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It's my favourite Gundam Wing pairing - Heero Yuy (01) and Duo Maxwell (02)!  It's the first pairing I wrote, and the one that's always been the most rewarding.  These fics are not necessarily canon - i.e. following the actual series - but are inspired by the characters.  I personally find that's the most exciting thing about the guys, that they can come alive in many different settings, at many different times.

There are other fics with 1x2x1 as the pairing in multi-parts, the Pocky Arc, and novellas.

I have written other pairings, too, though almost always involving one or other of these two.  Follow the links to the other page to find these.

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Starting Out 
1x2x1, drabble, AU, romance
Written for Sharon's birthday 2010.

Duo and Heero are starting out in a new apartment, struggling with tricky neighbours, jobs and finances ... but never with each other.


1x2x1, angst, romance, drama
Written for ravensilver's pledge in the Live Long 'n Marry community in Live Journal.
Heero Yuy wants to interrogate the newly captured prisoner, against his commanding officer's wishes, against all advice - against his own heart.  But he needs to know how - and why - Duo Maxwell is in the cells, apparently a traitor to his own side.

A Good Year    
1x2x1, sexy humour, ficlet
Written for Zazu's birthday 2009.
Duo is determined to tell Heero exactly what he's loved most about their last year together...even while he's distracting Heero in a very different, and delicious way!

1x2x1, humor, romance, ficlet
Written for Leslie's birthday 2008.
Meet Heero and Duo later on in life... but still very much the same guys.


On My List
1x2x1, ficlet, humor
Duo faces another boring day on the checkout - until the new customer arrives, buying both orange Pocky and Duo's rapt attention...

Another Country
1=2, ficlet, lime, humor
for link_worshiper's visit to England!
Duo has the map, Heero has a all makes for a great day out sightseeing!

1x2x1, 3x4x3, ficlet, lime, humor
for sharon's birthday
The early days of dating are so fragile - especially with friends like Trowa and Quatre always on your heels...!

1x2x1, ficlet, lemon, PWP
for lilzazu's birthday
Trowa despairs of his antagonistic agents and their mission behavior.  But maybe they get along in far different ways...

1x2x1, ficlet, for Valentines day
A glance at an old photograph brings Duo and heero much closer in the present.

GIFT : Phantasma
1x2x1, ficlet, for Christmas 2007
for link_worshiper
Heero knows exactly what Duo wants to play with this year...

GIFT : Fragrance
1x2x1, ficlet, humor, for Christmas 2007
for lilzazu
Duo's a bit perturbed when Heero wakes him up with sniffing...



The Morning After
1x2x1, ficlet, drama, some humour
for Leslie's birthday
It can be an awkward time, the morning after...
And see this beautiful illustration by ASIA, inspired by the fic.

Heaven Sent
1x2x1, drama, some angst
for Moments of Rapture Seven Deadly Sins contest
Heero and Duo need some help with their love affair from friends in another world...

Fly Yaoi
1x2x1, frivolous travel ficlet, PWP, humour
for Yaoi Con 2007!
Is San Francisco really ready for this latest batch of visitors?

1x2x1, ficlet, PWP, humour
for Cathy
Duo's always happy to help Heero with his surfing!

Happy Anniversary - Duo-style
1x2x1, ficlet, humour
for the 6th Anniversary of Moments of Rapture
Duo's forgetfulness is driving Heero mad - but he still knows which things are important!

Moving Out  
1=2, ficlet, sap
for merith
Duo's been Heero's neighbour for some months now, but things are about to change.

Moving In  
1x2x1, ficlet, sap
for natea and link_worshiper, both of whom were moving recently
Heero has a new neighbour, and one he'd like to see stay for a while.

 Colour Me  
1=2, ficlet, humour
for lilzazu
Duo wants an opinion on what he's wearing... and Heero treads very carefully!

 His Stop  
1x2x1, train frottage, lemon, yaoi
Heero faces a frustrating journey home, but there's startling relief ahead. 

 Instant Messenger
1=2, ficlet link_worshiper, fluff, yaoi
Best friends look after each other, don't they?

1+2, ficlet for a reader, conversation, romance, yaoi
The best things on a summer picnic are not always the sandwiches!


1+2, ficlet for dacia, written to celebrate 6 years
of A Little Piece of Gundam Wing.
The last thing Duo wants in his life at the moment is a surprise... or so he thinks.

In Your Lap
1+2, kitten ficlet, written to cheer up samikitty's bad week.

Technical Support

1+2, yaoi, ficlet, humour, written from lilzazu's inspiration.
Duo has a problem and he's phoning Technical Support about it.  Or trying to.

Signs of Affection
1+2, yaoi, romance, humour, conversation
Duo tries to talk Heero around with a hug.


It Says...
1x2, yaoi, drabble, humour, conversation, written for sharon.
What movie should they watch tonight...?

New York Trip
1+2, yaoi, romance, drabbles, written for link_worshiper 
The boys experience both the City and their private time together.
 Easter Parade
 It's That Thing
 Shop 'til you Drop
 A Far View

Sweet Ideas
1+2, yaoi, conversation, ficlet, humour, written for klingonpoo
Easter treats don't always come wrapped in silver foil!

Sock Talk
1+2, yaoi, conversation, ficlet, humour, written for merith
Sorting the laundry *can* be fun...?

1x2x1, yaoi, Heero POV, ficlet, humour
It was Relena's suggestion... but maybe not the result she hoped for!

You Can't Sleep Yet 
1=2, yaoi, some angst, written for link_worshiper's birthday.
At the moment of slipping away, secrets are shared.

Flagged : URGENT  
1=2, yaoi, email conversation, humour, written with link_worshiper for sharon's birthday
Heero searches for a new apartment, and seeks Duo's help.  Thereby hangs the tale...


2x1, yaoi, Heero POV, PWP, panties sex (!) for link_worshiper and corazon_d_fuego


Give and Take  
1x2x1,3x4x3, 2+3 friendship, humour, yaoi, written for natea. 
The joys (?) of apartment sharing!


1x2x1, yaoi, romance
For Valentine's day, inspired by the beautiful picture(s) 'Kiss' by


1=2, yaoi, lime for language, ficlet written for link_worshiper
Just when you wondered what all those internet acronyms *really* meant!