Icon drabble

by trixie



Every morning, he got up at seven, and worked out for an hour. His body was his trade, so he had to be in perfect shape, always. His weight tended to fluctuate rapidly with even a few heavy meals, and he showed it, so he had to be fit. After all, most of the time, there was nothing left to the imagination.

His schedule was refined over the years, and no one was more aware of his growing age than Izumi himself. But he was disciplined, and he was focused. He was a professional.

Katou was young. He ate like a horse, and never showed it at all. He slept until two minutes before he had to run out the door, and still looked great. He wanted to stay up until three am having sex.

He sometimes forgot to set the alarm.

Iwaki sighed, and rolled over.

Well, it certainly wasn't all bad. And he was getting exercise.