"Just Like Scrooge"

The wonderful artist ASIA was inspired by a GW 1+2 fic of mine - Just Like Scrooge - and drew the most magnificent doujinshi of a scene from it.  Maybe I go on about it too much (!), but it remains one of my happiest dreams, seeing the words of my fic come alive in pictures.  

ASIA's work is always beautifully produced and she has the most marvellous way with portraying emotions and the guys' faces. 


I'm tremendously excited and grateful for being considered for one of her projects!

The fic is here - and please enjoy the pages of the DJ below.

  P1        P2        P3

 P4        P5        P6       

See her fabulous work on her site here:

And please don't reproduce these images anywhere else without our permission, they're exclusive to ASIA and me!