By: fancyfigures and merith

Gundam Wing : 2x1, for 212 day 2006

Yaoi, lemon, humour, romance



The minute hand hadn’t moved more than a tick or two and yet, Heero couldn’t stop the compulsion to look. Though Duo hadn’t mentioned he’d be working late, it wasn’t that unusual to warrant more than slight irritation.


Paperwork home from the office, he thought. Not as though this is better.  He leaned forward to pull up a data sheet off his laptop and compare to the handwritten note. Grunting, he made a correction to the data, and picked to the next file. Another tick on the clock.


Duo resisted the urge to lean out of the bus window and shriek death curses at the guy in front. Damned huge off-road vehicle, what looked like 5 kids trampolining on the back seat, and a dog - yeah, a dog - sitting beside him in the passenger seat! No wonder the vehicle had slewed out of control at the lights and brought the whole traffic to a halt. He glared at his watch. 'The weekend starts here', they said of a Friday night. Yeah, right. He'd envisaged the beginning of a couple of days rest 'n relaxation at home with Heero: a good meal, easy-listening music, and plenty of home-grown entertainment...

Not this circus performance on the road barely a mile from home. He stood, impatient with the delay. OK, so he'd spent all day on his feet tending to fractious customers, but he was damned if he'd sit here and wait for the local police to arrive and people to start getting homicidal. He swung himself and his bag off the bus, and started the trudge on to the apartment.


With another glance at the clock, Heero set aside his files and went to the kitchen. He gave brief thought to ordering delivery, and dismissed it – they had planned on eating out over the weekend, and he already had the chicken ready.


The table set, rice in the cooker, a simple tossed salad ready in the refrigerator, and teriyaki under cover on the warmer. Duo was the only missing element; at least everything would keep until he decided to make an appearance.


Leaving the kitchen with its meal preparations, Heero walked out onto the little porch balcony and looked towards the bus stop. He ignored the cold long enough to study the street, and verify there was no Duo between the apartment building entrance and the street corner.


A siren sounding in the distance held his attention for a moment, but he turned and went back inside. Sirens weren’t uncommon in their neighborhood.


Duo stumbled on an uneven paving slab and cursed. A woman passing by was startled - she swerved to give him a wide berth and hurried on. Duo leaned on the railing outside the apartment block and wriggled his foot inside his boot. He was cold and frustrated. He felt every single stone tonight on the soles of his weary feet - every lump and bump in the road. He shouldn't have taken that last block at a run, he knew, but he wanted to get home. Wanted to eat some good food instead of sandwiches, have a long, long, long shower, look through the local paper for places to go this weekend. He wanted...

He looked up at the second floor and what he knew was their balcony. What he wanted, he thought wryly, was up there, and he still had two flights of stairs to go.

His heartbeat quickened, though it wasn't due to the thought of the exercise. Heero had a very different work pattern - a very different routine. He didn't know what mood he'd be in, whether he'd want to work all evening or ... not work. Maybe he'd be tired himself - maybe he wouldn't. Duo almost cursed again, but decided to save his breath for the stairs, rather than trying to anticipate what Heero would be like. Besides, a boy walking his dog on the other side of the road was looking at him oddly.

He sighed, pushed open the front door, and started to climb upwards.


The trudging step on the stairs in the main hall caught Heero’s attention. He stared hard at the door for a moment, and dismissed it as being one of the more noisier neighbors. A commercial appeared – Warms on contact..


Heero swallowed, his mouth suddenly lacking moisture. The hands on the screen were sliding over a bare back. A pair of man’s hands, over a man’s back. Duo had given him a bit of a rub the night before, and from his back, the hands had wandered lower and lower...


A slow, shaking breath and he fumbled for the remote. The screen had winked into blackness, and the door opened.


“Duo?” he questioned, half rising.


Duo paused for a second, as it all washed over him - the smell of recently cooked food, the sound of Heero's voice, the shiver down his back as he closed the door behind him and leaned gratefully against it.

"Yeah, it's me. Had to do an extra hour stocktaking. Got caught in traffic. Whatever." His eyes latched on to Heero's concerned face and he felt some knot deep inside of him start to relax. "Though I appear to have borrowed a pair of feet from a yeti. They feel twice their normal size and furred solid with holding me upright for 14 hours."

He sniffed the food - shit, it was his favourite. His stomach grumbled with anticipation. "I don't know where to start, Heero. I have to shower, I want to eat that plate of delight I can only smell at the moment, and I want to say 'hi' properly to you."

He stepped forward eagerly to take Heero's arm, but stumbled as he did. Damn, his feet did hurt!


At Duo’s rushed comments, Heero’s lips twitched; it wasn’t the words he listened to, but the mouth uttering them he watched. Even as Duo stepped toward him, he straightened.


Duo falling into him, he hadn’t counted on, but his arms wrapped round Duo, holding him as he steadied himself. Heero had a mouthful of hair, and Duo’s bag rolled off his shoulder to thump against Heero’s hip. Duo’s half-hearted sigh was enough for Heero to tighten his hold, to push other matters away for the moment. He wiggled his toes; though Duo’s boots were a bit tough on his feet.


“Sit down before we both fall down,” he murmured into Duo’s hair. “And give me that damn bag before it gives me another bruise.” 


He released his hold slowly, giving Duo time to gain his own balance and control. The bag he grasped and dropped it off on the side of the couch. As Duo nearly plopped backwards on the sofa, sighing like an advertisement actor, Heero discovered the brief he’d been reading crumpled in a fist he didn’t remember making.


Giving a shrug, he tossed it in the open case at his feet and sat on the opposite end of the couch, pulling Duo’s booted feet into his lap. “Now what’s this about yeti feet?”


Duo was about to protest, but Heero's hands were strong and sure, pulling off his boots and peeling down the socks. Duo leaned back into the couch instead, watching him as he nursed Duo’s feet on his lap. This was damned good …

Duo arched his back, shifting about, and wriggled his toes experimentally. He caught Heero’s disapproving look. “Maybe I’m ticklish,” he said, knowing that he blushed. He felt a fool … but the fingers stretching each toe and kneading the pad underneath were very, very welcome. And, of course, he wasn’t ticklish, as Heero well knew. Well, not on his feet, anyway.

He could feel the aches relaxing, the sore skin warming under Heero’s touch. Aimlessly, he slipped a couple of buttons open on his shirt and tugged the tie off the end of his braid. Maybe the weekend was beginning here. “That’s good, Heero, when’d you get so good at this? It’s just what I need. Well, one of things I need …”

And just at that moment, as he sank further into the cushions and felt the nerves tingle all the way from his ankles to his thighs, his list didn’t include food and shower. He reached out for Heero’s hand and grasped it, still massaging his foot. “There’s a lot of tension higher up,” he growled softly. “Ankles … calves… you know?” He tugged gently at Heero’s hand, drawing it up the inside of his leg, inside the crumpled cloth of his pants. “It’s been a hell of a day. I’m looking for just the right kind of help and support. Yeah, that kind seems right on target!” he gasped, as Heero gripped just below his knee, drawing his legs further apart. “Let me get out of these pants, will you, we can talk the full program through then!”


The growling demand did more than urge Heero’s hands higher to help Duo out of his pants, thoughts from a few minutes before wanted to prove how good they were at rubbing and warming. Duo rose high on his shoulders, lifting his hips up in the air, and Heero was there, tugging his chinos off.  Heero let his gaze drift up Duo’s body, from knees to the lingering stop at his brief covered groin, over his abdomen peeking through the parted shirt. And with a flick of his eyes to Duo’s face, he pressed a kiss to the inside of his knee.


Duo’s pants, he let fall to the floor and wondered if he should take time now to grab the oils. Brushing a palm down a hairy calf only to squeeze it just before his heel, Heero stood. “I’ll be right back,” he murmured and rushed from the room.


Oh God… Duo’s brain groaned. He’d been ready for Heero the calm, Heero the workaholic, Heero the cautious …

How often had he been warned against judging by stereotypes?

Now he lay on his back on the couch, lower half stripped bare and skin that goose bumped all over from a mischievous kiss to the knee. His heart was beating far faster than was healthy. His throat was tight. And, oh fuck, his groin ached like his feet never had! After such a bad-tempered start, Friday night entertainment was approaching like some kind of tornado.

But where the hell was Heero? This was some kind of torture. His body shivered gently, his imagination racing ahead through the evening. He needed the man back here, leaning over him, hands running up his calves, glimmering eyes smiling at him, dark hair brushing his torso and neck as he reached to kiss him.

He needed the man who could do this to him with just a couple of words and a foot rub.

Oh, and had he mentioned? Then he also needed that tantalizing kiss to stray a little further north than the knee

His hand strayed to his lap, brushing against the swelling flesh straining inside his briefs. He wished he’d worn the sexier red silk boxers; wished he’d brushed the coffee breath out of his mouth; wished he’d come home at lunch time! He wished for a lot of things.

Especially …

“Heero,” he called, plaintively. “Heero?

The gel bottle in hand, Heero made a stop in the kitchen. He looked up from scooping a few pieces of chicken onto a plate. Duo was calling him and his cock strained to answer. From the refrigerator, a bottle of water, a handful of grapes and Heero was ready.


Booty balanced in both hands and arms, Heero entered the livingroom, pausing only a moment to look over the lounging Duo. Hmmmm... his own hunger grew.


He nudged a leg up, dropped the personal oil to the floor, set the water and plate on the table and plopped the fruit on Duo’s chest. “I think you can handle two things at once.” His voice was quiet, his brow lifted suggestively. And to show what he meant, he plucked a grape from its bunch, and pushed it gently against Duo’s lips.


Duo’s eyes sparked and his lips parted, his mouth opened enough to draw the fruit inside. Heero shivered at the touch of his tongue against his fingers. His thumb dipped low and stroked the outline of Duo’s lower lip.


Duo sucked in the round, cool fruit slowly, savouring it. It was hardly a well-balanced meal after all – but it was an aperitif that teased at his growing appetite. He rolled it around inside his mouth, careful not to break its slick skin with his teeth. Not just yet, anyway.

He liked the pressure of Heero’s upper body against his chest, and he licked quickly at the fingertips that brushed his mouth. “Yeah, I’m good at multi-tasking,” he grinned. “Let me demonstrate.” He slipped a hand quickly round the back of Heero’s neck and tugged him down for a kiss. He felt the warm lips open to him, so that his tongue could slide in, nudging greedily at Heero’s own.

And then he rolled the grape gently out from between his lips and into Heero’s mouth. Their mouths met in matching ‘o’s, and he could hear a murmur of amused surprise in Heero’s throat. He sucked on the other man’s tongue, feeling the grape bump at his teeth. As they leant against each other, locked in the kiss, Duo maneuvered the grape down against Heero’s sharp little incisor, and it burst against both their tongues.

He moaned softly. The taste was sharp and sweet, all at once. Just as he always found Heero. His cock throbbed between his legs, and there was soft, sticky moisture leaking out and dampening the briefs. His whole body shuddered with a sudden rush of lust and need and he nipped harshly at Heero’s lower lip.

A trickle of juice ran over his lip and chin, but Duo biting him, his hand gripping the back of his neck and the hard bulge pressing against his thigh did well in distracting him. He propped himself up on one hand, and brought the other to guide Duo’s head, tilt his face.


Heero drew back just enough to look down on Duo, chewed on the small bit of grape in his mouth and shifted his leg to rub at Duo’s groin. Duo was smiling, grinding the fruit between his teeth and Heero leaned down to lick the sticky liquid from his lips. He let his hand slid from head to neck, and worked his fingers underneath the collar of Duo’s shirt. Warm, soft yet strength in tightened muscles, Heero urged Duo to raise his chin.


He could see the pulse and felt it against his lips. He inhaled the scent of Duo at his neck, swiped a tongue at the edge of his shirt and tasted the sweat and grime of the day. The murmuring growl in his ear made him smile against Duo’s skin. Twisting his lower body around, he ground his denim-covered hardness into Duo’s cotton clad one.


The friction was delicious torture; his moan vibrated and he suddenly needed more – more skin, more touching, and more of Duo.


Duo arched up underneath Heero, stretching his neck back, feeling the touch of Heero’s rough tongue running down his throat. God, it was good … His braid was coming loose, he could feel the falling hair pooling around his neck. Heero nudged it aside a couple of times with his nose, trying to reach Duo’s skin. Duo twisted to reach an arm down to his waist in return and caught the end of his own hair under an armpit. He swore out loud and Heero jerked back in surprise.

“Too many clothes,” Duo gasped. “Getting tangled.” He had no time to be impressed with his own inarticulateness – his body was aching for some tangling of a different sort. Heero sat back and peeled his shirt off over his head. Duo reached for the zip of his jeans, and helped him push them down to his feet. Heero kicked them away.

“I was gonna wear them today,” said Duo, staring at the red silk boxers that hugged Heero’s tight, muscled ass. Heero may have bought them, but he’d always admired them; borrowed them each time he could snatch them first from the wash.

Duo hauled himself to sitting, and reached again to kiss Heero. The remaining grapes fell to the floor with a soft thud, but they both ignored it. This time he slipped a hand down Heero’s torso, tracing the line of his ribs, enjoying the way that Heero’s belly clenched away from the touch, while shivering with pleasure at the same time. Now Heero was ticklish …

He reached to the floor, scrabbling for a couple of the grapes - he popped one in his mouth, then Heero’s. While Heero bit down and chewed, he nibbled gently at the skin of his, peeling a little patch away. Then he took it out of his mouth and put the raw fruit edge against Heero’s skin. Heero’s eyes widened. Duo flicked it gently against his nipple, listening to Heero’s moan. Then he started to stroke it carefully back down Heero’s chest, its thin trickle of juice leaving a shining trail on his skin, all the way down to his navel.

Heero moaned again. Duo grinned. “Far as I remember, you were going to see to my poor feet,” he murmured. Some strands of his hair had caught in the sticky juice on Heero’s belly, and Duo brushed them impatiently away. “I guess it makes sense for us to wear as little as possible when you’re working on that help and support.” He leaned a hand down between Heero’s legs as he spoke and cupped him through the silk fabric. He was heavy and aroused; Duo loved the feel of his cock, and the balls that shifted with excitement in his palm.

Heero shook the leg of his jeans off a foot. He was propped back on an elbow, his back pressed against the arm of the other end of the sofa and Duo was doing wonderful things to him.

The grape was still chilled, pimpling his skin where it touched. Dragged in circles over his nipple, he felt it as in a direct line to his cock. The double touch – cold to nipple, heat to cock – left him gasping, arching into Duo’s hand. Bold licks forced his eyes open and he watched Duo watching him as his tongue played over the sticky trail. Duo’s hand was slipping farther down, pushing the fabric taut against his flesh as fingers teased through the barrier.


“Feet...” Heero mumbled, vaguely remembering something about yetis and fur. Duo’s hair spilled down, freed from its braid, and Heero’s fingers touched it even as he shimmied lower on the cushion.

Duo loved to see Heero confused like this – shivering with sensual reactions, struggling to keep the desire from clouding his eyes. He leaned against him, whispering into his ear. “Pass me the bottle. We can help each other, I think. You think I don’t know you’ve been watching that advert about it? That you don’t flick over the channel every time you think I might catch you, lusting over that model’s body? That erotic music? The imagined warmth of the gel, smoothing over the skin …”

He saw Hero struggling to protest and he put a finger over his lips. “Teasing,” he whispered. “Like you torment me.” Heero had his hands tangled in his hair and he twisted his head a little, feeling the tug on its roots. It was a good kind of discomfort – it was part of his connection with Heero – the way he wanted to be part of him.

He fumbled again on the floor and found the bottle. He flipped the lid and squeezed a little into his hand. Then he picked up the bottle and pressed it into Heero’s hand. He sat up, breathing heavily, gazing at Heero’s body, at the swollen flesh hidden in his boxers, at the thin sheen of sweat and juice on his body. The odd strand of his hair still clung to Heero’s shoulders.

God, he thought, He looks good enough to eat

He warmed the gel between his hands and looked expectantly at Heero. “It’s my feet that suffer in my job,” he purred. “But in yours, it’s your shoulders, hunched over that laptop. Let me rub them down.”

Another rub by Duo... Heero shook off the cobwebs that threatened and sat up slowly. He’d have to make sure he didn’t fall completely under Duo’s spell and not reciprocate. Duo was scooting back, opening his legs wide to give Heero room, his arms outstretched with palms up like no Shiva he’d ever seen. But then, he’d seen Duo destroy just as he’d seen him create.


He turned round in the cradle of Duo’s legs, settling himself before resting his head on Duo’s shoulder and reaching back with a hand to pull Duo’s head down. The kiss was tentative at first, lips brushing against each other, eyes open and watching, noses touching. Heero murmured a soft agreeable noise and opened his mouth against Duo’s, his eyes sliding closed. He let the bottle fall to his lap, and dropped his hand on top of Duo’s thigh.


Strands of hair threaded between his fingers as he moved his hand up from Duo’s neck.


Heero’s body was warm against his belly, his hips pressing against his erection. Duo wanted to be free of the briefs, free to rub up against Heero’s ass with something other than his hands. He bit his lip, the friction sending chills up and down his spine and coiling the need deep in his groin. There’d be time for it all tonight – he’d not rush it, however much he was tempted to push Heero forward, face down in the cushions, hips and ass high, and caress his thighs, prising his cheeks wide open and reaching down to taste him between them …

He knew how much Heero liked that. But tonight it seemed he needed a slower, more erotic touch. Duo sighed with pleasure – that was fine by him . The tensions of the working week were far away. He couldn’t remember any problems with the journey home. He couldn’t think of anything, actually, but the steady, warm heartbeat against his chest, the flickering tongue at his mouth, the hands in his long hair.

He nestled Heero more closely into the harbour of his body and placed his hands at Heero’s shoulders. He began to smooth the muscles up to the nape of his neck and then back to his upper arms. His strokes were firm and steady and he nuzzled at Heero’s neck as he worked. The gel was warm on his hands and on Heero’s skin too, the feeling was very stimulating. The smell that was Heero’s own special aroma was deep in his nostrils; the soft humming noise that Heero made in his throat when he was aroused was like music. Duo stroked and kneaded the muscles and savoured the feel of his lover’s flesh.

He was lost in that sensation when he felt Heero’s hands move out of his hair and down to his ankles. They were an arm’s length away, due to his position where Heero sat within his legs. They were warm with the gel too, though Duo hadn’t asked for attention in return. Well, not yet anyway. He smiled to himself. He buried his face in Heero’s neck, still caressing Heero’s shoulders, and felt his lover start to massage his calves and ankles, working out the aches and pains of the day.

That was what Heero was to him … his release, his reward, his resurrection.

He moaned softly and twisted against Heero. His hair caught up between them and tugged fiercely at his scalp. He tried to pull it behind him again, but Heero was leant tightly against him and he didn’t want to disturb that.

He laughed softly at the awkwardness. Heero didn’t want him to cut it – he loved the feel of it all, brushing his skin, warming him in bed, but hey, he didn’t have to cope with it in your eyes, twisting round your neck, snagging on tumbling limbs …

Heero was wriggling against him, and he could feel the heat of his need growing far more than the warm comfort of the massage oil. He gripped Heero’s shoulders and started to push him out of his lap. “I need you,” he whispered. “I need more than your hands, than your care. I need to feel you against me … to be in you. Heero …”

Duo’s words fed the hunger he’d been ignoring and his hands squeezed on the leg he held. A running shiver along flesh and nerves spiraled downward; Heero clenched his ass cheeks together in the anticipation. Already his skin flushed with his heart rate’s acceleration. Duo wanted him. Duo wanted him now!


He was going to get fucked.

The hands on his shoulders were pushing him, urging him out from between the legs. Heero threw a glance over his shoulder and felt the racing shiver again. Duo’s expression was intense and the intended objective was him. 


~ I need more than your hands, than your care. I need to feel you against me … to be in you. Heero … ~


In a moment, he was moving forward, rising up to kneel and hooking his thumbs in the elastic waistband. Duo’s hands were on his back, he could feel the warmth of the gel slick down over his shoulder blades. And the boxers were bunched around his knees.


He reached back and slid a hand down Duo’s side, and along his flank. “I want you in me.”


Duo’s breath caught in his throat. He looked from Heero’s dark, greedy eyes to the smoothness of his ass cheeks. Shit, he wanted him… the massaging had heightened every nerve in his body, every need in his heart. He wriggled quickly from his briefs, catching his foot in them as he tried to cast them aside, and gripping Heero’s hip to steady himself. He knelt up behind him and pressed his slick fingers to the crease and its shadow of promise.

Heero gasped under his touch and Duo knew neither of them wanted to wait around. But he wanted one more delight before he sank into this body, one more favour before the fuck. He stroked down Heero’s backbone, down and into the curve before his ass, then down to the hollow at the top of his thigh, and back up. Heero arched under him like a cat.

Smiling, his heart beating fast, Duo leaned forward and parted the cheeks. His tongue slipped gently down between them, and he began to lick. His hair fell forward, framing his face, tickling at Heero’s flesh. It snaked round his waist, licked across his thighs and tangled up against Duo’s chin as his mouth moved in and out for its prize. He licked into the small, puckered hole, teasing the sensitive skin around it, spitting hair to the side as he went.

His cock twitched between his legs, bobbing up against his belly, asking for its own reward. He knew he needed Heero, and soon.


“Oh fuck,” Heero groaned, lowering his head to peer between his legs. He could just see the nest of hair and tight sack, and Duo was bending again, his hands rubbing, stroking, sensitizing his skin. Heero bowed his back, hiking his hips to meet Duo’s seeking tongue.


His leg slipped off the couch, but he caught himself from tumbling over and used his foot on the floor for better leverage. Duo hadn’t stopped his assault, his tongue bathed and dove, and his lips kissed where teeth nipped. The pillow in Heero’s grip was shown no mercy.


“Duo,” he growled, pushing back, demanding more contact. That earned him a chuckle and a light slapped to the ass.


Releasing the cushion, he slid his hand under his body. His cock was hard, and jumped when he touched it. He didn’t want to jack-off, but he needed to be touched.




And he ran his palm up his cock, squeezed the head in his fingers, trying to think of not coming. Running his hand back down, he stopped and peeled away Duo’s hair that had stuck to his cock and his hand.


“No,” hissed Duo, lifting his head from between Heero’s legs. Saliva glinted on his lips; his hair covered one eye and made him look almost feral. From the wince on Heero’s face as he moved away from him, he reckoned there was hair tangled round his lover’s balls, but he couldn’t help that now. “Don’t touch yourself. Not yet. I want to do that. I want to warm you on contact, just like the marketing promises us …”

He shifted on the couch, sending the cushions groaning to one side, and earning another yelp from Heero as he tugged his hair back. Impatiently, he slung it over a shoulder, but it was sweaty and unruly now, clinging to any part of their slick bodies that it could find.

He stared at Heero, panting. “Turn over,” he moaned. “I want to see you, Heero. I want you to see what you’re doing to me.” He reached down and scrabbled on the floor, trying to find the bottle. “I want to slick this over you, all over you, up between your legs, up around your ass and over your belly, and then up inside you, make you ready for me, make you easy to slide into …” Words failed him. Heero had turned around and the light in his eyes was just as vibrant as his own. He lay back on the couch and put his hands to his knees. Do it, his eyes said.

Duo moaned softly. He was still fumbling for the bottle but he found his hair tie instead. Quickly, he twisted his hair up and bound it. Bits still tickled his ears but he couldn’t be worrying about it, it felt secure enough, though it felt a little bulbous on the top of his head. He turned back to Heero and saw the grin spreading over his lover’s face.

“What?” he said. “What’s so funny?”


Though he was still smiling, Heero shook his head silently and reached up to pull Duo down. Duo half braced himself with an arm to the back of the couch and the other along side Heero’s head. Bodies flush together for the moment, Heero’s thoughts were only on the feel of Duo – his weight comfortably manageable, his mouth and tongue and teeth and lips, breath across his cheek, and the heavy dick nestling itself alongside his own.


In a moment he was gasping, pulling away, but drawing Duo closer. The knotted length of Duo’s hair fell forward and Heero jerked aside before it had the chance to land a blow. With a growling laugh, Duo pushed himself up and started to peer over the side of the couch.


“Under the cushion,” Heero said, realizing what Duo was after. His legs drawn up, with knees bend, Heero watched Duo’s cock bob, a compass searching for due north.


Duo’s hand slid under the cushion and found the bottle at last. He knelt between Heero’s legs and flipped the lid open again – he watched Heero’s eyelids grow heavy, and his breathing fall shallow. He licked his lips and saw Heero’s eyes on his mouth. He grinned.

“Tastes of you,” he murmured. “I want more.”

He slicked more gel into his palms, covering his hands. He caught and held Heero’s eyes, and started to roll his fingers up and down his cock. He was so sensitive that it bobbed in his fist, begging for a firmer touch or a tighter haven. “Can’t wait for long,” he gasped, but Heero’s expression encouraged him – welcomed him.

He kept his cock in one hand and pushed open Heero’s legs with the other. He reached up under his lover’s balls and slid the tip of his finger inside him. Another followed. Heero’s hips arched up as if trying to draw him in. He continued to slick himself, slowly, almost lazily, but he was trying hard not to push himself over the edge.

“The weekend,” he whispered, “starts here.” He guided his cock, the head red and hot and swollen hard, up against Heero’s entrance, and he started to slide himself in. The gel was rich and warm and eased the way. His head dropped momentarily, his breath tight with joy in his chest. His makeshift topknot fell down again, slapping at his nose, and he shook it fiercely away.

Heero’s knees were gripping around his hips and his hands reached for Duo’s face, begging for kisses again, to mutter words into each other’s mouth, to cry out with the thrusts, to moan with the combined movement of their bodies, slick and familiar and delicious beyond food.

Seconds is all I’ll last, thought Duo with wonder and disappointment. He thrust into Heero and his hair drooped down again, curling round an ear and thudding against the nape of his neck. He smiled, ruefully; Heero was smiling too, but that may have been because Duo had curled his slippery hand around his cock now and was pumping along with his own thrusting.

The climax was racing, fast and furious and full of sweaty, gasping delight.


“Heero…” he could only manage a gasp. It was a groan, too, as muscles squeezed his cock, bedded deep inside Heero, spasming with their own delight. He felt an answering throaty cry from the man underneath him, and Heero’s fingers dug into his arms, gripping him tight, teeth grazing against skin as lips were bared back.

He was struggling to concentrate now, he could hear the couch springs creaking under their combined weight and unusual exuberance. A rivulet of sweat dripped off the base of Heero’s chin and dribbled down between their chests, slicking the skin. He groaned again into Heero’s neck, some of his escaped hair brushed into the corner of his damp eye, making him blink furiously.

He pumped at Heero’s cock, feeling it swell in his fist, feeling the throb along the vein that heralded his climax. The oil was so warm, so relaxing, and by now it had slipped its seductive trail over all the body parts that connected. He mentally added three crates of the damned stuff to next week’s shopping list …

Heero’s skin was hot against him from hip to knee, his cock struggling fiercely for completion inside Duo’s grip. Duo felt him shudder and his mouth open wide with a soundless cry, ghosting against Duo’s neck. “Come for me,” he whispered. “Make my day – as you always do. Warm me – better than any damned gel.”

Heero’s eyes locked on his just before they clouded with passion, and he suddenly grabbed out even more tightly. Duo opened his mouth to tell him to take care, then he was suddenly holding a handful of jerking flesh and spitting cum, thick and sticky and oozing out between them, adding to the slippery surface of their bodies.

Duo thought he might laugh with pleasure – then he thought he’d grimace instead. Then he couldn’t really make any kind of intelligible response because he was coming, and oh, so hard, and all he could do was cry out some nonsense and thrust as deeply into Heero as he could and grab out at the cushions to stabilize himself –

And then his hair fell down again, a huge swathe of thick, chestnut curtain, tumbling over his face and between him and Heero, and crawling into their eyes and their mouths and sticking to their noses and their necks. He was crying out and then cursing as well, and then as he tried to bat it all away he overbalanced, dragging Heero’s body after him, still connected, still deeply embedded in him, their cocks still sensitive and their hearts still thudding.

He rolled sideways, right off the couch, Heero falling clumsily on top of him –

And right on to the remaining pile of grapes, squashing them totally with his ass.


Heero had let go of Duo’s shoulder for a moment, trying to drag the hair out of his mouth and suddenly he was falling. With Duo. With Duo in him.


Catching himself with a straight arm before totally squashing Duo, Heero pushed himself upward, not quite kneeling but remaining astride Duo. He started to smile – Duo’s eyes had gotten large and his mouth worked without sound.


“Grapes!” Duo gasped, and instantly Heero understood.


Heero’s smile became a laugh that even the punch aimed at his arm didn’t stop. Duo’s hair was everywhere, fanned out around his head, strung between them as though fine fiber optic lines connected them – attached themselves to Heero by come, spit, sweat and gel. His laughter stopped, and he pulled hair from his mouth, off his nose and his eyes crinkled. They were a mess and would remain one until they showered. He bent and pressed a kiss to the middle of Duo’s chest.


Feeling Duo’s hands slide from his shoulders down his back, Heero peered upward to ask, “Shower first, or food that isn’t decorating your ass?”


“It can be transferred well…” Duo threat choked off; Heero smirked and clenched a specific set of muscles again. Duo’s “bastard,” was said with soft affection. Heero nodded in agreement, in no rush to move, and picked at the stray strands tacked to his chest, to Duo’s chest.


“Shower,” Duo said bucking his hips. “You’ll be scraping pulp out of the carpet enough,” his hips rocked again, “and I’m going to need substance to continue this,” another buck of his hips, “discussion.”


With a quirk of his lips, Heero eased up off of Duo, grasped Duo’s hand and stood, pulling Duo up with him. Giving a little extra tug, bringing him up sharply against his chest. Grapes were brushed from Duo’s ass with more than friendly fingers and a groping hand. His lips sliding into an easy smile, Heero kissed the yelp from Duo’s mouth, and stepped back, hair peeling away from his skin.


“You never did say a proper ‘hi’.”