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Latest update:  06 August 07 (GW-Lemon/Kaori Yuki/Other)   

And a New Award for her in The Vault's Summer Lovin' Contest 2006!

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This is just a modest idea of mine, to showcase a talented artist who doesn't have her own site up yet, and who's done some great illustrations for my fics in the past.

That's Lisa-chan! A very talented artist, and here are some of her fabulous pics.  She has a distinctive, delicious style, with a mischievous and spectacular eye, particularly for the erotic.  Most of them are Gundam Wing based, all are great Fun!  Here's an introduction from her in her own words...

"Hi ^^!
My name’s Lisa-chan, also known as Yamilisa. So ehm... Stuff I like are anime, manga and yaoi. And pretty boys, obviously. Shaking their asses ^_^. And drawing, of course. I've already had different fandoms. The very first one was Candy Candy (when I was still a little girl ^^). Then much much later came Rurouni Kenshin, Pokemon (don't laugh), Gundam Wing (yay), Yu-gi-oh, Gravitation. And ANGEL SANCTUARY! Yeah! And then there are still the yaoi shows I adore, like Fake, Kizuna, and the more *cough* graphic stuff.
Artist wise, Kaori Yuki is my goddess.
Kind of music I listen to, ehm, used to like Siam Shade (still do, but I want a bit of a change now), Bond, Linkin Park, and my current
obsession: Muse.

Well, that's about all I think."

    Her work can be found at Deviant Art
    And her Live Journal here.
 And look out for these AWARD-WINNING pics!! 

For each pic, click on the thumbnail. PLEASE DON'T REPRODUCE anything on this page anywhere else, except for your private use, without checking with the artist first.  And DON'T LINK directly to images on this site, if you want to look at them offline, just save them to your own PC (I have only a modest bandwidth!).

Send me  or lisa-chan feedback if you liked any of them! Or if you find any errors or broken links.
and watch the WARNINGS!  because many of these pics are very adult in nature, and I wouldn't want anyone to be unintentionally offended.  

Pics for me and my Fics
Hot 'n Horny Series
Slice of Lemon (GW)
Twist of Lime (GW)
Gundam Wing - even more!
Calendar Boys
Inspiration - Kaori Yuki

Ruroni Kenshin
Other Characters
Original Characters
The Lyric Series (Adult themes)


    new visitors to the Gallery - all welcome!

Pics for me and my Fics   

Seafood              Practice             SweetSummer

SundaeHeero      SpecialDelivery      DuoOnBed

DidYouKnowHow   Kiss                    TopMarks       

ZechsSnow**      Mission...**        ...Accomplished!**

Neko **               PsychoTrowa**    Neko2**

WhoThrewThat**   Trowa**            AGoodTime**

**chibis drawn by me and coloured by lisa-chan

ForbiddenLovers..  ..Updated             BigHug

Ittaaiii                 TeddyBears&

Hot 'n Horny Series (GW Pilots 01-05)

Bullseye                RideToTheStars         Peek-a-boo

ButYouLikeIt          Wanna Play?

Slice of Lemon (Gundam Wing)  

HipsTheyMove        Uh-oh!Busted!        F*dSilly

AccessDenied        NakedForYour          MakingLoveInThe 
                          ViewingPleasure       HeavensUpAbove

Kissy-Kiss              SatedAndHappy      WeWeren'tDoing

19licks                  SayAhh                 MakesMeWanna...

Twist of Lime (Gundam Wing)   

HalloweenTreat      BoundBonded          Don'tMessWithMe

ThinkingOfYou       ThinkingOfYou          EasterAnimal

HavingFun             DuoSmexiness          HoldMeLisa

PartyAnimal           ProtectMe               DanceDirty  
                          FromMyself              ToMeBaby

RideMeCowboy       RomanceALaYuy       Romance

Shnuggle              You'reKillingMe!         WhatTheHell?

DunWannaGetUp    UndressWithStyle


Gundam Wing - even more!    

Angel&Demon         BabyReveries            

DownOnTheFarm     FamilyPortrait           TakeTheRattle

ICanBe                  ODignity                  NotMyIdea
SeriousToo             WhereArtThou?        OfHappiness

LostSouls               OnTheOtherSide       PastelDuo

PeaceMan                 RunawayQuatre        SplitPersonality

JustHanging            LetMeLickYou          LookAtTheTail**


*this was based on a reference/stock picture at

**this was a collaboration with yukioangeldemon, see her work at

Calendar Boys

CuddlySoftJanuary   Februarish             LethargicMarch   

EcstaticApril            DirtyMay              EvilJune


HeroicJuly               TropicalAugust      WetSeptember

GreedyOctober       Provocative            HungryDecember



Inspiration - Kaori Yuki     

EnvyTheKitten      HeDidn'tDoIt            Metatron

Raziel                   Rosiel                    Setsuna

PlayingWith            WaitUp!                BunnieDied


Ruroni Kenshin

Battousei                FireflyRendezvous    InTheSpotlights

Kaoru'sWish            KilledMyHappiness     CanIgetYour

Other characters       

AfterTheBadGuys     SinfullyBeautiful      Charmed

Re:EmmaWatson      Johan                  Re:JunMatsumoto

HowdoYouWantMe   WhatYouCanDo        PotterHalloween

Miyavi                   ItWouldBeGreat      IFinallyFound
                           IfYou'dKissMe         AComrade


*includes an original character by Justin/reference in 'Original'

Original characters     

Dotting             RosesAnd           PinkElephant
                       Hearts              Tribe

Bollywood          DownfallOf          Gluttony
                       AnAngel             (warning-children)

ILikeBoys           ReadyForClass      What'sUp? 

StopStaring!*    It'sAGuyThing   

*Includes an original character (OC) 
  called Cornelius, created by artist

JungleBoy          OhYeah?!            ItStartedOn

Casparette,       Don'tLookNow,     ComingOut
TheFriendly        but....

ChristmasCarol    DidMamaNever     WhenItSnows                     

LoveCrumbs       PoorLittleCupid     NudeModel

KeepMeSafe        PerfectFamily      SweetBitch

The 3 pictures above were drawn for lisa-chan's friend Justin -
find his LiveJournal here

GodOfLove         WhatWouldYouDo   Bagoas

BirthofThumbelin  KissInTheForest*  PleaseStay

*includes an Original Character by Justin

MyMamaWas       ScapaBoy            StarReaper

AngelJump          AssassinIsBorn      MourirdAimer
                       (warning -adult content)


The Lyric Series     
(adult themes)

Alcoholism             DrugUse               Death

Murder                 SpousalAbuse        Suicide

SelfHarm              ChildAbuse             Isolation

Homosexuality         Pedophilia              Poverty

Prostitution          ChildEndangerment

The lyrics that helped to inspire these are: 
Pedophilia: "Fury" from Muse
Suicide: "Nobody's Listening" from Linkin Park
Child Endangerment: "Megalomania" from Muse
Spousel Abuse: "Screenager" from Muse
Self Harm: "Screenager" from Muse
Child Abuse: "Bloody Train" from Siam Shade
Poverty: "Muscle Museum" from Muse
Isolation: "Unintended" from Muse
Homosexuality: "Unintended" from Muse
Alcoholism: "Escape" from Muse
Drug Use: "Time is running out" from Muse
Death: "Falling Down" from Muse
Murder: "Grayish Wings" from Siam Shade
Prostitution: "Screenager" from Muse

lisa-chan's AWARDS




The Vault's 2004 Yaoiful Yuletide 
Contest -  3rd Place Group Character
  Uh-Oh! Busted!




The Vault's 2004 Yaoiful Yuletide 
Contest -  3rd Place Humor
  O Dignity, Where Art Thou?




The Vault's 2004 Yaoiful Yuletide 
Contest -  3rd Place Romance
  You're Killing Me!




The Vault's 2004 Summer Lovin' 
Contest -  2nd Place Angst
  Lost Souls




The Vault's 2004 Summer Lovin' 
Contest -  1st Place Lemon
  Hips They Move




 The Vault's 2004 Summer Lovin' 
 Contest - 1st Place Single Character




GQ Quatre 2005 Fashion Fanart 
Contest - Second Place Winner
  Runaway Quatre

The Vault's 2006 Summer Lovin' 
Contest - 3rd Place Group
  What You Can Do, I Can Do Too