By fancyfigures
Gundam Wing, 1x2x1, NC17, humour
Warnings : None
Disclaimer : Mine? I wish.

Duo waved the pair of red silk boxers in the air like some kind of trophy. “So what kind of saucy Christmas present is this?”

Heero sat slumped on the floor beside him, surrounded by ripped and discarded wrapping paper. “Don’t know. Not from me.” He gave a discreet belch. A piece of errant tinsel hopped from his sleeve on to his lap, alarmed by the gentle vibration.

“Yeah, thanks for sharing that,” chuckled Duo. He leant back clumsily against the leg of the table, rattling the half empty bottle of margarita mix on the table top. One of a selection of frosted glasses toppled and fell on its side. There were eight of them in total. All empty. A light sprinkling of spilled salt glittered in the reflection from the Christmas tree lights.

Duo chuckled again, just for the hell of it. “I love margaritas. Cool; sharp; sexy. Like me."

Heero's only reply was a grunt.

"Want me to make some more?"

Heero looked hazily at the mess of spilled liquor on the floor under the table and the spattering of maraschino cherry juice on his jeans. "No," he said.

"Do you think we’re drunk, Heero?”

“’S Christmas,” Heero replied. He pronounced Christmas very carefully, as if it were a three-syllable word. Meant to get drunk at Christmas.”

Duo sighed. He remembered he'd been admiring his gifts and he glanced down at the boxers on his lap. “Cute. They're cute. You’re not usually a guy who does ‘cute’, Heero.”

“Am so not,” said Heero, affronted. “You’re the cute one.” He hiccupped and his paper hat slipped over his left ear. “ Don't you 'member? I’m the cool one with the sexy hair. You have the cute ass.”

Duo raised his eyebrows. Then his head started to hurt so he let them slide down again. Sez you. Is that why you gave me these prov- provoca- cute boxers?”

“Didn’t,” protested Heero, shaking his head. Then he wished he hadn’t. When his vision cleared again he frowned at Duo. “Who the hell is buying you provoc- cute underwear? Should only be me.”

Duo grinned. “Dunno. It’s the last gift I opened – got everyone else’s. No name on the wrapper. Must be from my Secret Santa.”

Semen Center?” Heero peered at him, trying to focus. Duo looked even cuter in triplicate. “Where’s that?”

Duo sighed. That crease between Heero’s brows looked unbearably sweet. He thought he might crawl over and lick it, see how it tasted.

“Put ‘em on,” ordered Heero.

“Huh?” Duo was already up on his hands and knees, wondering why Heero kept moving in and out of perspective.

“Boxers. Put 'em on. Now.”

Duo liked to encourage the master Heero. As often as possible. He unzipped his jeans and peeled them off his legs. Not easy, when he suddenly seemed to have extra limbs and his fingers had swelled thicker than sausages. Then he rolled off his plain briefs and wriggled the boxers up over his ass.

Whaddya think?” He knelt up, legs outspread and his arms thrown out in a dramatic pose.

Heero was up on all fours as well, the wrapping paper from their shared gifts crunching under his knees. “Message on the butt,” he said, his eyes unable to move above Duo’s waist. “What’s it say?”

Duo craned his head back over his shoulder and grinned. “Sez ‘Make a Christmas wish’. Snowball. Holly and candle on the top of it. Cute as hell. You wanna make your Christmas wish?” He wriggled his ass and nearly overtoppled.

“Take ‘em off,” muttered Heero. He looked very flushed and was fumbling at the fastening of his own jeans.

“Huh?” Duo groaned. “But I only just put ‘em on -“

“Off.” Heero was stalking over to him like a predatory animal with his jeans slipping down around his knees. Duo liked that look on him, too.

“Might not want to,” he teased.

Heero growled. “Only saying it once.” His tongue felt thick in his mouth and it wasn't from the margaritas.

Duo rolled his eyes up and then winced, waiting for them to come back down into their sockets. “Ooh, look,” he announced, glancing down again. “There’s a message on the front, too.”

“Off.” Heero repeated in a growl. “Get them off. Now.”

He grabbed at Duo’s ankle and the two of them fell in a heap together back on to the floor. Heero slid his hands inside Duo’s silk boxers, and wrenched them down.

Duo was flailing about on his back, pretending he couldn’t control his arms so that Heero would just continue whatever he was doing that was feeling really fine. He liked the way the warm air of their lounge tickled at his naked skin. He liked the soft tug of his erection bouncing out into freedom, curving up against his belly. He liked the soft hisses that Heero made when he wanted Duo, and wanted him badly.

And he loved it when Heero didn’t so much go down on him as gobble down on him, hot and greedy and desperate. He gasped, tangling a hand into Heero's thick, sexy hair and watching his lover's head bob up and down at his groin. He felt completely helpless, but it wasn't like he was going to complain. Took all his concentration to do the thrusting back, anyway. He moaned, and Heero groaned softly in reply, sucking hard around the crown of his cock.

Duo's other hand stretched out across the carpet and curled around the discarded boxers. He turned his head slightly to read the logo on the front. Blow here it said.

He grinned and relaxed back into the delicious attention.

Guess Heero was just about to do cute after all!