By lilzazu





Heero picked up his cell phone as he navigated his way out of the parking garage on his way home from work.

"Duo?" he asked as a greeting, wondering why the other had called him when he was due to be home in fifteen minutes. What couldn't wait fifteen minutes to be said face to face?

"So tell him what you think!"

"Duo?" Heero frowned as he reached a red light, wondering why his lover's voice seemed muffled.

"So don't let him...oh. I didn't know Tro-man liked THAT."

Heero blinked, wondering what it was Trowa liked that surprised Duo so much.

"Well Heero liked to tie my hands to the headboard but he knows I prefer to be touching him-"

No. Duo was not talking about him behind his back. Duo was not telling Quatre (he assumed) about what they did in bed. There was no kissing and telling in their relationship!

"I mean, the guy's got muscles of steel under his skin and his hair is soft although it might not look like it. He's got this sensitive spot right at his lower back...I can hear you blushing over here Quatre."

Heero stared in horror at the car in front of him. Duo shouldn't have told Quatre THAT. It was private! Even as Duo said it Heero felt himelf shiver, feeling the ghost of the touch of Duo's hand at that spot, an echo of what had happened just last night. He glanced at the clock then glared at the slow car in front of him. He had to get home right away and get Duo off of the phone before more damage was done.

Before more of his secrets were given away.

Heero refused to think that this may not be the first time Duo and Quatre had these sorts of conversations.

"Just thinking about Heero's fingers passing my side makes me shiver," Duo chuckled. "Doesn't Trowa do that to you?"

By now Heero had deduced that Duo may have accidentally called him; the other man liked to leave his phone in his pocket but often forgot to lock the keybad. Just the other time he'd accidentally called the local police force and received a warning not to be so careless.

"Just because Tro-man likes the kitchen and likes to eat food off of you, I don't particularly enjoy having overly sticky skin. Heero, on the other hand, his body...would be a very nice dinner plate. What did Tro put on you?"

Heero was about to deny ever including food in their play...but the idea of Duo's tongue licking over his skin, hands touching and pinching as he picked at food...

Heero suddenly wanted to be home for more than one reason, as evidenced by the heat down there.

Duo was groaning a little. "So if you don't like chili, ask him to use something else...compensation? What did you do to him? What? No, you didn't...Quatre! You naughty blonde!"


Heero was getting curious as to why made Quatre qualify as a 'naughty blond'. Thoughts of what sorts of activities could take place and qualify as 'naughty' had Heero discreetly dropping his hand to give himself some relief.

"I don't have any of that."

Any of what?

"No, I will not buy a whip for Heero, Quatre. You may like to be the circus ringmaster but I...Roleplay? We don't need that!"

What? But what about that time- Stop it! He should be glad that Duo wasn't mentioning it!

"Okay once. Heero was the nerd who knew all about science and nothing about cars. He brought his car into the garage and I showed him a bit about what was wrong with the way he handled his stick shift...and also discovered he-"

"Duo no!" Heero yelled, desperate to stop Duo from saying it.

"-was a nerd with a lace thong fetish. That had been fun...Heero feels good to touch when wrapped in lace."

Heero threw his car down the street, leaving a layer of rubber as he swung the car into the driveway and raced into the house. Plucking the phone from Duo while he pushed the man against the counter and held him there with his hips, Heero ground himself against his lover's ass as he spoke into the phone.

"The lace was his fetish, but I've gained a new fetish, Quatre. I like to tape Duo's mouth shut so he won't be so talkative, because he has quite a dirty mouth."

An odd sort of silence greeted him along with the snickers of Duo, pinned unresisting under him. Heero glanced at the phone and noticed that it was off.

"You think I'd be telling Quatre about you?" Duo asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his cellphone so he could disconnect the line. "You don't seem to remember that I am rather possessive when it comes to you, but also rather disgreet, which is why I closed the garage door on that one roleplay scene we did."

"Then why-" Heero pulled back, leaving enough room for Duo to twist himself around and flip them over so that Heero was now pinned against the counter. He rubbed his own hips against Heero's, his hand snaking around to pull the shirt from Heero's pants so he could run his fingers by that sensitive spot he had mentioned.

"Hot and horny, waiting for you to get home," Duo purred. "Do you want to put that thong back on and tie me up? I think the feeling of you in the lace rubbing over me while I can't touch you in return would be the perfect revenge for the teasing I did while you were driving home." He leaned forward and licked Heero's ear. "Don't you think?"

Heero needed no second invitation, and dragged his chuckling lover towards their bedroom, intending to do just as his lover suggested.

Even if he had to wear that uncomfortable lace again. He wouldn't tell Duo, but he liked the feeling of the lace separating him from Duo's skin.

The matching lace bra would be perfect to tease Duo's chest with...

But he'd save that for another time.