By trixie

Yellow, gohxtaki, lemon



He hates this dream. He walks into the apartment, and Taki has two young boys in the kitchen, all in various states of undress. Taki turned to look at him over his shoulder, licking his lips. Come join us, he offers, but Goh turns and ducks inside his bedroom quickly, disgusted.

Hours later, when the moaning and banging and screaming has stopped, Goh goes out to get something to eat, because he skipped dinner for Taki's sex. Taki is still 'saying' goodbye to one of the boys at the door, kissing him so passionately, one might think they were long lost lovers. Goh keeps making his dinner, because he's tired of being outcast for Taki's libido.

When Taki comes back inside, finally, he goes to the fridge to get something to drink. He purposefully brushes against Goh, and smirks at him as he drinks his water. Why don't you just give in? I can practically taste you salivating. You want me, right? He denies it, of course he does. It's sickening to him. He reminds Taki that he's straight, and he always will be. Still, Taki presses him to the counter, and kisses him, hard. It's enough to make him want to hit Taki, but he doesn't. His knees get watery instead. He weakens. He moans a little even.

And then, Goh wakes up. He hates that dream, because it gives him hope that maybe Taki really does want him.