1x2x1, some relationship angst, AU-probably, lemon.

For merith

From one of those memes where a sexual connotation was given to a household word!




Heero shifted awkwardly on the bed, nudging Duo with his ass.  Duo grunted crossly in reply and rolled further away from him.  They lay almost a metre apart, backs to each other.


“There’s no need to sulk.”  Duo was defensive.  “I just said…”


“You just said,” murmured Heero.  He knew his voice sounded tight.  “You just said this was tedious.  You implied I was unresponsive.  Like an inanimate object beneath you.”


“For God’s sake.”  Now Duo sounded angry and miserable. “I just said that sometimes I feel like I’m the only one doing any work.”  


“You said it was like fucking the couch.”  Heero reached for the top sheet but it had slipped off the bed and he couldn’t reach it easily.  He drew his hand back against his body, feeling more vulnerable than from purely physical nakedness. 


Duo growled in the back of his throat.  “Yeah, OK, I might have said that, but just the once.  Dammit, Heero, how long have you known me?  Sometimes I talk shit.  You ignore it well enough in daylight hours.”


Heero didn’t laugh at the joke, which he considered it barely was.  He stretched out his left leg which was starting to cramp. “You said you weren’t so much fucking me into the mattress…”


“As fucking the mattress.”  Duo sighed, too.  “I know.  I said that too.  Maybe I let my tongue run away with me.  So sue me.”  From the muffled thumps in Duo’s side of the bed, it sounded like he was beating his pillow into submission then shoving it back under his head.  Heero wondered if it improved his comfort in any way.


Heero lay silent for a while longer.  The bed felt twice its normal width.  The sheet underneath them felt cold on his side, despite the fact that ten minutes ago their bodies had been heating up the room, grappling, in the middle of sex that started enthusiastically enough.  Long, strong limbs spread over the bed; sweat-slicked skin; clenched muscles; muffled gasps and laughs and pleas.  Then somewhere along the way it had deteriorated into this stand-off. 


He waited to hear if Duo’s breathing steadied, implying he’d gone to sleep, but it didn’t happen.  This obviously wasn’t one of their half-bantering arguments that both of them had learned when to abandon.


“I’ve been…. distracted recently, I know.”  Heero didn’t think it sounded like an apology; more like the beginnings of his own defence.  Did he want Duo to understand, or just back off?


Duo’s shoulders shrugged behind him, Heero felt the vibration against his own pillow.  “So sometimes you’re not in the mood.”


“Just not in the same mood.”  Judging from Duo’s chilly silence, Heero didn’t think he was making himself any clearer.  “So…” he started again.


Hnh?”  Duo only grunted, but swiftly, as if he’d also been waiting for the quarrel to resume.  


Heero continued, carefully.  “So what piece of furniture would you like me to be?”


“Huh?”  The bed dipped as Duo’s body shifted, rolling back over.  “What the fuck’s this all about?” 


Heero knew that if he turned over as well he’d see the bright blue eyes fixed on him, demanding a response.  Duo didn’t do ‘coy’.  Heero had always admired that honesty in his lover, but just at this moment he didn’t feel up to the glare.  He stared ahead at the bedroom wall, moistened his lips and continued.  “Like one of those board games.  What car would you be.  What celebrity; what pet.  I’m asking, if I’m not a couch, what piece of furniture am I?”


He heard Duo’s breath hitch behind him and the bed shook slightly.  Heero didn’t assume his lover was laughing.  It might have been a shake of anger; frustration.  “You mean… like a table?”


Heero frowned; took a slow breath.  “OK, table.  Steady.  Supportive.”


Duo sniffed.  “Boring.  Wooden in more ways than one.”


Heero bit his lower lip.  “But you’d agree I have good legs.”


There was another silence behind him.  He could imagine Duo’s puzzled look.  “Well, yeah.  Damned fine legs.”  There was an awakening thread of amusement in Duo’s voice, albeit cautious.  “What about a chair?”


“Arms to rest on.  A place to spend leisure time.  Comfortable seat…”


Duo grunted.  “Your lap makes the boniest cushion I’ve ever sat on.”


Heero felt a shiver of remembered pleasure run across the back of his neck.  “That’s a bad thing?”


Duo definitely was laughing now, very softly.  Heero could feel the exhalation of breath between his shoulder blades.  “Cupboard.  What about a cupboard, then?”


Heero shifted carefully.  He could feel Duo’s knee nudging against the small of his back.  This time, he leaned back against it.  “Security.  Storage of valuables.”


“Closed door.  Hidden contents.  Utilitarian.”  Duo was shaking his head.  His voice moved down a notch on the husky scale. “Whatever I may have said tonight, that’s not you.  Cooker?”


“Warmth.”  Heero could feel real warmth now, both from the body behind him and in his own limbs.  “Provides sustenance.  Flames flickering; fierce.  Dangerous sometimes.”


Duo’s voice startled him, it was so close to his ear.  “It’s like that when you fuck me.”


Heero let out his breath, suddenly.  “The use of the word fuck…”


He didn’t need to finish, Duo was already nodding.  Heero liked that in him as well – his perception.  “Yeah, I know.  It’s kinda brutal.”


Heero agreed, his tone soft.  “Kind of inanimate in its own way.”


“Exciting though, sometimes.”  Duo’s voice was even huskier.


“Sometimes,” Heero agreed again, then fell silent.


Duo tensed up against his back.  “You saying I’m brutal sometimes?  More fond of fucking than –“


“Making love?” Heero interrupted.  “No, I’m not saying that.  It’s not true.”


“Making love.”  Duo echoed him, quietly, thoughtfully.  His right arm was between their bodies; his hand reached out almost aimlessly and began stroking down Heero’s spine.  “But that’s what it is to me, Heero.  Whether it’s so fast and desperate I barely have time to drop my pants past my knees, or whether it’s so slow and teasing we fall asleep on each other before we come.  That’s what it is to me.  Every time.  Every which way.”


“Me too,” Heero murmured.  Duo’s caress was very gentle, very soothing, very stimulating.  All those things, all at once.


Duo laughed again, still very softly.  “I was way out of line, right?  I apologise.  It’s only one night’s sex…”


Heero shook his head.  “It’s never only one night’s sex.  It’s about every day, our attitudes, the things we share.  That’s what makes us into an ‘us’.  Layers of experience.  A balance of our moods.  Of everything else in our lives.”


Heero sighed gently and rolled back over to face the other man.  Duo’s arm slid over his hip, gathering him back against him.  The bright blue eyes were there, as Heero had expected, but they were wary now.  Duo’s head dipped in against Heero’s shoulder, his lips moist on the skin of his neck.


Heero felt Duo’s arousal pressing against his thigh.  His own interest was awakened, a stab of desire coiling tightly in his gut.  He rubbed back against his lover.


Duo hissed.  “Fuck, Heero…”


“Expletive, not request?”


Duo chuckled.  “Yeah.  I just reckon that having gone through the rest of the house’s furniture, a couch isn’t so bad, eh?”


“Couch,” smiled Heero.  He could feel the relaxation seep through him, like a warm drink would slide down his throat. “Soft, padded surface.  Sometimes yielding.  Usually a comfort zone.” 


“Yeah,” hissed Duo, his mouth sucking softly at Heero’s shoulder.  “Could be either of us, at times.  Like I said, not so bad at all.”


“I apologise too.”  Heero nuzzled back, his hand cupping the dip under Duo’s buttocks, anchoring himself to the other man’s hips as they thrust shallowly against his groin.  “I shouldn’t bring the stress home with me all the time.  Work –“


“I know.”  Duo grimaced.  “You don’t have to say it.  I’m a greedy, possessive shit, and I don’t make allowances for the fact that your work sucks.  It wears you out.  It consumes your thoughts and emotions.”


“Like you do.  Like you should,” murmured Heero.  He watched the creases around Duo’s mouth from his smile; he saw the sparkle in the bright eyes.  He felt the impatience of Duo’s swelling cock, twitching against his leg, trailing its dampness along his own warm skin.  “You’re my greedy, possessive shit.”


Duo snorted, but his smile was wide and relaxed again.  “Too many words, Yuy.  Never thought that’d be one of your sins.”


“I have others?”


Duo laughed aloud and swung his leg over Heero’s thigh, straddling him.  He peered down at the man below him.  Both of them were panting slightly; their skin shuddered together, sweat drops springing up afresh.  “I want to make love,” Duo whispered.  “Don’t care who plays couch.”


Heero arched up against him, his fingers digging into Duo’s hips.  “Me neither,” he murmured back.  “Maybe we’ll both get to yield tonight.”


Duo’s eyes widened and he moaned gently.  “Enough teasing.  Shut up and roll over, and let me show you just how greedy and possessive I can be.”