Gundam Wing

There are plenty of sites on the net where you can check out the series, its story and characters, if you want to know more about it.  I don't recommend any in particular, but here is a link to the official Bandai site.


Glossary - for the fics and pics

Here’s your guide to the words / numbers / abbreviations / phrases used on the site :

 ('borrowed' somewhat from here, thanks!)  



The Pilots and their 'numbers' :-

  01 -- Heero Yuy
  02 -- Duo Maxwell
  03 -- Trowa Barton
  04 -- Quatre Reberba Winner
  05 -- Chang Wufei
  06 -- Zechs Merquise / Milliardo Peacecraft
  R -- Relena Darlien / Peacecraft

(icons of the pilots courtesy of

het = guy / girl
shounen ai = guy / guy - affection
yaoi = guy / guy - physical attraction / relationship
yuri = girl / girl

1+2 (e.g.) = friendship, potential romance
1x2 = sexual relationship 
seme = guy on top i.e. the penetrator
uke = guy on bottom i.e. the penetrated
and therefore ... 1x2 (e.g.) is seme x uke
(also 1=2 is sometimes used to denote equality in a relationship)

AU = 'alternate universe' i.e. usually not in the Gundam Wing canon world
angst = sadness
BDSM = 'bondage / sado-masochism'
canon = going strictly by the official timeline / characterizations

  citrus = limes and lemons throughout  
lemon = full sex or near as dammit!
  lime = kiss, touch, sexual attraction but not consummated 
     warning for any other reason -
            e.g. adult themes/violence/nudity/emotional distress

death fic = somebody dies
fluff = silly fun for fun's sake
OC = 'original character'
OOC = 'out of character'
POV = 'point of view' i.e. a fic told through first person narrative
PWP = 'plot? what plot?' usually just an excuse for graphic sex
sap = awwww-ness
song fic = a fic either based on a song, or accentuated by it
squick = ewwwwwww!!-ness in relation to sex
WAFF = 'warm and fuzzy feeling'