Update : from June 2006, I'm changing this page around a bit, maybe adding more thumbnails, so please bear with any upheaval over the next few months!

Here are some Fabulous pictures gifted to me, for which I'll be eternally grateful! and some that I just want to share with you. Many were inspired by or created for my fics, so they're drawn for Gundam Wing.  They're also linked to the individual fics on the fiction pages.
There's some great talent here - I've included the artist's details against each one (where I can), so that you can seek out more of their work too! 

* If anyone here does/doesn't want their details included, or if I've got any names wrong or anything, please let me know.
* And if anyone feels inspired by my fics to draw anything, I'd be thrilled to hear from you, and to include it here!
* P.S. 
the animated icon has been created from pictures that I drew, then cynbaby coloured and animated them!


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See also some fiction gifted to me on this page. 

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and w
atch the WARNINGS! because   citrus abounds...

and more below!

   Concern by suzume_tori

   Heero and Duo by natea

   Ambush by link_worshiper 


lovely 'lemon' icons made for me by misao_duo

  my 'Hug it Better' icon for merith

   my sketch of Good Times
                    coloured by lisa-chan 

  Burning by link_worshiper

   Ittaaiii by lisa-chan 

   Big Hug by lisa-chan 

    Forbidden Lovers by lisa-chan - UPDATED 

    Forbidden Lovers by lisa-chan 

and keep scrolling down for more!

Beautiful signature banner by misao-chan


  Bored Duo by Daimeryan_rei  

  my sketch of Neko, coloured by lisa-chan 

  Top Marks by lisa-chan                            

  (Very) Close Proximity by link_worshiper 

  Duo+Heero+chocolate kisses by sami-pi 

  my sketches of 'mission:accomplished'
       coloured by
  manga page artwork for 'Close Proximity' 
Lara Yokoshima                    

  my sketch of Zechs in the snow, coloured by lisa-chan          
  my banner for sunhawk16's Psycho Trowa Contest,
       coloured by 
  animated icon by cynbaby, from my sketches
  Waiting for the loved one by Miss Shepherdess  
  Heero in kimono by gwy                                  
  Worth Waiting For by Silke                              
  0102 for sharing, by penguinkye                      
  inspired by True Colours, drawn by penguinkye  
  for FancyFigures by Suzume Tori
  Kiss by lisa-chan

MORE GORGEOUS ART... continued

  Seafood by lisa-chan                                       
  True colours by Spade
  Best days? by sara-chan                          
  Happy birthday from daimeryan_rei
  Pink Thing by gwy                                  
  Baby Duo by sara-chan
  Duo & Wufei by wing for dacia                   
  I'll Stand by You by chiya
  Find Me (sketches) by gwy     
  Find Me by gwy                                  
  Poles Apart by p l nunn
  His gift by wing                                       
  True Colors by link_worshiper 
  Merry xmas by wing                                 
  Practice makes Perfect by lisa-chan 
  Scanty Heero & Duo by  daimeryan_rei        
  Sparks Fly by Juzilla 
  Sleepy Pilots by wing                                
  Sparks Fly by Silke
  Special Delivery by lisa-chan                      
  'Sperminator' by wing  
  'Spurtacocks' by wing                              
  Sweet Summer Sweat by lisa-chan     
  Sweet Summer Sweat by CleverYoungThief  
  SundaeHeero by lisa-chan 
  Upshoulders by wing                                  
  Wizards by link_worshiper
  Vampire Hunter d by wing                    
  Irvine & Zell by wing
  VHD (b&w) by wing                                   
  VHD (color) by wing
  chibilove by wing                                     
  Bodyheat by Ponderosa
  Flavor no7 by Ponderosa

MY PICTURES!!  (very few, very novice ...)  

for sharon's birthday 2006, coloured by cynbaby
click on them for larger image

I just call it valentine

I don't know what to call him ... *lol*

... but here he is again!

drawn for the 5th anniversary of Moments of Rapture - A Good Time Will Be Had By All!