2x1, NC17, for zazu’s birthday 2009





“I’ve learned a lot in the last year, Heero.”


Heero felt Duo’s words, rather than heard them.  That was because there was a rushing noise in his ears as the blood pumped fiercely around his body.  His loud panting didn’t help, either.  Or was that Duo’s panting he could hear?  He hadn’t been able to distinguish between the two of them ever since Duo’s head slid down his body and Duo’s breath surrounded his erection, and ever since Duo’s lips sucked slowly and greedily around his balls…

Ah yes, and that would be why he felt Duo’s words so keenly.


Duo sucked more enthusiastically.  At the same time, he swiped his tongue around the base of Heero’s cock.  “Did you hear me?”


Heero replied as best he could, his back arching and his skin shivering with the pleasure.  “Hn.”  It wasn’t the most coherent speech he’d ever made, but hell.  He was in bed.  Naked.  Making love with Duo.


Duo sighed.  It stirred the nest of Heero’s pubic hairs at his groin.  “You wanna hear exactly what I’ve learned?”


Heero thought that was possibly the very last thing on his current list of Things To Orgasm To, but Duo did so love to talk.  To share.  Heero felt warmth inside him as well as out.  “Yes.  Please.”


Duo shifted, but he kept up his tongue bathing.  He slipped a hand under Heero’s balls and stroked gently at the soft skin behind.


Heero yelped; his head swam.  “That’s something, isn’t it?  Don’t bother with telling me about that one.  Just… do it again.”


Duo chuckled, and obliged.  “Not just the sex stuff.  Though it’s been amusing to find out just how much of a slut you are in bed.”


“No way!”  Heero gave another yelp, of protest this time.  His face felt very hot; too hot.  Then Duo slipped a fingertip further back and brushed at the entrance to his ass.  “Yes,” he groaned.  “Now.  Please.  More.”  He wasn’t entirely in control of the words that spilled out, nor the way his thighs tensed, lifting him slightly off the mattress.


“Uh-huh.” Duo nodded and laughed again, the loose hair from his braid brushing over Heero’s belly.  Yes way, I think.  But I meant what else I learned about you.  About me.  Us.”


“You couldn’t talk about this over dinner?”  Heero was gasping now.  Duo’s tongue was lapping back along his inner thighs and his finger had slipped to the first digit inside Heero’s ass.  “A time and a place, you know…”


Duo wriggled and sat up beside him.  He was just as naked, his skin shining with the soft sheen of sweat.  He kept his hand at Heero’s ass, but now he was looking down at him.  His other hand drifted to Heero’s face, stroking along Heero’s jaw.  “Like… how every time and every place, I want to be with you?  How it’s only really good if I am with you?  Or know you’re on your way to join me? Or thinking of me? Or waiting for me when I come home, stripped naked and lying on our bed with your wrists strapped to the headboard and a leather harness on your…”


“That was just the once,” Heero interrupted, quickly.  The heat had spread from his face over all his skin.  “Though I wouldn’t mind some time repeating it…”


Duo smiled.  “I know.  I just wanted to tell you…something.”  His eyes looked large and mellow.  Maybe a little moist.  Heero was suddenly worried he’d been too obsessed with his own satisfaction.  He hadn’t been listening carefully enough!  Duo was worrying about something; Duo was distressed; Duo was unhappy with something about their relationship and would likely pack his bags and leave him one day, because Heero wouldn’t - couldn’t - understand him properly…


“Stop that,” said Duo, quite sharply considering he was also concentrating on fingering Heero’ ass.  “Heero, this is not bad news, you hear?  I know that look, it’s your panicking one.  Your ‘Duo is a mystery to me and one day he’ll grow tired of me’ look.   Your ‘I’m not worthy’ one.  But you are.  You’re the best.  The best for me.”


Heero tried for the coherency thing again, but it was elusive.  Duo had just brushed that delicious little spot, and if he could just crook his finger one more milimeter to the left… “I’m not.  Not really.  You deserve…”  What could he say?  How could he say it?  “Someone who can talk to you.  I can’t do it as well as you can.  Say what I feel...”


Duo dipped his head and his lips brushed at Heero’s ear. “Idiot,” he whispered.  “That’s what I’ve learned.  That’s what you do.”


“Huh?”  Heero managed to lift an arm and slide it around Duo’s waist.  If he tugged carefully, he could pull his lover down on top of him and then… well, they’d work the logistics out when they came to it.


“You talk to me in all sorts of ways.  And tell me how you feel.”  Duo kissed gently at his neck, his free hand sliding down Heero’s chest, flipping his nipple as it went.  “It’s been a year of finding out about you, of getting used to each other.  Moving in; living daily life.  But you’ve never doubted it, have you?  Never questioned it was what you wanted.  Never bullied me or denied me or disrespected me.”


“Of course not.”  Heero was puzzled.  Close to climax, sure, but with enough sanity left to be bemused, too.


Duo sighed, but it was a happy sound.  “You look out for me; you put me first; you share decisions with me; you listen to me.  You don’t realize it, do you?  Don’t realize what you give me.  What I need.”


Heero sighed.  The crisis seemed to have passed.  Well, it was probably never there at all.  Duo’s voice was soft and rich, it was never a problem to listen to him.  He was wise in all the ways Heero wasn’t; outspoken in all the ways Heero never could be.  That went without saying, didn’t it?


“Your eyes change when you look at me; your hands reach out for me when I pass.”  Duo’s hand ran over Heero’s belly, his fingers curling slowly around the thick cock.  “You want me.  You enjoy me.  Everything you do speaks to me.  Everything you are.”  He chuckled again and his words became muffled as he slid his lips back over Heero’s cock.  “Especially the lying on the bed with the strapped wrists and the harness thing.”


Heero moaned in protest again, but it was in rhythm with Duo’s mouth and fingers.  His climax was coiling slowly, burning in the base of his groin, throbbing inexorably toward the end of his cock and the leaking pre-come that glistened there…


He came, with a sudden yell.  He arched up, his heels digging into their much-maligned mattress.  His come started to spurt into Duo’s hungry mouth, hot and thick, flavoured with ecstasy and relief.  Grabbing at Duo’s braid, he spun it quickly around his wrist, pulling it tight.  Shuddering with each spasm, he yelled again.  Groaned.  Muttered some nonsense.  Moaned softly as he started to come down from the impossibly delicious high.


“And of course,” said Duo, his voice still muffled, his throat swallowing happily.  “Especially that kind of conversation!”