By lil_1337




Duo sighed. He really hated being sick and whatever this was wouldn't go away. He'd had test after test and three months later he was still fucking sick. It was enough to drive a saint to drink and god knows he was no saint. If that wasn't bad enough Sally was looking over his test results looking half amused and half bemused. That couldn't be a good sign.

"Give it to me straight, Doc. What's wrong?"

Sally cleared her throat. "Well, acording to these," she tapped the sheaf of paper in front of her. "You're pregnant."

Duo blinked, shook his head and blinked again. "You've got to be fucking me."

Smirking, Sally leaned back in her chair. "No, but apparently Heero is."


"So, that's how the alarm clock became embedded in the wall?" Heero frowned. "Were you having a nightmare?"

Duo shuddered and nodded. "The worse one ever!"