop Down
Don’t you just hate the pop-ups and the adverts?  Don’t you wonder sometimes what’s behind them?  Don’t you wish there was something more exciting going on in your Christmas holiday plans?  Duo does!
Duo POV, romance,Yaoi, lime (mild)
ART here : by Ponderosa (LEMON)
Maxwell-Yuy Addiction Winter 2003 Blanket Fic contest 

Slush Sucks!

The weather is against the NewYear’s holiday – and Duo’s bittersweet memory of last year seems like just more awkwardness… 
Written to dacia's inspiration

3rd Place Lemon Category in the Vault's Yaoiful Yuletide 04 contest

 Duo POV, romance, some angst,Yaoi, lemon

Five Finger Exercise
Hot,wet and steamy - a description of Heero's bath.  Or is it?
1x2(in spirit), masturbation, Heero POV, yaoi, lemon

The Lurv Spec
Duo’s looking for that someone special - Heero thinks he should work on a proper spec.  Then Heero gets to spend a whole weekend in Duo’s company, and Duo gets to see another slant on life.  Perhaps the spec will be re-written…
1x2, AU, romance, yaoi, lemon
Written for Dacia's 'hankering'
2nd Place Romance Category in the Vault's Summer Lovin' 04 contest


The Same for Girls?
It’s a bit like the blind leading the blind; Heero needs dating advice; Duo offers it from his own unique viewpoint.  But is either of them telling the whole truth…?
 Duo POV, romance, humour,Yaoi, lemon, abuse of the Waltz (!)
2nd Place Romance in the Vault's Summer Lovin' 05 contest

Best days of Your Life?
They say that reading stimulates the imagination  - Duo’s out to prove the point!
1x2, romance, fluff, PWP, yaoi, lemon

ART here : Gift from sara-chan

Practice Makes Perfect
It always seems so easy in the movies… 
inspired by trixie, for her birthday 2004
1x2, drabble, romance, yaoi, lime  

ART here:  Gift (LEMON) from lisa-chan

Game Over

The bitterest of enemies - or the dearest of lovers; it's not likely that the two will ever come together, is it?  About as likely as reaching the seventh level, escaping the Maze of Doom, and winning the Magic Gems...
1+2,3+4, Trowa POV, romance, yaoi, hint of lemon

ART here : by link_worshiper,
Winner of her 'Enemies to Lovers' contest 2004

Personal Space
In our most private times, we turn to what comfort we truly need…
angst/sap, Duo POV, yaoi, lemon
Written for trixie, Christmas 2004




Trigger Happy   
Duo has escaped the clutches of a psychotic mind doctor – or has he?  And Heero has his own agenda….
Heero POV, romance, PWP,Yaoi, lemon

Flavour No.7 
Duo’s annoyed at Heero’s lack of response to all the normal delights of a day at the beach.  Even his own all-time favourite – ice cream….
Duo POV, romance, fun in the sun!,Yaoi, lemon
ART here 
by Ponderosa
First Prize (traditional pairings)
Sweetlysour's Summer Jubilee contest 2003
Winner Lemon category in the Vault's Summer Lovin' 04 contest
ART here : G
ift (LEMON) by lisa-chan

Poles Apart
Duo realises that he’s badly misjudged this Saturday night out.  For all sorts of reasons!
POV, romance, Yaoi, lime 

ART here :
  by P L Nunn (LIME) 
4th Place Moments of Rapture Spring contest 2003

Four Letter Words
Duo finds a novel way of stopping Heero’s bickering.  Heero finds a novel way of expressing himself!
This is dedicated to Dacia – who knows the value of words!
POV, romance, Yaoi, lemon/lime

Best Wishes
What do you get the boy who has everything for his birthday?  Duo knows what he wants.  Heero knows what he’s going to get.  Enjoy their journey there!
Written for Sharon, for Moments of Rapture’s 2nd birthday 2003.
POV, romance/sap, Yaoi, lime (light)

Favourite Work of Art
Duo comes to realise that there are advantages to attending training sessions after all.  It all depends on the teacher, and on the subject matter...!
1x2, Duo POV, romance (ish),Yaoi, lemon, PWP (unrepentant!)
Best Lemon in the Death and Passion Fan Fiction Contest 2003.
   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

A Second Chance
There is no escape for Duo and Heero; no way out.  Is this the time to bare the soul?
1+2, mostly
Heero POV, heavy angst,Yaoi, hints of lime
Written for GWA's angst contest 2003

Just like Scrooge
Duo is struggling with life; and Christmas seems the worst time of all on your own.  Help comes from unexpected quarters.
1+2, Duo POV, romance, yaoi, lime 
A birthday present for Dacia in 2003.

2nd Place Angst category in the the Vault's Yaoiful Yuletide 06 contest

 See the fantastic doujinshi of this fic drawn by asia_2 for me here.

See the sequel I wrote in 2006 here:
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

Sweet Tooth 
Duo tries to keep Heero from the things he craves – with outrageous results! 
1x2, Duo POV, Creative location for public sex, Misuse of food products,Yaoi, lemon, PWP
Category Winner SPB's 'Squick me' 2003 contest

Tonight's the Night  
This week is one of the most important landmarks of Duo and Heero's young lives.  They're both f
eeling romantic and enthusiastic.  Is that why nothing seems to go right?
1x2, alternate POV, romance, yaoi, lemon, humour
2nd Place 'Bad Sex' contest 2003
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

The Other Side
The relationship between Duo and Heero has never been so confused.  Duo feels isolated; but Heero's control of things is also slipping.  Only the night time brings them the chance to work these issues through.
1x2, romance, angst (some), yaoi, lemon
Written for Moments of Rapture's Fall 2003 contest, to accompany