Commissioned pictures

I don't have a lot of spare money for art (or anything, really!) but I have commissisoned a couple of things, and these are showcased below.


Commissioned picture - Stuck in the Closet with You

This picture was commissioned from the lovely keire_ke to illustrate my fic Stuck in the Closet With You.  I'm so thrilled with it, it captures the humour and romance between the guys after getting trapped in a closet together and being forced to find out many - and interesting! - things about each other!

Commissioned pictures - the Gundam Wing pilots

These are some pictures that I commissioned from porcelain of the GW boys that I love to write about.  Her style is gorgeous and these make a beautiful, haunting set of portraits.  I'm thrilled with them!  
Update Sept 2006 : they won an Award in The Vault's Summer Lovin' Contest 2006

The icons here don't do them justice -  click on each one to see the full version.  ^_^

Her Art LiveJournal account is here.  I can't recommend her work highly enough.


01 Heero Yuy        02 Duo Maxwell       03 Trowa Barton



04 Quatre Winner   05 Wufei Chang     06 Zechs Merquise

She also drew a favourite character of mine, Folken from Escaflowne (click for larger version) :


Commissioned picture - Heero & Quatre

I commissioned this picture as a gift for wildchildcait in 2007.  It was drawn by the very talented and professional Silke, she's captured their expressions so well and the whole picture has a great charm.

Commissioned pictures - Summer Drabble chibis

I commisssioned a set of three 1x2x1 chibi pictures from anime_fishi to accompany some of my Summer Drabbles. 
Here they are - click on the icons to view!!

Wordplay                 Ice Cream Chibis         Love Dice

Aren't they gorgeous?!!
She's taking other commissions if you're interested, click on her contact details here:
DeviantArt page / her email