by fancyfigures


A tiny bit of 1+2 fluff for hyanan, I bow to her artistic iconage!!






“For God’s sake, Duo, sit still!”


“Can’t … it tickles …”


“Well, I can’t achieve anything if you don’t.  You make my hand shake.”


“Shit, is it ruined?”


“No, but it gets really difficult when I have to go down here.  I wish I’d never started it now.”


“If it’s too much for you, you’d better leave it –“


“How can I?  I’m halfway through.  And what do you mean, too much for me?”


“I love it when your nose wrinkles like that, when you’re all pissed.  Your glasses slip down a bit.”


“For God’s sake, Duo, they’re there for practical purposes, not for your amusement.  I need to be able to concentrate on awkward things –“


“Awkward things, Heero?”


“Yes, you have to admit that I’m working in close quarters here, and my arm keeps slipping on your skin …”


“It’s warm in the apartment.  Don’t think I’m sweaty and excited by this or anything.”


“It never crossed my mind.  I’m working here.”


“And we all know how single-minded you can be at your work.”

“Yes, and when you’re pissed, your face goes the colour of tomatoes.  Stick your tongue back in, Duo, it’s disturbing my concentration. ”


“So how does it look?”


“The execution is excellent of course – but the result bizarre.”


“In English, Heero.  If I twist this way, can I see -?  I’m in some twenty kinds of suspense here.  Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea of yours after all.”


“My intention was to make you realise just what you’d look like.”


“Yeah.  I’ll look cool.”


“No.  You’ll look ridiculous.  You’ll regret it later on in life.”


“That’s later on, Heero.  I’m not a great fan of later on.  My brain doesn’t compute it too well.  I’m a now-and-maybe-tomorrow-morning kind of guy.”


“You should make more of an effort.  You have the chance of a future now.  There’s peace – there’s money – there’s friends.”


There’s you, Heero.”




“I like it when you blush and cough like that.  Just keep your hand steady.  I don’t want to be damaged in some way.”


“There.  Done.”


“I can see –“


“Duo, if you twist like that you’ll dislocate something.  Do you want a mirror?”


“It’s great, isn’t it?  You’ve done a good job.”


“I hope not.”


“What is it, Heero?  Don’t fancy the ass off me anymore?  Just ‘cos I’ve got a tattoo?”


“A mock tattoo.  I’ve only painted it on.  You can wash your own back when you realise how ludicrous it looks.”


“Nah, it’s great, you’re a great artist –“


“ – damned great Gundam spreading across your shoulders –“


“ – look, the scythe flexes when I do this -“


“Duo, you’re not listening, are you?  You won’t really go and get it done, will you?”


“Heero, hey, what’s up?  Of course I won’t.”


“You said you were going to, this weekend.”


“And you believed me.”


“And I believed you.  Right.  I deserve everything I get, don’t I?”


“Yep.  It was just one of those now-and-maybe-tomorrow-morning kinds of idea.  Let’s face it, I’m not about to let some guy prickle trails of painful colour all over my back when I can have you stroke it in with your brushes and fingers instead, am I?”


“Let me get this clear.  You let me go ahead, painting your body for the last hour, knowing all the time that you had no intention of actually having a tattoo.”


“Clear as crystal, Heero.  You are one articulate guy.”


“So that sweaty and excited feeling to your skin –“


“Yeah.  Couldn’t help that – you have one magnificent touch.  It was a very, very fine way to spend an hour, I can tell you.” 


“Duo …”


“What about a small tattoo on my thigh as well?  On the inside?  Maybe just a Wing, just an 01, just something to make me think of you when I touch down there –“


Duo …”


“Uh – your face is going that way again.  But you enjoyed it too, didn’t you?  Almost as much fun as when I posed for your life class homework.”


“Come back here –“


“ – nah, gotta go – pretty damned quickly I think –“


“ – now – “


“ – no, look, it was just a – “









“Yeah, I told you so.  It’s not dry yet, is it?  Now you’ll have to start all over again!”