Terms of Endearment

by corazon

"Hon, can you come taste this?"

Heero's left eyebrow shot toward his hairline. He got up without a word, leaving the newspaper on the living room sofa, and walked into the kitchen. The scent of garlic was thick in the air, along with the smell of tomatoes and boiling pasta.

Duo carefully scooped a little red sauce from the pan he was heating it in. He held the long plastic spoon out for Heero, cupping his hand under the steaming sauce so it wouldn't drip on the floor. "Just tell me what you think."

Heero leaned forward and blew the steam away, softly slurping the hot tomato sauce off the spoon. He nodded and made a soft noise of approval at the taste.

Duo smiled and turned the stove burner down so the sauce wouldn't burn. He stirred up the spaghetti noodles being boiled, checking them for softness and sucking his wet fingers.

Heero stood next to the American, gently rubbing up and down along the man's spine as Duo cooked dinner. "That was nice," he said.

"Thanks. I tried making the sauce myself tonight instead of buying it in a jar."

"No, not the sauce." Heero smiled and slid his arms around Duo's slender waist. "You called me 'hon'."

Duo laughed, a bit of color spreading on his cheeks. "Yeah, well... I didn't know if you'd like it or not."

"I did." Heero pressed a kiss to Duo's neck. "But now I have to think up some kind of pet name for you."

Duo elbowed Heero gently, getting him to back up as he took the pot of boiling pasta off the stove. "You don't have to. I'm perfectly all right with you calling me-"


Duo nearly spilled boiling water on himself. "What?"

"Kitten. You don't like it?" A little smirk curled on the side of Heero's mouth, just enough to leave his sincerity in question.

"I... Why kitten?"

"I just like it best." Heero held up his hand, counting off on his fingers as he listed: "Sugar, Sugar-Pie, Sugar-Cake, Muffin, Babe, Baby, Buttercup, Pookie, Sweet, Sweetie, Sweet-thing, Hon, Honey, and Honey-bunch." He cocked his head to the side. "Kitten is better than any of those for you."

Duo chuckled and shook his head. "Okay, Heero. Whatever you say." He strained the pasta in the sink, then took the bowl of noodles over to the dinner table.

Heero stepped in behind him, sliding his hands up the front of Duo's shirt and rubbing the man's sexy stomach. "And I love the way you purr when I rub your belly," he murmured.

Duo grinned and tilted his head back to kiss Heero on the lips. "Hon... get your hands out of my shirt or you'll be combing spaghetti out of your hair."