By trixie


He wasn't the type for an orgy. He was steadfastly against group activities that included bodily fluids. He didn't need an excess of physical stimulation or sexual play to be happy. He didn't need those things to be in love.

It was an odd thing that it even happened. Like some sort of crazy movie with an unrealistic plot. It had been, of all things, Quatre's idea. Wu Fei knew what the brat was thinking, too. He wanted a chance to be with Trowa, again, possibly, depending on who told the story. That should probably have bothered him, but his relationship with Trowa wasn't the sort that allowed for a feeling like jealousy, or possessiveness. It might not even include something like love, but it was comfortable in a way that love might not ever be able to be, so it was good.

No, he never would have agreed to something like this, except that after Quatre suggested it, Duo perked up. He still wouldn't have agreed, because Yuy would never allow his probably lover, definitely roommate to cavort with others. But Yuy was persuaded.

Emotionally, it was a quagmire. He knew that, before he agreed, it would have to be. Quatre wanted to be with Trowa. He wanted Duo, and he thought Trowa probably did, too. He got the impression that Yuy agreed because he wanted Quatre. It was too messy, and their friendship was based on only happenstance to begin with, so it was all doomed to failure.

Of course, none of that had any bearing at all on the sex.

Everyone was finally sated, and just... piled together. Quatre was smiling a bit too widely, like he was waiting for someone to praise him. Duo hair was... everywhere. He'd been right, undoing it had been a mistake. And Trowa.

Trowa's fingers were brushing against his.


It was complicated, but he could handle complicated.