Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, nor do I own the characters. I have borrowed them here for some fun and creativity, and this is not for profit. I do, however, own the plot mentioned here, and any instances that you may find similar to real life events are purely a coincidence.
Rating: R
Pairing: 1+2
Notes: Not beta-read. Follow-up to A Sticky Situation.
Title: On Avoiding Sticky Situations


He tried not to think about the hand on his knee. Or, the hand on his thigh. Or the hand closing in towards his crotch.

No, he wasn’t involved in a threesome or an orgy, and his lover hadn’t mutated to having three hands; the one hand was simply sliding from his knee towards…

Heero decided that he had to demonstrate his ability to multitask between three things, and his hand left the stick shift, reaching quickly over to tease his lover with a rub through the tight jeans.

Duo moaned. “You want to drive two at the same time?”

Heero decided that Duo only needed to know that he could drive and tease him at the same time. The third thing he was doing in his multitasking scheme was diverting Duo’s attention from him. Sure enough, Duo’s hand faltered.

But then Heero had to move his hand back to the stick shift to do a gear change. He moved his hand to Duo’s thigh again when he could, rubbing a finger at the inside seam of Duo’s thigh.

The sooner they got home, the better.

He should have known better than to take Duo’s car; it was a manual after all. His own car was an automatic, much easier to drive when Duo was trying to distract him. They’d only had dinner with the guys, but Duo was horny, and Heero had known that before they left the house.

In Heero’s defense, he wouldn’t have minded being late if it meant being in the shower with Duo to alleviate their wants and needs. A hard week at work had left them too exhausted to do more than curl up together, and they had anticipated spending Friday night together in bed, after the dinner.

It was Duo who had stubbornly said he didn’t want to be late. And the same man couldn’t wait to start until Heero got them safely home. This told him that Duo could be very patient, or very impatient, when it came to Heero.

He endured the attention Duo gave him; at least Duo wasn’t leaning over to tease his neck.

Shit, did his lover have psychic powers? The hand was suddenly moving up, a finger tickling teasingly at that spot behind his ear.

“I’m going to leave a mark there,” Duo promised softly.

God, he wanted to just park down a dark street and crawl over Duo. He wanted to let Duo kiss and nip and suck there to mark him. He wanted to teach Duo a lesson about patience, although a moment later Heero realized that what he had in mind would probably make Duo repeat his ‘impatience’ mistake, just to get the lesson again.

But he had to be the sensible one. His priority was getting home.

“I’m more interested in leaving marks down here…” Heero replied, touching Duo’s thigh again. “Now, hands off until we get home. Just two minutes.”

“Aw, why?” Duo asked with a mock pout. “It’s not like I’m doing enough to make you drive off the road.”

But he was doing enough to make Heero want to jump him right when he put the car into parking mode.

It seemed that Duo had the same idea. Once Heero pulled the car into the garage, Duo had unbuckled himself and was reaching to twist the key, shutting the car down. Heero was undoing his seatbelt when Duo grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. Heero could just hear the garage door close. But still, he had to get out of the car. He nudged Duo, nipping his lower lip.

“I was a boy scout and brought the lube. Let’s do it here,” Duo breathed, before leaning down over Heero and pulling the lever that would shift the driver seat back. Heero took the opportunity to move then, blocking Duo by pulling him up for another kiss, this one aggressive enough that Duo let him take control.

Then, knowing Duo would need a moment to recover, Heero opened the door and got out of the car. He straightened, knowing that Duo wouldn’t be able to see his flushed face and would only see his torso. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding a hand in to massage his aching member. He heard Duo moan, and he ducked down to see Duo.

His lover’s eyes flicked up to meet his when he bent. Heero smirked.

“Come get it,” he said before moving and shutting the car door.

He could hear Duo curse as he fumbled to right himself and get out of the car, and Heero took the time to unlock the door, thanking his and Duo’s foresight to get a house with an attached garage. He toed off his shoes and was walking down the hallway when the door slammed shut behind him, followed by sounds of shoes being kicked off while feet were still in motion. Then, Duo had spun him around, pressing him against the wall and turning his head aside, his mouth pressing against that sensitive spot behind Heero’s ear as he pressed his body against Heero’s.

Heero slipped his hands into the back pockets of Duo’s jeans, pulling Duo’s hips closer as Duo made good on his promise.

And before he let himself get carried away, Heero congratulated himself on completing his mission and keeping his newly amended resolution. The only bottle they would have opened would have been the lube, which would have been fine…

But damn if he was letting anything sticky get near any stick shift again.

- END -