2+3+5, friendship, humour.

Duo and Trowa attempt to find *just* the right gift for a mutual friend.
Written for sharona1x2’s prompt

“Well, what about this?”

Trowa peered over his friend’s shoulder and winced. “A novelty necktie? With Samurai on it? What the hell are you thinking?”

Duo sighed and shrugged. His shoulders ached from hunching over the screen for an hour or more. “I’m thinking I’m sick to the back teeth of you trashing all my other suggestions, that’s what.”

Trowa frowned. “Look, if it’s too much trouble for you, to try to make our good friend’s birthday a special day to remember -”

Duo grunted. “Who was it suggested the movie night out?”

Trowa gave a lopsided smile. “He’s seen it already.”

The football game?”

Trowa shrugged. “He doesn’t follow any regular team. I’m not sure he wouldn’t be bored.”

Duo was biting his lip in a pained, running-out-of-patience way. “What about the toiletries set?”

Trowa stared at him: Duo stared back. “Yeah, OK, I get it,” he sighed. “No smellies.”

Trowa peered again at the windows that Duo had open on screen. “What’s this site?”

IWooT,” Duo muttered. “I Want One Of Tho-”

“Thanks,” said Trowa, icily. “I can handle my own acronyms.”

Duo smirked. “It’s meant to answer your every gifting need. A wide selection of cool stuff. Something for everyone – especially for ‘hard to shop for’ guys.”

Particularly hard,” sighed Trowa. “He doesn’t drink much; doesn’t drive a smart car; isn’t a collector.”

“Has no interest in fashion; buys all his own music when he wants it; reads books in languages I can’t remember the names of, let alone find in the store.”

“All the years we’ve known him…”

Duo nodded. “And we’ve still got no idea what he’d really like, as a special treat.”

“Why have you bookmarked…” Trowa peered over Duo’s shoulder. Duo flipped off the page just that little bit too late.

“A remote controlled Spitfire? How much?” Trowa started laughing. “And how many months until your birthday, Maxwell?”

Duo scowled. “You think I haven’t seen your extensive collection of graphic novels on the shelves in the box room?”

“They’re an art form,” frowned Trowa. “An investment.”

So are my models. I’m just saying…” Duo was grinning. “Just saying that it’s each guy to his own.”

Trowa nodded, and grinned back. “So what’s Wufei’s?”

“What’s Wufei’s what?” came a new voice from the doorway. Duo straightened his back guiltily, covering the screen with as much of his torso as he could manage. Behind him, Trowa turned around quickly to face the speaker, his arms held out unnaturally stiffly at his sides, trying to shield what may have still been on show.

“It’s not like I haven’t caught you surfing porn many times before,” Wufei drawled. “What’s the difference this time?”

“Nothing,” spluttered Duo.

“Thought you were out,” gasped Trowa, at the same time.

Wufei rolled his eyes. “Well, maybe I’ll go back out if that’s your attitude. I just thought you might like to help me arrange my party at the end of the month.”

Party?” Duo looked shocked.

“Help arrange?” Trowa looked bemused.

Wufei smiled. The fools thought he went around with his eyes closed and his ears blocked up. “I can’t think what to ask for, for my birthday. So I thought I’d have a party instead. People can bring food and drink as their contribution. Oh, and dress up, of course.”

“Dress up?” queried Duo. Trowa, even more bemused, just let his mouth make the shape of the words.

“You know,” said Wufei, airily. “A character of your choice. Maybe a fighter pilot for you, Duo. And Trowa – something from your novels. Some heroic Japanese character, I daresay.”

“What about you?”

Wufei smiled again, as if at a private joke. “I’m trying to decide between going as Captain Kirk or Spock. It depends on the wig, I expect. Oh, and whether my false Vulcan ears are still in good enough condition, I’ve worn them to a few too many conventions now. If someone wants to get me something I’d really like, I could send them the website link for a new pair.”

And then, as his friends stared at him, speechless, Wufei turned and left the room as calmly as he’d arrived.

“Goes to show,” said Trowa, apropos of nothing. His pupils looked dilated.

Duo nodded, his eyes still following the path of his friend’s sweeping exit. “You don’t realise how much – or how little – you really know about your friends.”

Trowa nodded, too. They were like a matching pair of nodding dogs.

“Dammit,” muttered Duo. “And I was just going to look into ordering the Intelligent Robot Guinea Pig for him, too.”

“Fancy Dress…” Trowa sounded a little stunned.

“Huh?” Duo turned back to the laptop, to log off.

Trowa pressed a hand on to Duo’s shoulder. “Get the necktie for me, later,” he hissed. “The Samurai one. I’ll pay you back at the end of the month.”

When Duo stared at him, starting to laugh, he grunted and pushed him off the computer chair.