Here are some Fabulous fics gifted to me, for which I'll be eternally grateful!  Most are for Gundam Wing.  There's some great talent here - I've included the author's details against each one (where I can), so that you can seek out their work too! 
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* If anyone here does/doesn't want their details included, or if I've got any names wrong or anything, please let me know.


pic by porcelain - please don't reproduce without my permission.

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atch the WARNINGS! because   citrus abounds...

GIFT FICTION - most recent

In These Arms
GW 1+2 story for my birthday 2009.
Even in the darkest times in the bleakest future, there are still special days to celebrate.
by daimeryan-rei.

To Door Poor Sinners Good
GW 1+2 drabble for my Christmas prompt of Heero and Duo and holly!
Duo has problems at work... Heero sorts them out in his inimitable way ^_~
by petenshi

It's Cold Outside
GW 1+2 drabble for my prompt of Heero and Duo and desperate horniness!
Heero thinks he ought to be on his way... Duo thinks NOT ^_~
by wickedgame

Terms of Endearment
GW 1+2 drabble for my prompt of Heero and Duo and a domestic kitchen scene!
Duo teases Heero... who teases back ^_~
by corazon

Listen and Learn
Hot GW 2x1 drabble for my prompt of Heero and Duo and voyeurism.
2x1, 4x3 (background)
Will a visit to the library ever be the same again??
by merith

Cheeky GW 1x2 drabble where Heero listens in to Duo's phone conversation... but should he really be shocked?
by lilzazu


Humorous little GW 1+2 drabble where Duo and Heero 'fight' over lunch...
by daimeryan_rei

Mischievous little GW 3x2 drabble for a problem with Duo's hair that I'm sure we've all wondered about...
by trixie

Witty little GW 1+2 drabble about Duo's diagnosis from the doctor!
by lil_1337

Personal Problems
Witty little GW 1+2 drabble for my prompt of Heero and Duo and some sex advice on the TV!
by merula

Hot little GW 1x2 drabble for my Mother's day 2007!
by trixie  

A witty GW 1+2+5 drabble for my prompt
by petenshi    

White Christmas - follow-up drabble  
A GW 3+4 drabble following on from 'White Christmas' (below)
by petenshi    

Cheeky GW drabble based on my icon!
by trixie  

Pieces of a Puzzle
GW : Duo thought something was beginning between him and Heero - then Heero lost his memory in a serious accident.  Slowly, they rebuild Heero's world, and their friendship - and finally their intimacy.
by wickedgame  for my birthday 2007 

White Christmas  
A GW 3+4 drabble inspired by the song 'White Christmas'
by petenshi    

Spike's First Christmas Present 
Cowboy BeBop (drabble) : Spike and Vicious consider their spoils.
by trixie   

Christmas Gifts 
GW : Heero and Duo don't celebrate the occasion seriously, but still care enough for gifts!
Written for lemon_advent 2006, on my prompt

by merith     

It Looks Good on You
GW : Heero and Duo find far more interesting things to do with the Christmas decorations.
by wickedgame    

Role Reversal 
Yellow (drabble) : Goh has a disturbing dream where he reverses roles with Taki.
by trixie   

Red Band 
GW (drabble) : Trowa muses on the source of Duo's new accessory...
by trixie   

Pristine by trixie  
A drabble for my Christmas 2005 GW request.
GW : Duo + Zechs - plus snow!
ART : by ME!!
chibi zechs+snow
'who threw that???'
coloured by lisa-chan 

A Suitable Sentence by merula31  
A drabble for my 'fluff' request.
GW : Heero + Duo

If my Heart had Wings by merith  
for my request for a drabble after a 'name that tune' meme - I guessed this song (by Faith Hill).
GW : 1+2

Know the Date by trixie  
Written for me for Mothers' Day 2006
GW : Heero + Duo

What's my Character?
A couple of drabbles for me from this meme:   
by trixie   Cowboy BeBop  
by merula31   GW, 1+2    


Drabble by petenshi  
Written for my request of an argument ending in laughter
GW : Heero + Duo

Sleepy Heads 
by trixie  
Written for my request to accompany my banner.
The title is by me!!!
GW : Heero + Duo



Cowboy Moments
A couple of Cowboy Bebop drabbles for me because she is the Drabble Diva!   
by trixie   

Halloween Memories
A GW 1+2 drabble with the guys as they were in 'Californication'   
by merula31  

Chibis by wing ^_^

Flu by trixie 
For me for Mothers Day 2004
It almost makes it worth having to do the shopping!
GW : 1+2

Kismet by merith
for my request on fic_on_demand for a Gw : 1+2 fic where a decision was balanced on the throw of a dice.  Beautiful writing!
GW : 1+2

The Simple Truth by jo 
for my birthday, 2005
Delicious and poignant.  Heero's thoughts on Duo sleeping.
Just about the same time as this pic by lisa-chan - they fit so well together!
GW : 1x2x1, lemon

Squall's day by wing
for my birthday 2005
Squall's in a bad mood.  He needs to relax...
Final Fantasy 8, SquallxIrvine




New Year's Resolution by lisa-chan 
Written for my birthday 2005.
For my shameless request for dirty talk!  Very hot!
GW : 1x2, 3x4, 5X6


Getting it Right by trixie 
For my birthday 2005.
How Christmas must seem to the uninitiated...
GW : 3+2

Cubicles by trixie  
For Mothers Day 2005
A delicious slice of ordinary office life... with not-so-ordinary GW boys!



Memory by merith
A lovely little drabble where merith 'creates' a delightful, ficitional memory of me.

Honey by merith
Another drabble where merith invited suggestions of pairings and an 'accessory' - I chose Yuki Eiri (& anyone else!) and honey, and I got brief but yummy boysmut!!

 by trixie 
Just a drabble for my icon - the title is by me, because that's what I call that icon!


Trimmed in Black by merith
for my request on lemon_advent community for a GW : 1+2 fic involving voyeurism and the phrase 'kiss it better'.  Be prepared for something Hot and Fun!
GW : 1x2